Uprising Against Merkel’s Refugee Policy

The following article from yesterday’s Bild outlines the political difficulties German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing due to the “refugee” crisis. As JLH, who translated the piece, points out, “When Bild prints an article like this, you know that Merkel is in serious trouble.”

Uprising Against Merkel’s Refugee Policy

by Karsten Riechers and Andreas Thewalt
October 7, 2015

Chancellor Angela Merkel has to manage a marathon program today in the refugee crisis. Her day of stress began with a cabinet meeting in Berlin, in which she made Head of the Chancellery Peter Altmaier the refugee coordinator. Then she hurried to Strasbourg and gave a long speech before the European Parliament.

Her key message to the continent: “We are facing a challenge of historic proportions.”

Then in the evening, the finale on TV: Before a public of millions this evening in the ARD program, “Anne Will”, the chancellor intends to explain her course in refugee policy.

There is tense speculation on whether she will repeat her controversial statement: “We can do it!”

Cabinet Decision: Refugee Policy Is the Leader’s Affair

The chancellor must urgently intensify her efforts to convince.

Because concurrence with her refugee policy is crumbling in her own ranks and resistance in the CDU and CSU is growing.

Merkel received a red-hot communiqué about her refugee policy, signed by 34 party functionaries and eight federal states. It said: “The presently practiced ‘policy of open borders’ is compatible with neither European nor German law, nor does it harmonize with the program of the CDU. Therefore, a large number of members and voters of our party no longer feel that they are represented by the present direction of the CDU-led federal government in refugee policy.”

There are no prominent leaders of the parties [CDU-CSU] and not one Bundestag representative among the signers. But Merkel must assume that many CDU members may feel the same as the signatories.

Rebellion of the CSU

Merkel is under still more pressure, because the CSU is rebelling against her refugee policy ever more openly.

At a meeting today of Bavarian district heads and mayors in Ingolstadt, Bavaria’s governor, Horst Seehofer (CSU) threatened “effective self-defense” of the Bavarian Free State, if the federal government did not further provide for a limitation of the numbers of immigrants.

Then the Free State will have to consider what to do, said the CSU chief later in the meeting, “Otherwise Berlin will say that the Bavarians are always saying the limits have been reached, but they continue on and manage it anyway.”

At the press conference following the meeting, Seehofer said that everyone had to be conscious of the dimensions of the task. Integration of refugees must be strengthened, but nothing must be taken from one to give to another.

BILD spoke with participants of the Ingolstadt meeting.

Christian Bernreiter (51, CSU) Commissioner of the district Deggendorf and president of the Bavarian administrative districts legislature: “The situation is clear. We have reached our limit! We are not finding any more accommodations. We canvassed 35 properties and found nothing. We are throwing up our second temporary facility. It cannot come to forced institutionalization. At that point if not sooner, the mood in the population will shift. We absolutely need a limit.”

Rolnd Weigert (46, independent) Commissioner of administrative district Neuburg-Schrobenhausen: “The situation is difficult. We can’t handle the refugees anymore! We have leased about 30 decentralized facilities. There are no more. We are having to squeeze 188 refugees into a container town intended for 84 people! We are lining them up vertically. Soon we will have to start stacking them. The public’s acceptance is breaking down more and more. It can’t go on.”

Michael Fahlmüller (47, CSU) Commissioner of administrative district Rottal-Inn: “We are a border territory and — We are done! Acceptance of anymore refugees is not do-able.”

Heinrich Trapp (64, SPD) Commissioner of administrative district Dingolfing-Landau: “This onslaught is too much for us. We cannot take any more refugees.”

Willi Hogger (65, independent) Vice Commissioner of administrative district Dingolfing: “We can still take refugees, Every six or eight weeks, we have to take over another school gym, and naturally that causes problems. We need a limit.”

Photos, in order:

1.   Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is under pressure in her own ranks because of her refugee policy.
2.   Head of Chancellery Peter Altmaier will be overall coordinator of the various ministries that share the task.
3.   Seehofer’s course. CSU head, Horst Seehofer is making daily comments against the chancellor — frontal attacks. One after the other.
4.   Seehofer in Ingolstadt with the president of the Bavarian legislature, Christian Bernreiter (CSU)

42 thoughts on “Uprising Against Merkel’s Refugee Policy

  1. Merkel has been undone. She wanted to move too quickly instead of allowing the steady drip, drip, drip which would not have awoken such resistance.

