9 thoughts on “May you live in interesting times.

  1. Sitting there , chatting … one being very glad that the other does not make the horrible mistake and mix things up genuine and non-genuine…. Like grouping Boko Haram with Islam. These are our great politicians: They are so multiculturally educated that they know Islam more than Muslims themselves. Hey Americans … sleep well and worry not. Muslims tell us that Boko Haram is the salafist/ real and sincere form of Islam. I am not going to believe liars. We have to be clever to know the hypocrites. Liars thrive when people are sheeple.

    • It is perhaps better that its unsubtle, more people will get it, which is quite important

    • Subtlety doesn’t work for everybody, Mark. By definition, half of the Human Race is below average. But I think that if the American people are beaten over the head repeatedly, and for long enough, sooner or later most of them will realize that not all religions are the same. I’m hoping to see the publication of “A BRIEF HISTORY OF ISLAM, with a forward by Adolph Hitler” someday, but I think Iran will have to nuke one of our cities before we get something that honest. (Hitler had a lot of good things to say about Islam, and much of it is available online or on The History Channel.)

      • Indeed so, Judenlieber and Bruce, but from what I read here on GoV,
        most followers are of above average intelligence, even if I often reflect that many of them still unaccountably disagree with my own opinions!

  2. So what personal agenda or interests makes them wilfully give voice to the denials of their own destruction and that of their children and grandchildren, what on a individual level motivates such people??

    • It is a moral issue to quite a few; one diametrically opposed to traditional Western principles. It is a contemplation that itself engenders denial in most people who encounter evidence of it.

      If you have never done so, ponder on this (behavior that you are questioning with disbelief) as a form of blind casuistry (we see this destruction as a moral imperative needed to save the planet) and that ruthless sophists run interference for them because it aids them in achieving power.

      If it makes you uncomfortable or you continue to think it too far fetched, but nevertheless is indeed involved with much that we are witnessing, then you will at least know eventually why nothing was ever done to effectively stop it.

      There are many possible motives for human behavior.
      In order to arrive at a accurate plan for a probable solution for behavior we do not like, we cannot overlook any motives that could indeed be probable no matter how much we dislike the notions.

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