Your Moral Compass and a Hatchet

Summer Fundraiser 2015, Day Six

Remember “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”? Those days may be coming again, in ways our forefathers didn’t want to imagine. But this time we’ll have different weapons, better resources. And we can see it coming.

This Quarterly Fundraising Week for the Summer of 2015 has fairly flown.

Or rather, since each of these blegs is really an octave long, this specific adventure took wing once we got past a sudden stasis induced by those broken things on pedestals (if only I could find the comment from the telecom person who took the trouble to explain our problem). Off we flew.

Tip jarThen yesterday, as though ethernet reality were a step behind the quotidian version, things came to a stop again, though not on the public side. It was here in the rafters from where we affix the spotlights and the baby lights so they shine toward the main action on the stage, it was here where it all went quiet. Hardly any donations. Has that ever happened before? I think so. Perhaps the interrupted rhythm finally caught up with our donors…? Ah, but who should come through the door than one of my favorite Norwegian expatriates, his generous gift in hand. And as if his gift had primed the pump, things began flowing again. Whew.

Today I happened upon a short ‘how-to’ on resetting a magnetic compass. Having compass in hand isn’t enough: first you must have a map marked with both kinds of North and placed on a flat surface. From there it’s a simple process of realignment. Yes, I know that’s a simplification but it’s enough to get me to the point, which is our moral compass and a crucial resource for each of us.

We talk a lot about how our culture has lost its way. And truly it has. In a comment today Mr. Galt said (about conservative magazines):

Something goes wrong with these conservative publication after awhile. They get conformist. They lose their edge and their bite. They [apply lips to the posterior of] the Big Republican money and then they lose it.

He’s right: those people are themselves sucked into the maelstrom at the center of power where corruption resides and begin to look and sound just the same — Lord Acton warned us.

It is perhaps existentially impossible not to become unwound and off center when you do lunch with your enemies and jolly along your purported foes. That’s no way to win a war. And make no mistake, the cultural sink being imposed upon us all is part of that larger war to make us all conform to whatever the current Settled Science is. One ought be able to tell that calling any scientific endeavor “settled” is to miss the point of scientific “progress” entirely.

Everything, every single subject, whether it be science, religion, academics, history, food, or even the weather for heaven’s sake, has been forced — fitting or not — into cramped, incapacious straits where they eventually become fodder for the power-hungry monsters who nourish themselves on this poisonous flesh. There is an overarching sameness to it all, so that those unfortunate overfed souls lose all ability to discern differences even as they are busy extruding The Narrative. (Yes, it’s a meal of mixed metaphors. Dig in.)

That’s where The Narrative began. And if you get too close to it, the vapors will eventually overcome your common sense too. I watched a happy family recently, country people, send off their first-born to college. He is the first to ever “attain” higher education and they were so proud and nervous. I was praying the child would come home still whole and not with his back broken via school debt. Given his family’s moral compass he may well survive, but it will be in spite of ‘uni’, not because of it.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

All of our readers know that they (and we) are coming to a crossroads. Some of us fret more than others. Many say they’re glad they didn’t have children just to have raised them for “this”; others write to me to say they’re glad life is almost over for them. That’s no way to make your exit! Leave laughing — there is joy if you search for it.

What all of us wonder is whether or not anyroad [to coin a phrase 🙂 ] can provide direction or whether it will be up to us to carve a new path past the rotting corruption. Methinks ’twill be the latter: sharpen you hatchets, men. [The women can do likewise if they want, but they’re better employed in proven endeavors, in my humble opinion. Of course if you have biceps like Mrs. Obama, maybe you belong on the hatchet line after all.]

The reason that “conservative” is not a noun, despite its repeated misuse, is that the word refers to a form of thinking, a pattern of reflection that isn’t drawn to constant novelty (which is innately tiresome) but rather to the tried and true. From the platform of the things your daddy taught you innovation can spring. It is a relief, is it not, to be spared re-inventing the wheel?

The word ‘conservative’ was never meant to be more than a map and compass. The mental versions of same are your own resources that no one can take or talk you out of. As George Washington did in the wilds of western Virginia beyond the settled regions of the east, a conservative turn of mind trusts in the old tools of surveying to provide a path to a better world view.

We worry too much that the 20th century ascension of cultural Marxists all over the West is some kind of permanent eternal state. It’s not; even the word “state” will evolve again past its present ossification. Stasis withers; conservative movement allows all of us to thrive. Look at China: its leaders hang onto a public display of death-grip Communism even as they are forced to give ground to an ever-encroaching free market and “house Christians”. To do otherwise would be to allow chaos to reign: anathema to the Chinese soul. Yes, it’s true there’s not any genuine ‘individual’ liberty, but then Chinese culture would be uncomfortable with the Western version. The eons of cultural compression wouldn’t allow for any sudden easing. Imagine a very very fat woman unlacing a tight corset in a small room…

The best China can do is imitate and grab — pasting their goodies over a vast cesspit of managerial corruption while they divert us with chaotic hacks into our “secret information”.