    Her previous stealth strategy would have succeeded. She could taste the imminent destruction of bourgeois Germany, however, and the massive increase in numbers was a gift from God. The opportunity to flood Germany with hostile foreigners was just too inviting, too beguiling, too lovely.

    The words of those lower-level leaders are encouraging.

    “It can’t go on.”

    “This onslaught is too much for us.”

    Still absent from the politicians’ mouths, however, is the phrase “permanent halt.” It seems to be too radioactive even at this hideously late hour in the European catastrophe.

    • Colonel, maybe that ‘permanent halt’ is not too far off. The politicians are obviously feeling the public’s heat over this invasion and as most of them are in politics to serve their own interests, political self preservation will be uppermost on their minds.

      Merkel will be the catalyst for what follows in Germany. If she can survive the snowballing effect that her open borders have produced, then Germany’s fate will be sealed. I hope she is removed.

    • Total Halt is not enough. 90 percent of the current refugees must be DEPORTED, as they are dangerous elelments to society – as well as simply too much quantity. The true Syrian refugees, in particular the Christians, can then be sheltered properly without being trampled upon by the multitude of savages they now must endure.

      • Agreed. File “permanent halt” under First Things First, if you will, but it’s insufficient, as you note.

        Certain things are foreseeable and inevitable.

        Drive too fast? Accident. Don’t take your insulin? Amputations. Mistreat spouse? Divorce. Don’t study for exam? Fail. Don’t deport alien, hostile third-world population with higher fertility than your lot? Inundation, extinguishment.

        The weakness of Western leaders — and their conscious betrayal — ensures that even harder measures will be employed because hard measures will not be employed now. I fear the West is so besotted by sappiness that it cannot even employ mild measures, such as just acting to preserve the status quo.

    • Germany may not have to wait for a backlash too long from its citizens. The immigrants may decide not to stay in Germany. If they are granted their EU citizenships with the right to work anywhere in the EU then there is nothing to stop every single one of them travelling to the UK and working or claiming benefits here. It may be a case of the majority dispersing elsewhere as soon as it can. If that is the case then Angela Merkel will get her Nobel prize but at the expense of the UK.

  2. Mama Khadija Merkel Al-Hijazia, Leave the peaceful demonstrators alone. Don’t threaten them with “the heavy, iron hand of the state” as you mumbled a week ago on behalf of the invaders. After all don’t contradict what you have been teaching Assad, Qaddafi and China about “human rights”.

    By the way, when are you going to Hajjing Mecca. I saw your heart warming attire paving the way to conversion. You have your own way, as Hitler had his own, to bring happiness, felicity, and joy to the new Europe’s invading master race.

    Hey, do you know what is honor, scruples, conscience, sense of right or wrong, sincerity, love of your neighbour, socity, country? Pakistan and Somalia are not your neighbours. You have been scratching your neighbour’s face for the last 300 years, with arrogance.

    hey, mommy Khadija bint Merkel … the mother, of all perverted minds:

    charity starts at home.

    Your job is to serve your own people not . . . ye you guessed it. You are clever due to the excellent system of democracy, which brought you to power.

  3. For a moment there I though the Second World War had taken care of sick bastards like Merkal et al. Constant vigilence.

  4. The main German TV station, ARD, equivalent of the BBC in the UK, got into trouble earlier this week for broadcasting a mock up picture of Merkel in a full islamic chador. Similar to the picture on the sign in photo above.

    Looks like things are changing in Germany and not a moment too soon.
    Recent events are causing the pot to come to the boil. It is a huge mistake by those who would destroy our society and culture.

    • Must have been a drop in the ocean though, ARD, like BBC, shows 99 perccent pro immigration propaganda. Interviews with lovely well educated Syrian doctors to melt the heart sof the seniors citizens and libtards, so they can think all the immigrants are just like that. What they don’t get shown is the rapes, fights, sharia rule in asylum centres, violence, threats to Westerners, etc etc. ARD is an Orwellion brainwash vehicle.

  5. I think she must be suffering from a neurological disease, maybe young dementia or Alzheimer. This is so reckless that it seems completely out of character. How can she not see what she is doing? I would think and hope that this is the start of her downfall but maybe Germans are indeed so complacent that noone will stand up to her. I think she should be removed from power with force. I don’t mean with violence but some high profile politicians should stop by her office some morning and tell her: “Angie, game over. We will not let you continue this suicide operation.” And then give her house arrest or something.

