Bunga Bunga in London’s Little Banglatown

Lutfur Rahman is the mayor of the culturally enriched borough of Tower Hamlets in East London. Mr. Rahman’s name has frequently been in the headlines recently, not least because of a dodgy deal in which a piece of borough-owned real estate was sold to his cronies for a rock-bottom price.

Our British correspondent JP takes a look at the context of Lutfur Rahman’s meteoric rise in the diversity-rich environment of Modern Multicultural London.

Bunga Bunga in London’s Little Banglatown
by JP

For the crime of giving humanity parliamentary democracy, night after night, latter-day gods bind London’s Tower Hamlets to a rock for fallen angel Lutfur Rahman to gorge himself silly on a young civilization’s liver while applauded by a chorus of blind and ecstatic cultural diversificationists. Thus do the gods wantonly sport with our venerable heritage?

A recent report in a national newspaper once again brought to light one of Rahman’s artful dodges, this time the sale of Old Poplar Town Hall at a knockdown price to his business associates and electoral advisors. The report concluded with the dismal conjecture that there was no little or no prospect of bringing Rahman to account for fear of being labelled race-mongers. Unseemingly, London’s authorities have given this latter-day Artful Dodger carte blanche to fleece its pockets, not only for his own benefit, but also — and this is what lifts the story from the mundane to the alarming— for his corrupt religion, Islam.

In an endless merry-go-round of easy cash for worthless causes, Rahman is as scrupulous at glad-handing his campaign coffers as he is massaging useful multiculturalists. The latter, blinded by the untested benefits of cross-cultural pollination, stumble when it comes to recognition of the inevitable ambient cultural disharmony produced by the elevation of an Islamic Overlord to a position entailing civic responsibility and impartiality.

Tower Hamlets First is the name given to Rahman’s new party, a ticket on which he hopes to gain re-election as its Mayor later this year. Less than a megaparsec away from full-on Sharia implementation in this sorry hamlet, it is not difficult to decipher the message in this seemingly innocent and banal campaign slogan. Yes, we the British taxpayers will pay through our noses as well as being led by them, for Tower Hamlets to be London’s first officially-sanctioned Sharia borough. Others will no doubt follow, keen to emulate this easy glide into peaceful and munificent conquest.

Signs of peaceful conquest abound in the borough, from recent demonstrations in Brick Lane calling for the prohibition of the sale of alcohol, to hate sermons at East London Mosque, to other activities hazardous to ordinary citizens of the UK — the Islamic killing machine otherwise known as Sharia is the ever-looming shadow which gives these events meaning in the here and now. The indolent tameness of the conquest in its initial stages belies the excessive severity that will undoubtedly be its fruit.

Not Tower Hamlets First, but Tower Hamlets More… more Sharia, more corruption, more mayhem.

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16 thoughts on “Bunga Bunga in London’s Little Banglatown

  1. BBC London News reports this evening that future elections in Tower Hamlets will be more closely scrutinised. Still no prosecutions over previous allegations of fraudulent use of postal votes, and Islam was not mentioned once (shock horror!), but it’s better than nothing…

    • “— closely scrutinised”
      Who will believe the British in anything! Pathological liars. Suppose they dare to scrutinize the Muslims and discover there were huge fraudulent… Then what? They will not dare go further. And they will say after spending 2 million dollars on Muslim investigators who would deny there was any rigging. “democracy” is the best form of government because it helps Muslims to control us. We will never exchange it for something else. Ye it is true.

  2. The white man in the back of the photo with the grey hair and sunglasses is it comrade delta/martin smith?

  3. The rUK have almost given up on London as a treacherous City-State, demographically and psychologically it is lost to multiculturalism. The multikulti ambiance must be an influence on the political decision making that impacts on the rUK the time may have come to move the political and administrative capital of the UK.

    • No no don’t move it. Turn it into a caliphate and take votes. I am sure the answer will be “yes” in the “mother of Democracies” because sheeple know what they are voting for. They have done that over the last 50 years. Poor little Britain. What fate awaits you?

        • Exactly… Civil war. and guess which side the “elected democratic perfect Government” will be supporting. The first time in history this has happened: Ethnic cleansing by invaders who were invited democratically. What a tenor of mind! Aren’t our elected representative wonderful. Whatever they do we approve it. Why ? Because we don’t know what they are doing. And neither us… the voters.

          • If there is a civil wr in the UK, what makes you think your people will win? There are far more of us.

  4. Surprised? Not really, as this kind of thing was inevitable and will start repeating itself all over Britain wherever the Muslims are entrenched in their part of the Ummah.

    What does surprise me though, is that there still seems to be no recognition by those who have conspired to bring this kind of thing throughout the West of the monster they have helped to create. Are they really that stupid to believe that they will be left alone by this monster when it finally goes on its rampage?

  5. No forward planning again. What’s the model? Balkans, Lebanon, Fallujah, upscale sharia?

  6. It IS racist not to investigate and/or prosecute. What it tells the genpop is that muslims can commit crime and not be held to account. A special group above the law.

    It tells us that justice is not colour blind. A simple test should be applied, if a white man did it then would you investigate. If the answer is “Yes” then it should be investigated. How simple does it have to be?

    • This situation has arisen because successive British governments have caved in to threats from the OIC. These threats involve a total oil embargo and increasing islamic riots on the streets. Remember Bradford and Oldham? The OIC does. Eventually, London, Birmingham, Manchester and a few others will explode like Belfast in the 1970’s.

  7. I would like to know what the percentage of votes in TH are postal votes. I would also be like to know what is the furthest distance any of the electorate live from their polling station. In a cramped inner city area like that I suspect it is no more than 500 yards.

    • Paris, you know the answer to that. Election fraud. They are filling the electoral register with names of people who do not exist. They are refusing access to the canvasser who’s job it is to verify the register and applying for postal votes to enable these non-existent people to vote. The authorities will not investigate for reasons of Cultural Marxism.


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