Farsi Island: What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

The following article about last week’s incident in the Persian Gulf was published on Monday by Dr. Rich Swier in a slightly different form.

Will the Farsi Island incident turn out to be a cover-up like Benghazi’s?

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo

Since Tuesday’s capture of U.S. Navy sailors by the Iranians, many questions have emerged that call into question the official story of events. Knowing the history of the Obama administration, including the Arab Spring and the infamous attack and cover-up Benghazi “incident,” is it fair to assume that the White House is again deceiving the American public?

In light of yet another disgraceful situation that humiliated our country and military, below are some vital and important questions to ponder (forget political correctness!):

  • Was this event coordinated to coincide with Obama’s final State of the Union, which conspicuously did not mention the sailors in Iranian custody?
  • Did John Kerry foresee that when the Iranians released the sailors it would provide good publicity for the Iranian nuclear deal that he negotiated with his Iranian family-related “buddy,” Javad Zarif? Wasn’t it, like John Kerry said, “a good story for both of us”?
  • Did the White House, as Rep. Louis Gohmert mentioned, indicate to the Iranians where to find the two boats and apprehend (“help”) the sailors? Did they have “mechanical problems,” or was it sophisticated jamming of their GPS?
  • Were the boats truly navigating in Iranian-controlled waters? If so, how did all of their various navigational systems fail simultaneously?
  • Is the entire chain-of-command, leading up to Defense Secretary Carter’s insistence that the sailors were faced with a “navigational error” and/or mechanical failure, part of a Machiavellian cover-up?
  • Could those ten sailors have been regarded as hostages and collateral for the frozen Iranian funds?
  • Was the subsequent strangely-timed prisoner swap between the Obama administration and Iran a further diversion designed to change the attention and conversation away from the highly suspicious related facts of the Farsi Island incident?

At first, on the surface, this sordid affair is not unlike another major scandal of the Obama administration: Benghazi. Again, consider some important questions:

  • Isn’t one leading theory of what the terrorists were hoping to achieve in Benghazi the kidnapping of Ambassador Chris Stevens, so that he could later be swapped for the so-called Blind Sheikh, a well-known Egyptian terrorist?
  • Wasn’t the terrorist mob in Benghazi recorded screaming “Don’t shoot! Morsi sent us!” as they approached the compound?
  • Didn’t Ansar al-Sharia, an Iranian-backed terror group, claim responsibility for the Benghazi attack?
  • Wasn’t then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, trumpeting that a video caused of the attack?
  • Didn’t all these facts point to the manipulation performed by the genius puppet master, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett?

Now that the Farsi Island incident is over and with the focus shifting to the latest prisoner swap, who will be the “schmuck” who throws her hands up and screams “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

12 thoughts on “Farsi Island: What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

  1. the us navy just does not let 2 small riverine craft venture out into mid channel.
    there are so many multi nation sub-orbital radar scanners focused on the gulf
    it will not take long till another story comes out.. Israel alone probably has a radar lock on every ship & aircraft leaving iran .. we shall see. like everything barry o’fraud does, it stinks to high heaven ..

  2. Typical Obama! His so called mightiest nation on earth allows their forces to be shamed throughout the world. They are still burning the stars and stripes in Tehran at every opportunity, his so called nuclear deal with Iran has added to an imminent world financial crisis by allowing them to dump further oil onto an already saturated and over supplied market.
    What a Commander and Chief and President I ask you and for God’s sake the American people voted him into office twice! Before he leaves office and you survey the wreckage he has left behind ask him one simple question “were raised as, and are you still a Muslim?

  3. One thing is nearly certain with the Benghazi affair: the video did not cause the attack. If it was released by order of someone close to Mrs Clinton, and keeping in mind that many people died in the wake of the subsequent riots across the muslim belt, this would not only qualify as evil islamophobic propaganda but would also make Clinton & Co responsible for a number of deaths. With respect to the very principles of the PC culture.
    But in this kind of stories, someone that has been involved is bound to talk or write something or leave – voluntarily or not – some clue that leads to the unveiling of the truth. That hasn’t happen after several years now. So we’re left to think that the gov is even more capable at covering-up in the internet era, or they just did not coordinate anything. They screw up, they try to hide things, but mostly they’re puppets as much as we are.
    Just a thought.

  4. I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, most of them are too convoluted and complicated to ever actually work in real life.
    Imho, what we have here is a very liberal interpretation by the Iranians of where exactly international waters begin.
    China does this all the time, sometimes, they even build islands in an effort to fudge the borderline a little…..

  5. As I began reading through the above post, I paused at:

    In light of yet another disgraceful situation that humiliated our country and military, …

    and was compelled to add the following:
    In light of yet another disgraceful situation, Extortion 17, that humiliated our country and decimated our military, … (see FALLEN ANGEL- SHOOT DOWN OF SEAL TEAM SIX)

  6. A logical conjecture follows. This was cooked up by both the administration and the Iranians. The two-fold objective was to make the Iranians look humane and reasonable. It was also designed to show how right Obama is in turning them into our “friends”. Unfortunately the Iranian hotheads could not exercise a little self-control and just had to humiliate America. The best laid plans of mice and men etc.

  7. I want to hope that this was all planned to get the Persians to confiscate those SIMMs, which are conveniently loaded with a network killer virus.

    Well, I can HOPE, can’t I ?

  8. If you look at the photos, the American boats were much more capable and heavily armed than the Iranian speed boats. So, you also have to ask, why didn’t they fight back? Is it official Obama policy to surrender now?

  9. Humiliation and demoralization is exactly what this is about. I think it becomes clearer all the time that we are headed towards an outbreak of a new world war. I suggest the following scenario:

    1. China attacks Japan to kickstart ww III
    2.US/NATO and Russia mobilizes.
    3. Russia/China ARE ALLOWED to make a first nuclear strike against US/NATO military fhe President of the US does NOT release nuclear codes.
    5. US/NATO forces are defeated. Whatever remains of these forces are ordered to surrender.
    6. Russian and Chinese troops helps FEMA/DHS forces subjugate and control the population. Dissidents and suspect groups are forcibly detained in FEMA-camps.

    This scenario explains all the following:
    – Why DHS have evolved into a military force designed for urban warfare.
    – Why DHS doesn’t need to worry about US military (they will have been defeated at this point).
    – The fact that Russian and Chinese forces have been involved in exercises on American soil.
    – Why there has been such an effort lately to confiscate private arms (in both the US and in Europe).
    – Presence of FEMA-camps and UN facilities.
    – The influx of “refugees” into US and Europe only.
    – Why the US military have been downsized and feminized.
    – The resent purge of top-brass in the US military.

    All these preparations points to the fact that ww III have been planned a long time ago, and that it is imminent.

  10. I have never believed it for a second. Two American boats either went astray or had mechanical problems at the same time? Unbelievable. Not a word mentioned in The State of the Union address. Until…voila, sailors released,Iran gets a billion bucks and US navy has their boats returned minus valuable info Iran can study. I am still steamed at the humiliation thoses sailors endured, downon their knees, hands over their heads,including the female sailor who had to wear a headscarf. Not to mention the lies from American politicians: Our sailors didn’t apologize, that was the estimbable Joe Biden whom I predict they will heave in at the last minute, when it becomes evident Hillary can’t cope.

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