Day 12: “To the Jew First”

Note: Since MC wrote this post, Hamas refused an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire and continued firing rockets from Gaza. Israeli air strikes have resumed. Also, the first direct Israeli death of the campaign occurred when a mortar shell killed a man at the Erez Crossing into Gaza.

Day 12: “To the Jew first” *
by MC

It is 10:00, and it is silent. Silence is always uncanny after the continuous noise. HOM has been giving away nappies (diapers), but mothers are asking for larger sizes because the older children are having ‘accidents’ when the guns go off. If the ceasefire holds, then we know to prepare for next time, this week, next week, sometime, always — to corrupt a children’s rhyme.

If Hamas do not keep the ceasefire, then it will be obvious to all but the most disconnected which is the terrorist group. But then we must also ask ourselves is this really about Israel, or is it about Jews?

Israel is the Jewish State, but not all Jews are Israeli. Yet to the mobs in Paris, and to the President of France and many others like him, this is not apparent. Such reasoning is over his political and intellectual horizons. France has a long and, it would seem, proud history of anti-Semitism, in common with other European states. We must assume that it is government policy in these places to make Jews feel uncomfortable. We must look at what they are doing, not what they are saying.

Israel has kept to international law. Gaza has committed a war crime every time a Hamas missile is launched targeting Israeli civilians. The number is now in the low thousands of missiles.

To me, this conflict is the continuation of the Nazi holocaust by proxies, complete with plausible deniability, and I challenge the European Elites to disprove it!

I hope that this is the last piece in this series, but I was wrong last time I tried to end it….

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Its 11:00 and I am wrong again. The missiles are continuing unabated, but Israel has yet to retaliate. So who’s the aggressor? How are HuffPo, NYT, the BBC and the Guardian going to spin this one?

So who cut the water supply? The Israelis cut the water supply when they stopped the pumps.

Who stopped the pumps? The Israelis stopped the pumps when the electricity was cut off.

Who cut off the electricity? The Israelis cut the electricity when a missile hit the sub-station.

So who fired the missile?

*   For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. — Romans 1:16

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

Hat tip for the Roni Gordon cartoon: YL.

15 thoughts on “Day 12: “To the Jew First”

  1. MC, I would like to make a contribution to your and your nation’s well-being. I know Israel is a wealthy and forward (ie, technologically, business, etc) but I want to do this symbolically to provide my support for Israel.

    The only org I know is this: Americans United with Israel

    If you agree, I’ll send a check today. Let me know or tell me another that would be better.

    Thank you and God bless you and your countrymen.

  2. What’s the problem, MC? All you have to do is roll over and play dead!

    (And if this gentile feels so bitter over the situation, God knows you’re entitled).

  3. To me, this conflict is the continuation of the Nazi holocaust by proxies, complete with plausible deniability …

    Amen brother.

    Isaiah 5:20 comes to mind …

  4. Never stop writing to tell us what is happening Mc in sderot, we rely on your reportage and thanks to the Baron and Dymphna too for giving you a writing home. We feel your fear for your family and your son, we feel the ennuie between shells, we worry for the people of that wonderful, lone shining star of FREEDOM that is Israel in the middle east which just seems to be a sewer of hatred. We loathe the stupidity of people in the Free World, who join in so called peace protests which invariably end up with some Jew on the ground with 20 young so called Palestinians beating his head in with a Palestinian flagpole and NOT getting arrested by watching police. It is nothing more than simple Jew hatred, forget the fancy words. I love Israel, always have, and no I am not a Christian waiting for the end of the world, just a plain ordinary Anglican from Canada who grew up and still believes that Jews and Christians believe in a better world where love and not hate rules.

  5. I have never seen Israelis act badly, as witness their warning to clear building, get rid of your women and children before we shell, ooh look under your hospital bed and your mosque where you are hiding your weapons caches. MC in sderot makes a good point. WHO fired the shells that cut off the electricity that shut off the pumps? Think, people. I am about to act badly, in words. Why should Israel, at war being attacked by an enemy, for years I might add, give water to the enemy? Why? If it is war, end it. History is filled with siege stories, starve them out. Let them die of thirst. That is what all armies of the long gone past have done with no mercy. If Israel continues to be portrayed wrongly as the bad guy, maybe it should just be the bad guy. Everything Israel tries to do to be the good guy does not work. Oh the UN, which could be spending its efforts on 100 real bad guy,what does the UN really mean any more, except 100 wives having a shipping spree and never paying their parking tickets. The UN is nothing more than a huge stinking bunch of political whores, each one grabbing more than the other before that leave the world of freedom and go back to face their real people.Back to the point, got a wee bit carried away, Israel, knowing that the facade is over and they face nothing more than JEW HATRED, no more slimy words, should do whatever it takes to end it. No more talking, what ever has talking wrought?

    • Justicia, I share your anger. The Israelis will not act as bad guys as their Jewish faith will not allow them to do this. Whatever the islamics do, the Israelis will stay true to their faith.

      While I was reading your post, I keep recalling how the Americans used napalm in Vietnam and how the lefty supporters of the Viet Cong in Europe and the US screamed foul.

      The Israelis would be justified in escalating their attack on Gaza by using all sorts of weapons but they will not. The God they (we) believe in is not the bloodthirsty monster before which muslims in Gaza and elsewhere prostrate themselves five times a day. This is why we will win.

  6. YAH is the one who keeps Israel (Psalm 121) You are the apple of His eye and whoever touches you, touches the apple of His eye.(Zechariah 2:8) What a thought!

  7. According to Jeremy Bowen of the BBC it is an “asymmetric” conflict. He doesn’t explain what he means by that. However given that his reports show the destruction in Gaza, and little about the effects on Israel, then one must assume that he is reading from the same hymn sheet as the rest of the BBC. That is that Israel has the bigger weapons and is using them “indiscriminately” and killing civilians. The BBC reports tend to stress that so far “only one” Israeli has been killed but over 200 palestinians including children – they ALWAYS stress the children and rarely the murderous terrorists.

    • It is my opinion that the BBC is openly supporting (giving aid to) a terrorist organisation by their reporting on Gaza, this is a CRIMINAL offense as well as being well beyond the remit of the BBC which is bound by the BBC trust to demonstrate accurate and balanced reporting.

      • The BBc is anti western, anti British and anti white while being hard left and pro islam. How can it avoid biased reporting? It’s only one step away from Pravda.

  8. Hey dude, we be neighbors!

    I live in Shoqeda, in the S’dot Negev, and two of my kids live in S’derot.

    I’m there every week

    let’s meet for a cuppa some day, eh?

    • As you will no doubt understand, this gives me a security problem, and I would prefer not to give any contact information on this media, please do not take offence, but all of us who contribute to GoV have to remain anonymous for our own safety.

      But thanks anyway, if you send an email via the Baron, I have no doubt he will forward it to me. – Stay safe

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