    • Something being actual arrest, followed by her being stripped of all her assets, & abandoned in Syria with nothing but a chador to wear.

      Maybe if she got lucky the ISIS boys would use her as a human shield when the Russkis come a-knocking …

    • I have some what agreed with you about dementia.
      However I looked where her heart is in accepting a prize in 2010 and so supporting the “European Society Couldenhove-Kalergi”

      will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

      from wikipedia
      Then there is

      It respects the contribution of Judaism and Islam for our mental and cultural development,…..

      Just recall some phrases from her speeches and you will find, that she already believed this pan European hybridization diversity.

      Rightly or wrongly Ronald Reagan was said to have had Alzheimers during his Presidency, but if you look at all his prolific writings before he became President, then you can see he did not change his inherent philosophy from the speeches (if even composed by speechwriters) he gave in his latter years.

      Yes I seriously wonder even from her earlier speeches this year, with what she was ok with, that her own coalition of parties supported her, and so do many Germans .

      From the “pan european societies” the philosophy runs deep, as all education systems seem to espouse this, and from a civil servant basis or government enterprise, then you can not challenge this, as social justice warriors become more active also and the state institutions act threateningly to any dissent. Unwittingly the Germans having had it reasonably good, and so fear they have too much to loose in the short term, and have not been able to look ahead, that they will loose the lot in the long term.

      Plus any news is carefully distilled with a public relations makeover spin, or simply bypassed. Remember face book comments and probably blogs can be used by social justice warriors, and the connection Merkel was making to the owner of face book , Zuckerberg

      It needs much more than Merkel to be removed, a taking note of history and a change in philosophy in the deeper thinking of Germany, well actually all peoples in Western Civilization.

      I fear we may be come completely divided, but so was Britain in 1935, who was heavily involved in disarmament and “no more war speeches”.
      So “never give up” ! ! !

  6. Do the Germans have a treason law, , Surely Merkel must be in danger of prosecution.

    • I don’t know about Germany, but several countries have recently annuled their treason laws. Perhaps as a preparation of things to come? In that case, they have probably known what the future would bring a long time ago.

  7. You know, I am still puzzled – no, make that stunned – that someone like Merkel, who grew up under Communist domination, where people gave their lives by the thousands to assert their national identity and independence, would then turn around and give away her nation’s national identity to people who not only won’t assimilate, but will assimilate the natives by force.

    How is it that this East German is not putting up a fight, when her fellow peoples from behind the former Iron Curtain – Poles, Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks – are fighting this thing.

    Don’t tell me that the former East Germany is only 1/4 of the united Germany and holds no sway. Merkel has been Chancellor for what, 10 years? Seriously, who could challenge her? If she took a hard line on the migrants, do the Socialist Democrats really think they could have made electoral hay out of this migrant crisis? I don’t think so.

  8. This entire episode has clearly shown how quickly tyrannical government strips away people’s rights. Europeans do not have a Constitution with inalienable rights and it shows.
    I am praying for them regardless. Merkel needs to be removed from her position asap.

    • The problem is if she is removed from her position of dictatorship, nothing changes. Democracies have that tendency: They change to something worse. Just think about these “wonderful” democracies and stagnation. Faces change but not policies: except policies change for the benefits and support of INVADERS of Allhua Ackber .

      No honor no scruples no conscience :
      That’s the problem.

      • I do agree at this stage agree, where is the honour, ethics and conscience?, but hold hope, and to do what we can also to effect change. It is together, constantly searching, spreading the word, we may find the trigger point, so that pendulum in the future returns.

        If too soon then we may not galvanize enough of other supporting people, and then again of course run the risk of being too late.
        Winston Churchill, his warning call started around 1929 about Hitler and for years he was called a war-monger.

        In the atmosphere of Disarmament and Oxford Union Debate 1933 by university students ‘that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country’ where when W. Churchill got over his first scathing remarks

        ‘Little did [they] dream that they were destined quite soon to conquer or fall gloriously in the ensuing war, and prove themselves the finest generation ever bred in Britain.’

