16 thoughts on “Hearing the Truth in Unexpected Places

  1. Incredible. Wonder how many times this happens. It looks as though the “planned collapse” of the USA may not be gossip after all. My concern is what is happening in Europe. All 28 member-states have essentially become immigrant processing centers for the flows from the Middle East and Africa. The implications are scary.

    • Yes. I am posting this from Malta – I’m on a kind of pilgrimage to Valetta (the great siege) and I am shocked at the number of Somalis lurking on so many street corners. Why are these people here other than because the European Union wants them here!?

  2. I hope the guy doesn’t lose his job over this exposure. How sad is that, just for fearing it could happen? We’ll probably never know.

    • Only if you have a government job – and on GoV that’s spelled “waaayist” As in the way Elmer Fudd might say it.

      If this fellow *is* a government worker,he won’t be for long. Unless he works for the state. In that case, he might get a medal down there.

      But if he’s federal, he’ll get to know his local IRS harassers very well – New BFF, but unemployed – as if the IRS cares whether you have the money to pay their fines…

      Anyway, all dissent is waaaycist. Every single vowel.

      • But I thought in America you could say anything or criticize anyone or any official because we have democracy. That’s what we have been told over the last 200 years, and we have been exposing our soldiers to death for “spreading” that unique universal “ideal” that is only understood and applied by the west. Have they been lying to us for the last 200 years? The daring LIARS are destroying our countries in front of our eyes by our “elected” representatives and we can’t put that on ballots.
        Leaked CBP Report Shows Entire World Exploiting Open US Border:

        The word is out. The whole world now knows what “democracies” are made of : cowardice, stupidity, and treachery towards their own flesh and blood and worshippers of islam.
        Isn’t democracy wonderful. We must despise any government if it does not become democratic: destroying itself by itself. Why do you think Thilo Sarrazin authored: (“Germany Is Doing Away With Itself” ? Why good people and clever people are so rare in the west? What happened to honor. You have to love your countrymen more than Islam.

  3. US border protection officers have a reputation for bureaucracy, particularly at airports, apparently the US-Mexico border is an exception.
    When the Romans gave up protecting their borders is was the beginning of the end.

    Luckily I’m a citizen of an island nation.

    • That’s one the reasons why it all seems like a very sick joke. For many years now as a US citizen starting new work you have to prove you are legal by having your passport check oftentimes by a bi-lingual gatekeeper. Illegals and just straight up criminals “somehow” get your data to create their own. Yeah I know… eVerify 🙂

    • “. . . reputation for bureaucracy. . . ” No, the problem is with the big fish at the very top. As in any dictatorship, if those petty officials like border officials don’t obey the laws handed down to them from the WH, they will lose their job at once if not worse.
      Apart from casting votes every western country is a dictatorship. Can we prevent muslims from undermining our countries under our noses? No, we can’t oppose muslims because the “elected” government is from them, for them, of them, by them. Indigenous people are strangers.

  4. Yeah but….it’s been like this since that Regan amnesty in the 1980s and certainly in California illegal things accelerated with the failure
    of the Save Our State Prop 187 in 1995. Things have and are working out exactly as those fear mongering law abiding citizens said they would – probably infinitely worse now that we have islam burrowing phycological tunnels so successfully.

  5. Most land borders are porous and are in effect psychological barriers, that psychological barrier breaks down with the loss of national identity signalling the apathetic loss of the willingness to defend territory.

    • OTOH, the illegal aliens know very well that being on the U.S. side of the border is materially different from being on the Mexican side. At least it was, though some people on the north side are beginning to wonder.

      In any case, the argument that borders are artificial, people should be able live wherever the want, blah blah, is disproved by the risks that people take to get on this side rather than that side.

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