Hope and Change in 2016!

Last month, an innovative social researcher named Mark Dice set about taking the political pulse of the American nation by asking visitors to the San Diego pier to sign a petition supporting Karl Marx for president in 2016.

The results won’t be surprising to anyone who has paid attention to the videos of Obama supporters over the last five years. This clip is hilarious — but when you finish wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes and consider what you’ve just seen, it’s also dismaying and depressing. Let’s mix another highball and think about something else…

Notice that the only people who see through the gag are the older ones, geezers from my demographic. O brave new world!

Hat tip: Nick.

16 thoughts on “Hope and Change in 2016!

  1. I saw this several months ago and I was dismayed… There is another clip out there about supporting 4th term abortions and another taken on a prestegious women’s campus to repeal women’s sufferage.
    The American public is so ill informed that they don’t even have rudimentary knowledge. And they vote!

    • And they vote liberal, as that is the default position of all who can feel but not think. Moreover, there is no possibility of reversing this tide by human effort, though history’s 2 x 4 will, one day.

      • I’m not so sure about that. There’s no doubt people would rather not change, it’s easier not to. But isn’t change a response to change; it comes from within and from without.

        Thinking is active, feeling is passive, thinking requires effort, feeling doesn’t. Feeling-not-thinking is the easy option, and in general people prefer not to think – thinking is conscious whereas feeling is dream-like.

        Change is forced onto people – why change if there’s no need? When the social/natural environment changes in whatever way one way or another it encourages a reevaluation of current values. The robustness of any paradigm is a measure of its fitness for purpose – how well does it reflect reality as the viewer sees it?

        People used to accept the Ptolemaic ‘world view’ until Copernicus came along with an explanation that made more sense.

        And here’s my point – people can only change their world view when they are presented with another that makes more sense than the one they currently hold. The human effort of GofV and Takuan Seiyo help facilitate this change.

    • So you want women to suffer? Like, in binders full of women? (For the international readers: that’s a 2012 election joke.)

  2. Very frustrating trying to have a conversation with someone and very quickly realize they are not listening and apparently clueless to boot. It’s certainly a gift for those who would infiltrate to do us harm. Malarkey and PC has limits.

  3. I believe these “Man On The Street” petition gags are a way to demoralize those of us who are informed.
    Of course their is a large percentage of hopelessly ignorant and/or mentally challenged people in the U.S. that would sign their lives away; but, Dice’s videos are done in a way that present them as the majority of the population and therefore we are doomed.

  4. I saw another video last year, where a guy was going round a college campus and a beach asking young adults who Hitler was. Virtually none of them knew. The only one who did was a neo-Nazi. Sadly, he was not only informed about nazism, but was also clearly one of the most intelligent, articulate people interviewed. Scary stuff.

  5. Mark Dice exposes the dumbed-down public very well. However we are only shown edited versions of course.
    I have this against Mark though, he finds Islam fine, says they believe in Jesus as a prophet and the virgin birth.Hmmm….
    Oh well, then that is fine then Mark ?

    Discovering that he himself is also dumbed -down and indoctrinated quite disappointed me. I really had not expected this level of ignorance from him.

    • “says they believe in Jesus as a prophet and the virgin birth”

      That is so crazy. Even the supposedly “moderate” Ahmadi websites are full of pamphlets demanding people don’t blaspheme against islam, and then further down the page they have pamphlets rejecting the fundamental tenets of christianity.

      I’m starting to think there

  6. The only way that things of that nature can be fixed is to teach.

    I make sure that any students I have in my orbit know who Napoleon, Stalin and Mao are and Ramesses II, Sardanapalus, Caesar…

    In addition to Durer, Renoir, Hokusai… Etc etc.

    Hitler only comes up in relation to the exhibition of “degenerate art” and the Chapman Brother’s “Hell”.

    I think that the guy edited it all down to make it look like Hitler was an obscure figure for these interviewees. He’s the second most famous person in history.

  7. As we say in Sussex England “As ignorant as pigs in Ireland”.

    They are NOT alone, we have the same level of ignorance in UK too, this of course, makes it easy for the government media [BBC] to spin and control the agenda and through it, them .

    To award such people a vote devalues the concept of a democracy in my view.

  8. Via Sultan Knish [2012] :

    “When no one in the Soviet Union understood what the point of Communism was, there was little resistance to being done with it. It wasn’t so much the courageous struggle of dissidents that brought down the Soviet Union, it was the incomprehension of the ranks of idiots who parroted dogma and slogans that had been coined by men and women who were smarter than them by virtue of receiving a pre-Communist education in an independent educational system.

    By the time the Berlin Wall fell, most of the men and women who made up the system did not see any point to all this stuff about Communism. They knew a hundred slogans, but not how they related to their lives. They were all for maintaining the bribes and bureaucracy culture, they just didn’t see why it couldn’t be done in a totalitarian state with the same standard of living as the West.”

  9. It shows i’m as dumb as the signatories of this petitition,i thought it was “Kosher ” for the 1st minute.

  10. Perhaps if a new method of mass transit rapid education. Sound bites such as Islam bad – Not Islam good. Islam first cousin marriage – bad. Non Islam marriage good. Halal bad – not halal good. Islam child sex bad – no child sex good. Islam allah not God of love. And so forth.

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