Our Advice: Stay Home

Below is a public service announcement from the Flemish independence party Vlaams Belang. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Your destination? BRUSSELS
00:04   Our welcoming city
00:08   with its attractions
00:12   Brussels… with its foreigners
00:16   who have been given an important place in the town
00:20   Brussels has reached saturation point
00:24   and we are no longer able to receive anyone with dignity.
00:28   In Brussels, racism is widespread
00:32   the situation is so bad that we had to create an institution to fight this racism.
00:36   If you want to avoid this racism you’d better stay away
00:40   In Brussels, poverty has taken on dramatic proportions.
00:44   The CPAS are close to bankruptcy and are becoming meticulous
00:52   The chance to receive an indemnity is minimal.
00:56   It’s not worth it; it’s better for you to stay in your country.
01:00   In and around Brussels the streets are unbelievably dirty
01:04   in some areas; incivility is the rule; filthy stinking ghettos form.
01:08   Unfortunately it’s there were many foreigners land to live in undignified conditions.
01:12   Avoid this misery and stay at home.
01:16   In Brussels, the weather is very bad.
01:20   It rains practically all year and temperatures go to 15 degrees below zero.
01:24   It’s better to stay where it’s warm.
01:28   In Brussels we like to eat pork. Even lollies contain pork fat,
01:32   and even meats from animal organs are on our plates.
01:36   For all those who, for whatever reason, have pork-meat-phobia
01:40   it is better not to come here.
01:44   In Belgium, especially in Brussels, we have
01:48   tens of thousands of foreigners.
01:52   Of course their presence is very expensive for us.
01:56   We don’t know how to pay for all that any longer. And another problem is
02:00   that there are so many that we don’t know where to put them. So, to those who are tempted to come
02:04   there is only one message: stay at home, don’t come here.
02:08   In Brussels there are tens of thousands of dogs.
02:12   Small dogs, big dogs, short/long haired, i.e. many dogs.
02:16   If you don’t like dogs, you better stay where you are.
02:20   In Brussels, like in the whole of Belgium, trains never arrive in time.
02:24   You risk missing your appointment with the social services
02:28   or your legal aid lawyers.
02:32   To avoid such unpleasantness, one advice: Stay at home.
02:36   Life is perhaps better than you imagine, where you are now,
02:40   This little movie is offered to you by Vlaams Belang of Brussels. In the interest of everyone we recommend that you don’t try your luck here. Life in your country is perhaps much better than you think.

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