“The Beginning of Our Liberation, Our D-Day”

The EU-skeptical and immigration-critical parties have at last formed a bloc in the European Parliament. The group will be known as “Europe of Nations and Freedoms”. Among the participating parties are the Front National (France), the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV, The Netherlands), Vlaams Belang (Belgium), and the Northern League (Lega Nord, Italy).

In this video excerpt from RT, Marine Le Pen makes the announcement in French, and Geert Wilders speaks in English:

Below is the press release sent out today by the PVV:

The leader of the Party for Freedom and Dutch politician Geert Wilders has announced he has formed a political group in the European Parliament.

The anti-EU Europe of Nations and Freedoms bloc includes the Front National of Marine Le Pen. Forming the group will give the MEPs more influence in the parliament.

It will also mean that the new bloc’s members have access to millions of euros in extra funding as well as more staff and speaking time. To be valid, a group needs 25 MEPs from at least seven different nationalities.

Mr Wilder said that the formation was a “historic moment”.

“Today it’s the beginning of our liberation, our D-Day,” he told reporters, adding that the new bloc would be the voice of the new “European resistance”, defending their countries’ sovereignty. The anti-Islam leader said the bloc would fight mass immigration as well as “Islamisation”.

The following report is from the French edition of The Local:

National Front Creates New Far-Right EU Group

A new grouping of European far-right parties, called Europe of Nations and Freedom, is to be formed around France’s National Front, the French party leader Marine Le Pen announced in a statement Monday.

The group will be officially introduced at a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday by Le Pen, who succeeded her father Jean-Marie Le Pen as head of the National Front (FN) in 2011.

The new EU parliamentary group will include European deputies from the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), Italy’s Northern League and Flemish nationalist group Vlaams Belang.

Members of the European Parliament from other countries will also be joining the new political grouping, the FN statement added, without giving details.

PVV leader Geert Wilders confirmed the group’s formation in a jubilant tweet.

Hat tip for The Local: Fjordman.

20 thoughts on ““The Beginning of Our Liberation, Our D-Day”

    • Nigel Farage is alas far too sensitive to the establishment’s “racist!!” accusation.

      Instead of denying racism the aim should be to have the accuser define the charge. A while ago my CONservative MP (UK) accused me of being a racist. I agreed that I was a racist if by ‘racism’ he meant the favouring of one’s own kith and kin, and I asked him what was wrong with that.

      I enjoyed seeing him lost for words.

    • Unfortunately the UK is the most PC country in Europe after the lunatics in Sweden. What UKIP needs to realise is that they will get called racists and fascists by the left regardless of what they do. They have to be strong and stand up for truth.

  1. About time Europe responded with some seriousness and unity to a bloody existential threat.

    May they combine Charles Martel’s and Jan Sobieski’s success at driving Islamic imperialism from their continent (again).

  2. This brings up the question: is there already an explicit pro-Islam pro-sharia bloc or has that not happened yet?

    • Always use “extreme Left” and “far Left” when mentioning the antics of the current brand of marxists – the Saul Alinsky types – currently in power in our institutions.

  3. I wish people would stop referring to these parties as “Far Right.” It seems any dissent from the PC/MC/Cultural Marxist ideology is far right – even common sense.

    I saw an interview on the BBC World Service with one Claude Morais, this morning. He is an EU apparatchik of Anglo-Goan extraction. He spoke about European nation states objections to accepting unquantifiable numbers of migrants from Africa. He was clearly in favour of accepting every single migrant without exception and without question. As for objections from independent nation states, he dismissed these contemptuously as “Populist noises.”

    If this is the voice of the EU, then all power to the “Far Right.”

    • Far right it is. Also “extreme right”. Or as Hillary said when she was the FLOTUS and her husband, the then-President, was using his intern as a receptacle – “the vast right wing conspiracy, or “VRWC”. It wasn’t her fault that the man suffered from severe satyriasis so therefore someone was to blame.

      If she loses her own bid for the presidency, then the VRWC will be to blame. I certainly hope so.

      • I am not American but I do not want to see Clinton’s partner elected President of the United States.

    • “It seems any dissent from the PC/MC/Cultural Marxist ideology is far right”

      Indeed it is. And that label is intended to shame those who support parties such as the Dutch PVV, deter those who may be minded to support them and gag any debate about the soundness of their policies. Right wing is code for bad, Far Right is code for evil.

      Of course those that actually inhabit the far right of the political spectrum would not for a moment regard Geert Wilders as one of their own.

  4. Let’s hope that this group will encourage the many who don’t really agree with turning Europa into the new United States of Islam to either open their mouths or at least support this group in any way they can.

    Looks like it is a chance to turn this ship (Europe) around before it craters.

  5. This is kind of organization is a good beginning for a real push-back against the current neo-liberal multiculti ideology. But the number of people involved will need to be in the tens and tens of millions to turn the tide.

    The current EU “Citizens’ Initiative”: in the text, no. 4. it states “Not less than one million citizens who are nationals of a significant number of Member States may take the initiative of inviting the Commission, within the framework of its powers to submit an appropriate proposal on matters where citizens consider that a legal act of the Union is required for the purpose of implementing the treaties” is a huge joke, meaningless lip service to the concept of legitimacy. The Brussels EU is not legitimate and they are doing all they can to suppress free speech, starting with the skeptic parties.

    • Just remove it and correct it. As in “I should have said…”

      It’s unfortunate wordpress doesn’t have an ‘edit’ feature but from what I’m learning, each new ‘feature’ becomes a potential hole for others to reach thru and create chaos. Sigh. That’s why we had to eliminate our “Search” at the top of the page. It never worked well anyway. Google is faster and more inclusive.

      • But HOW do I remove/correct it after I’ve already sent it off? Next time I’ll just be sure to get it right the first time, like in olden times when there were typewriters. Miss those typewriter machines.

        • In a recent archeological dig outside of Newark, New Jersey, one that scientists have hailed as quite a find, ancient artifacts such as electric typewriters, telephone booths, cameras which primitives had to use without a cellphone, a Volkswagen from a previous epoch, and bins from a “video store” were found…

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