Whatcha Gonna Do When the Well Runs Dry…

The wheels appear to be coming off this connection gizmo. The phone connection sounds like chirping birds, alternating with a fax machine noise. No, we don’t have a fax.

The series of deluges that moved through here last night may have gotten into the string and tin cans we use for connection. So if you don’t hear from me…

4 thoughts on “Whatcha Gonna Do When the Well Runs Dry…

  1. I knew there was a reason why I prefer to live in a city!

    Of course, if everything goes pear-shaped, due to EMP or whatever, you country folks may survive the unpleasantness for a while longer…

  2. Dymphna, Recently I sent a this comment, which was not posted. I would appreciate it if you explained why, and if you send it back to me with offensive words or sentences struck through or the easiest way for you, so that I won’t do the same mistake again, I appreciate the work you do:
    EU after getting wise have decided to put in place some logical criteria to determine the eligibility of any high ranking leader in the EU. If they don’t give the prevailing spirit of ideas at the current time, they will be rejected. They will ask the candidates what ideas cross your mind when you hear:
    1. Hamas: His response should be: A terrorist organisation bent on destroy Israel and the West afterwards, sponsored by Iran and indirectly by the west. Hamas’s constitution make s that clear. Periodically they start a war with Israel and hide their rockets among civilians because they know that the west will bark at Israel if Israeli response causes any collateral damage.
    2. Muhammadans: Response: Muhammad had intercourse with the devil, as it is in the Muslim literature, and compiled his ideology of encouraging his votaries to marry 4 rabbit like jihadi producing women to take over the world, as it is happening now in the 7 continents.
    3. EU: Response an instrument created in the beginning to comfort the Europeans after the atrocities of the WWII and tell them that not everything is lost. We still have some human sentiments. So they created human rights, women’s rights, animal rights. And they started to bark at the Easter bloc for not treating their own people as best as the western people were treated by “democracies”. They succeeded for many decades to distract the western people from whatever perversities they were committing against their own people and importing invaders. But over the last 50 years the EU has only one goal: to import enough invaders to destroy Europe completely.

    4. Scandinavia: Response: Very arrogant countries and very naive and uninitiate, who think that they are so progressive that Earth People can’t understand them. So they imported people like themselves in every aspect except color.
    5. South Sudan: response: 2 million Christians were slaughtered by the Muslim North and Western countries never even mentioned that there was a problem there. Human rights are not extended to Christians and Jews, because that will offend Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
    6. Muslim brotherhood: response: A deadly group that the west provide with billions of dollars and Euros to help them come to power in Egypt. When the military ousted them because of the group’s incompetence, the west imported them and stationed them in their midst to help them establish their caliphate in the west if it is not possible in the east.
    7. Western democracies: Response: Brainwashed Sheeple that have been herded into thinking that they are free people because they can drink, use drugs and sex as much as they like, giving lip service to voters, but real actions are reserved to help establish the caliphate.
    8. Turkey: Response: An ally that is worshipped by NATO and sucks NATO’s blood and money, the west’s deadly enemy.
    9. Israel: response: A country dependent on the west for its survival but hated so much by it. The west could not stand 9 million Jews but they can live happily with 50 60. 80, 200 million Muslims. Just go to France and Scandinavia: Jews are kicked out and Muslims are embraced with a broad smile to welcome a frown.
    10. Voters : response: They might influence the most idiot candidate to come to rule them with stupidity. No more than that. The ruler then starts a chain of errors and disasters against the voter’s and the countries’ interests. Rulers congratulate themselves for their cleverness because the media do not involve in fulminating, muckraking, and guiding the rulers to the right things to do and desist from the wrongs they are doing. Voters seem not to hear and not to see any wrongdoing.

    • Well Murad, I can’t claim to speak for Dymphna, but I’d respectfully suggest that you bear in mind that a) she’s filling in while the Baron’s away, and b) she’s not blessed with the best of health.

      I don’t know which particular post or comment prompted your remarks here, but you’ve crammed numerous points into one extended diatribe. If I may presume to offer some advice, choose a relevant subject, and you’re more likely to get a response.

      • Thanks. I never did find that first effort which Murad resubmitted here. Don’t know what happened to it…floating out there in dark cold cyberspace…

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