        3rd September 1939 War was declared by Chamberlain, and Churchill was made a ‘minister’ until Chamberlain resigned.
        9 months to 10th of May 1940 before Churchill narrowly scrapped in to became Prime Minister staring down his opposition whose policy was believing to make terms with Hitler. For Churchill his policy was “Blood sweat and tears” for democracy; or Death.
        12 months later on 22nd June 1941 Germany attacked Russia taking some pressure off Britain.
        6 months later on 7th Dec. 1941 the “infamous day of history” bought the USA into the war.
        5 months later on 8th May Naval Battle of the Coral Sea the USA 1st turning point in the war and which led to successfully holding Mid way Island with calamitous results for the Japanese.
        5 months later in early November 1942 after the battle of El Alamein in Libya then Churchill announced in part of his speech”” the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end “”.
        38 months of initial scrapping around, with a lot of losses in people, and lands and position.
        2 and half years more of destruction of war.

        If you lived at that time, you never knew from day to day for over 3 years of war what was going to happen, and even if your country would be successful. I know that in my family that my grand parents and some of their children knew as far back as 1933 that both Germany and Japan were actively getting set for war. So each movement they saw in world politics had them on edge, until it finally happened. It was all a life and death situation, so the war, as some of my parents brothers and friends never came back or lived a life with a disability.

        It was that faint heat from an ember, for trying to guard freedom individually, that when cultivated by Churchill, just quietly maintained and glowed until fanned by the winds of war burst into flame, and when they came together into a conglomeration of energy, that western civilization were able to resource. Churchill in his own way knew of this and was able to harness and direct it.

        The rules of engagement were a lot more minimal then, and human rights could be calculated down to how many calories (ration cards) to subsist and the men at the front were given what ever it took. As it is said, there is nothing fair in love or war. It is winner takes all, or you die. ! ! ! Yet when it was over, democracy returned and flourished, even ousting Churchill to his chagrin, though he did return for another term.

        The future will be different and nor do I want war either. Could I sacrifice myself for the people that I see around me?. Very doubtful, but then “never say never”, and guard that ember, warm/warn others if you can. Guard free speech.

        Apologies if this has gone a little off track, and nor did I think it would lead to an abbreviated history of WW2. Just trying to get a perspective of time and change in our life struggles and so perhaps be better able to build a place for all our conscience’s, scruples and honour, which we in having can spur those changing political faces to consider new approaches and change some key policies.

        • World War 2 was a close run thing for Britain. If not for Churchill’s ability to galvanize the nation – Britain was then a nation, now just a country of cultural tribes – all would have come unstuck and the fascists would have won.

          Pretty much the same scenario today except we no longer have homogenous nations throughout the West – but the fascists are panicking.

  9. The citizens of any nation have a tolerance level once exceeded will drive the populace to violence. Once the people take to the streets it will not a love fest. There will not be enough police to restrain them, they will vent their anger and frustration on the ‘new arrivals’. they will in essence inform the ‘migrants’ that they are not welcome.

    • One can but hope.

      But it will take much more than an influx of invaders to really get our people to react as they need to. Unfortunately, the robust response we need will only happen after much violence and suffering. Violence directed at us, and suffering by us, that is.

      So the invasion is just the start of a necessary process.
      Better it happens sooner when we still have the numbers we need.

      The slow drip, drip, drip invasion as mentioned by Col. Bunny was a winning strategy for our enemies. That has changed.
      So be happy folks, when your enemy changes his winning ways, then the future looks brighter already. Much suffering is probably coming, but ultimately at least our people will be forced to fight. So we have a chance. Before, we had none. No amount of educating about Islam, no amount of lecturing about the importance of free speech would mve the masses to action. Unfortunately.

      • Agree piggyUK. There is now an acceleration of the agenda taking place – that can only mean that there is some panicking in the higher echelon of the NWO taking place. Remember all those Banker suicides that have occurred over the past few years?

        I wonder what role they have played in all of this?

        • In this dark and devious era , one must ponder if the bankers were assisted in their ‘suicides’.

  10. Merkel’s recent behaviour with respect (or even contempt) to the refugees from Syria and Africa appears to be rather irrational. She hasn’t thought out the ramifications of her policy decisions as she has on other matters. I am left wondering whether she is in fact taking orders and obeying at peril of her own life. That is the only rational conclusion that I can draw from these events. Is there someone in Brussels that is holding a gun to her head?

    • She could, in fact, be acting totally rational according to her goals. Don’t forget she was the recipient of the Coudenhove-Kallergi price in 2014 (if I remember right). She didn’t get that award for nothing.

    • Guns or prizes?
      The taste of accolades such as accepting the award at the Federal Chancellery prize in 2010 from the “European Society Couldenhove-Kalergi”.