Personal responsibility will come to China the same way it came to the West — via whatever will be the Chinese version of Christ’s Great Commandment: “Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, The Lord is One; Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind and Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” That’s the sum of it, and China’s “house Christians” know that the same way that American captives in our own prisons come to the same words via volunteer groups like Kairos.

American prison wardens who are familiar with the program welcome it: far less bloodshed inside and much better morale. China’s prison wardens leaders want to control Christian adherents with their state church. They repeat history by repressing the house versions, but such repressions only strengthen what is essentially a gift for those with nothing left to lose. So keep your eyes on China, both for its growing geographic aggression against its neighbors, and for what it cannot control at home. In case you forgot, we are their “neighbors” ever since they bought the Panama Canal and filled up so many shipping lanes with their goods.

Given the “whenever” of the certain demographic implosion bound to hit as the huge post-World War II global generations shuffle off the world stage, many of us yet alive will be there to spank the baby, i.e., to see what this new, far more chaotic world will have in store for the remnant — if not us, then our children. Don’t fall for the Leftist “Henny-Penny-The-Sky-Is-Falling” eschatological “thinking”. Their droning Doom ’n’ Gloom is designed to induce dysphoria and keep you in line. Remind yourself that Leftists don’t actually think, they feel and react. Don’t go there with them.

For sure, that coming implosion will hit the Washington permanent bureaucracy even as sections of the country become harder to repress. Bureaucrats are inherently Leftists; they clump in groups and wait for instructions while they rip off whatever isn’t nailed down. For the senior ranks, who do have opposable thumbs, the weapon of choice is reactive repression. Increasingly applied. But they have only that hammer while you… well, don’t forget, you’ll have those hatchets and a compass.

The recent brouhaha in the UK over the entity Gates of Vienna is a good example of how bureaucrats and their Hateful Handmaidens proceed when they feel threatened. It is as though they are children left in the dark nursery too long. Everything that casts a shadow scares them. It does no good to explain to them how the world works — those poor folks have never been forced to cope with Reality. Affixed to the government teat, their movement is limited by The Rule of the Teat. [Is this satirical and sarcastic?? Of course it is. But were we in the U.K., where satire appears to be a forgotten tongue among Those Who Never Work, we’d surely be up on charges, sitting atop our English server, no doubt.]

Government education is the pits here; it’s as bad in Britain now. Were Jonathan Swift alive, he’d be in gaol with us, probably in the next cell. The Soviet U.K. kills its own now — e.g., Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was murdered for being in the wrong place. The same thing happens here, but we in turn kill the crazed assassins if we can. If they’re already in the clutches of those in charge, as Major Nidal Hasan is, we may wait years for their execution. In the U.S. the major’s death is a certain if far-off eventuality. You also can be sure the Left will show up to protest the “injustice”. However, the families of those victims will also be there to keep it real.

So be of good cheer, fellow inmates. We have our resources, right? I’ll continue to share mine in the form of information as I find it. We shall overcome — and we can sing that as often as we darn well feel like doing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Yesterday was a good recovery from the doldrums of the day before. Here you go, straight from the Baron’s records:

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9 thoughts on “Your Moral Compass and a Hatchet

  1. In the north of England, “anyroad up” means “anyway”. I daresay the Baron will have heard the expression during his Yorkshire schooldays.

  2. Back when the photos illustrating this essay were taken, the American public could rely on the Fourth Estate to bark loudly if anyone stomped down upon any of our most cherished beliefs – especially the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    There is currently an interesting video from the Media Research Center circulating among some the the right-leaning interweb stopovers concerning visitors who have just exited the National Archives. An interviewer asks them to identify three of the five natural rights delineated in the First Amendment. They all fail.

    This is strong evidence that our media watchdog is long dead and has been replaced by a canine-like ventriloquist’s mannequin provided by the Joseph Goebbels School of Taxidermy.

    If you don’t know what you’ve lost. How will you know that you’ve lost it?

  3. You can have your hatchets to chop your own path, I will follow Jesus Christ who is the “Way” and the Truth and the Light (so I don’t stumble off the path at night) unto my feet. If you have ever done night hiking you would know what I mean.
    As for the rest, the world hates us Christians because they cannot control us as our faith and relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ is INSIDE our heart by the presence of the Holy Spirit and not tied to anything external. The world can take away our churches, likely coming soon, our homes, jobs, even our loved ones and our lives, but the world CANNOT take away Jesus Christ from us as He is inside us.
    This is what drove Rome bonkers and made us the objects of their wrath, just as it has in China. What is even more galling is that the more we are persecuted, the more there are of us. That is why we are now being co-opted and the ones who won’t give in being rounded up and disposed of.
    But you see, my home is in Heaven, and I have nothing here, as I am increasingly being shown daily. That doesn’t mean that I have or will give up. It only means that what would constitute victory for those who hate us, is really their defeat. Knowing that, we pray for them all the more.
    No hatchet, just the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Faith, and the Hard Hat of Salvation. 🙂

  4. I’ve been out of state, no computer, no TV. However, you will receive a check from me soon!

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