5 thoughts on “Truth From an Unusual Source

  1. “Arguably the most interesting NGO today, which proves the importance of inclusiveness by its shortcomings … is isis … .” I guarantee you that here clinton is alluding to the virtue of multicultural inclusiveness that would embrace islam, as opposed to the evil exclusivity practiced by isis.

  2. I can’t agree with GoV on Clinton.

    Clinton was a sleaze bag, but I have never been able to dislike him. He was a dirty politician, who was ruthless in his pursuit of power. He lied, he cheated, he sabotaged rivals.

    But despite these flaws, his intentions we always good. Clinton always wanted the best for people, and still does. You can see his goodness if you read his remarks during the negotiations over the dispute between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    • You can see his “goodness” by looking at his actual actions, in light of his obvious awareness of the difference between right and wrong as expressed by his words.

      The man is a classic psychopath. He talks a fine game, and as long as you don’t look for independent verification of anything he claims, whether about the world at large or about his own actions, he seems like a great guy. But once you do look at the evidence….

      • I agree. Classic. Right out of the book.

        Once you have had to deal with a psychpath, you can detect them like our noses sensing a few molecules of putrescine and cadaverine from a mile away.

  3. Clinton always was a sleazebag. Now he is in his dotage and from what we can see, is well away with the fairies.

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