      Is she in line for a Nobel Peace Prize?, like;-
      European Union, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, UN and Kofi Annan, Yasser Arafat.

      Another great legacy for her? to be up and recognized with her heroes with similar irrational policies.
      One can pick out some of the phrases in her speeches that sound benign but line up to flow with this hidden ideology.

  11. All western leaders are , in essence, puppets of the NWO. Putin, by refusing to play the multicultural game of national and ethnic suicide, has become an outlaw in the 21st century’s version of the wild wild west. In 20 years time, however, there will still be identifiably Russians (along with Hungarians, Czechs and Poles) whilst the rest of Europe will warch as the indigenous people drown in the witches brew of multiracialism.

    • You are right,
      Plan A= Multiculturalism (Diversity of People) is a failure ~ ! !~

      Plan B =is”Diversity in the Individual” is the ultimate aim and much better, as per Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi philosophy .


      It respects the contribution of Judaism and Islam for our mental and cultural development, something in which they inseparably share.

      How would that be done.?
      Will the end justify the means?
      Are the countries leaders and followers ok with the consequences?
      No problem, just look at what was practiced on the Rotherham
      girls and the authorities dilly dallying around for almost a decade.

      Would that be as practiced by Mohammad as he demonstrated during his life time?
      All non muslim woman to be considered booty and slaves, what the right hand possesses so it is all halal (permissible) to be impregnated by true muslims, and the non muslim men and boys with any pubic hair that could be considered to have not accepted immediate surrender so therefore had fought Mohammad’s forces, to be deposed of in long trenches after removal of the head as done at Banu Qurayza.

      It would be possible for very fast diversity change as a muslim man could have up to 4 wives, but the number could be much more for what the right hand possesses. That seemed to be happening a bit for large numbers of girls at Rotherham.
      After all, it is just a traditional cultural enriching practice.

      Perhaps the backlash against Merkel’s immigration policy is the only truly unintended consequence for the Plan A multicultural failure.
      See if she can get them to go on with her plan B, that is a bit more hidden away.

    • Merkel didn’t mean it. Nor did Cameron who said the same thing. They were just soundbites, calculated to calm the nerves of voters who might be considering switching their support to a real anti immigration party. And, from the liars point of view, a rather successful ploy.

    • Hopefully when Mercuriel looks in the mirror to-day she Sees the face of failure and madness. A wild and crazy multi culture fantasist. Jesus – Muslims. Are they even classifiable as humane?

  12. Is there not ONE political party in Germany that espouses limited immigration? Other than some nut job new Nazi party, I mean. France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and others all have at least one semi-mainstream party that will stand up for a prudent immigration policy but is there even ONE in Germany that will? Maybe it’s because they think they’ll be called Nazi. The statist is good at name calling, bullying people into submission. I don’t know. It just looks to me like at least one party could make hay with this.

    • “Is there not ONE political party in Germany that espouses limited immigration? Other than some nut job new Nazi party, I mean.”
      “Maybe it’s because they think they’ll be called Nazi.”

      ‘Nuff said.

  13. Cliff–Yes, there is one–AfD (Alternative for Germany) which was founded by an economist as a primarily anti-euro party and made its way into the Bundestag on its first try. A number of its “Ossi” members (the party won biggest in the East) became enthusiastic supporters of PEGIDA, and the founder at first agreed. Then there was an outcry from some of the “Wessis” who thought this was bad for the image, especially in the West. After an internal seismic split, the founder and many other Wessis left the party, and some consigned it to the trash heap of history. This has not proven to be true. The party has grown slightly and tilted more toward anti-Islamization. Where they were once perceived as a middle-of-the-road party, they are now regarded as rightist extremist. Unfortunately, they are small and probably will remain so, but, as the Sweden Democrats showed, persistence can pay off over time.

    They have organized weekly anti-Islamization marches in Erfurt that I know of, so are headed in the same direction as PEGIDA without competing.

    The other intriguing development is the CSU, as mentioned in the article. I have been surprised and dismayed at the treatment of Michael Stürzenberger because of his anti-Islamization activities in Munich–the crown jewel of Bavaria. I had until recently preserved my memory of the CSU and Bavaria as what I thought of as the “Dixiecrats” of the CDU–with both good and bad connotations. I did not realize multi-culti had made such strides there. Perhaps there is still some trace of the spirit of Strauss there.

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