Dr. Bostom: Condemned Pregnant U.S. Citizen Ignored by U.S.

A Sudanese Christian, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, is to be hung on charges of apostasy… even though she’s a life-long Christian and an American citizen by virtue of her marriage.

Islamic jurisprudence is fascinating in the ways they can twist their “laws” to fit their blood-lust needs.

The interview with Dr. Bostom also provides some background on previous Boko Haram atrocities against boys in Nigeria.

Meanwhile Michelle Obama gave a speech on the kidnapped girls. Her problem with the terrorists? That the girls are being denied an education. We can presume Mrs. Obama is speaking officially for this incompetent, bored, and obscenely mismanaged administration. In other words, who cares?

Here is a page with lots of background information on this typically Islamist terrorist group.

As Dr Bostom and his interviewer point out, the silence of putative “moderate Muslims” in Nigeria – or elsewhere – is an example of the lack of any authentic “moderation” in Islam. Once Islam is in charge in any country, the collective citizenry are too busy surviving to develop further, much less to show any inclination toward moderation. For all its wealth, Saudi Arabia is no different: Backward, indolent, superstitious and supremely intolerant.

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  1. So Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a Christian woman eight months pregnant and the mother of a toddler, who is an American citizen, is now condemned to be hung because she is a Christian. Oh wait, she is to be lashed 100 times. Oh wait again, she might be allowed to breastfeed her baby, her AMERICAN CITIZEN BABY, before, according to sharia law they torture and lash her and hang her. I am crying as I write this. WE in the Civilized World must not allow this to stand. Where are the feminists? Where are the Christians? Some lovely young internet savvy person must start a petition against this savagery. Who will it be? I bless you before, but I know petttions work, too bad Amnesty International forgot their original purpose, preferring to love movie and singing stars. Can you see me crying in my home, only my husband, and dogs and cat, down on bended knees, tears trying to sniff back. I am only asking some some brilliant person to start a petition to save a young Christian mother from torture and death.

  2. I have seen Michelle Obama’s so very instructional photo op – I say instructional, not for what it states on her placard, but what it lacks in admitting to the real and underlying issues that must be exposed about African Islam. For instance:

    Is Ms Obama deliberately avoiding any criticism of Boko Haram because they are black and Muslim or just because they are black?

    Is she deliberately avoiding mentioning Boko Haram’s Islamic terrorism and the butchery of 59 young boys at the time those girls were taken hostage because that may be seen as a ‘negative’ in her ‘appeal’?

    Does she honestly believe that her solo act of displaying a message to Islamic terrorists will shift the thinking of Boko Haram or is it just a publicity stunt designed to placate her followers?

    Does she have any real empathy for those abducted girls?

    Does she realize just how fake and cowardly her photo -op really is, especially to those who have taken the time to comprehend what Boko Haram represents?

  3. The Western influence of British colonialists caused a division among the people of Northern Nigeria, who were once united by Islam. – @ GI article.

    That reads a bit too simplistic and convenient, if Northern Nigeria was unified under islam then how could the British have exploited divisions among the people that according to this article did not exist?

    So the instigator of Boko Haram has nothing to do with islam but everything to do with British colonialism.

    • Of course. Nothing is ever Islam’s fault. That’s why it’s the Religion of Peace. Didn’t you get the memo?

    • The British occupiers of Nigeria, noting that the North had a “proper” religion, largely left it alone, but encouraged Christian missionaries to convert- and educate- the people of the largely Animist (i.e. “heathen”) South, and on the principle of “divide and rule”, particularly favoured the Yoruba, who still regard themselves as the elite.

      All of which reflects little credit on the Brits, but is no excuse for the continued worship of ignorance by some in the Muslim North. If I were ever captured by Boko Haram, I’d want to ask them, before they killed me, how they justify the use of vehicles, weapons and communications equipment whose technology originated with the Western culture they claim to despise.

  4. She is not an American citizen in any way. She is an alien who is not even admitted to the United States for legal permanent residence (green card holder). Her American citizen husband can apply for an immigrant visa for her. One can only apply for citizenship after 3 years as a legal permanent resident.

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