Mort’s Pork is More Than She Ort

Last night Vlad Tepes posted about a Russian group that “seeks to ruin perfectly good pork by burying it near Russian mosques”:

As I have stated before, this accomplishes nothing except telling the authorities who to nab when it comes to those who would defend their culture and people from increasingly hostile Islamic invasion. Nonetheless, people will do this. Playing by enemy rules is always a bad thing as they can change them at will. So using pig products on Muslims only makes the user a target and weakens the rest of us while giving Muslims a good laugh.

An interesting discussion ensued in the comments section on his post. Selected excerpts (edited for punctuation and spelling) are reproduced below:

Softly Bob:   “Nonetheless, people will do this. Playing by enemy rules is always a bad thing as they can change them at will. So using pig products on Muslims only makes the user a target and weakens the rest of us while giving Muslims a good laugh.”

I disagree. Knowing your enemy’s weakness is a good thing. Muslims are slaves of their rules. If they can’t even reform their religion into something more peaceful (because Allah’s rules are unchanging and for all time) then nothing is going to make them suddenly accept pork as clean and harmless just because their foes uses it against them.

If Muslims fear pork, then fight them with pork. If Muslims fear black dogs then fight them with black dogs. If Muslims are afraid to burn in Hell, then convince them that Hell awaits them.

If Muslims despise music then make music. If Muslims want to ban alcohol, then get merry and vomit beer into their ugly faces

Allowing Muslims to avoid pork by bowing down to halal demands in schools and prisons has been a complete disaster for us infidels.

We should give them nothing that is halal and only give them that which is haram.

We should make them face pork, in fact it should be shoved down their throats and in their faces. They don’t understand weakness, they only respect strength.

Pork, pork and more pork.

Give them what is unclean and make them like it. No compromise and no surrender!

Eeyore [Vlad’s own identity]:   Softly Bob: Well reasoned but from a faulty premise. Muslims are not slaves to their rules but to their goal, which is worldwide domination and complete subjugation of the unbeliever, and the rules are a distant second.

The 19 hijackers that pulled off the 9-11 attack all spent the night before drinking at strip joints. There was no penalty in terms of rewards in the afterlife. Islam is quite clear that you can do what you want if you are in pursuit of the main goal, which of course is jihad.

The prohibition on pork is not so much a major weakness for Muslims but a weapon to be used against us. They make a big deal about pork because it is a way to force us to change our culture to suit them. It is our weakness in a way, not theirs. For example, I bet you anything that lots of religious Muslims work in the food chain dealing with pork products if for no other reason than they can do what they want to the products and know they are only hurting kuffar as religious Muslims won’t eat it. Knowing this, we might think we are safer eating halal and they win either way.

In Egypt pigs are common, as the Zabbaleen use them to eat garbage they collect in Cairo etc. It wasn’t until the usual Islamic moronic non-understanding of Swine Flu that they bothered to go and slaughter the pigs thinking they were the source of the potential epidemic, but the Muslims weren’t that bothered about the pigs overall. They felt in control of Egypt so they didn’t care about the minority Christian population and their livestock so much. Here it is different. They can use political correctness to force us to change our symbols, kid’s stories, diets and school purchases all to make Islam the center point of our decisions. If they want to build a mosque they will. If they think that pig blood deconsecrates the ground then they will have an imam mutter some tard incantation and reconsecrate it. That is the thing about magic and superstition. The rules change faster than they do with technology. Pretty much every religion does that, and worse. If a government trying to show how sanctimonious they are is made to feel the heat for someone using a pig to stop a mosque the government will use our tax dollars to pay for it just to teach us all a lesson.

If this hasn’t already happened somewhere in Europe and more than once I will give up pizza for 6 months. Hell, I would bet that a Muslim in fact planted pig parts at a potential mosque site for exactly this reason. To get sympathy and public money to rebuild. I know for a fact they have done this in England repeatedly with arson they blamed on others and Australia with fake vandalism and in the US with ‘blasphemy’ which had a curiously Arabic syntax and was written to be seen from one camera view and not from any other.

None of the things you list they are afraid of. They know we are afraid of losing these things, though, and they delight in that process. What they are afraid of is that we wake the up and stop caring what they want, and remember that we get to make the rules in our own house no matter what they want or what they claim their religion demands.

If we can just manage that and openly talk about ending Islamic influence in our nations, then you will get to see them afraid and in retreat. But these attempts to judo what we think is their weaknesses really does just give them a laugh. Read Muslim sites on it sometimes

    There was a site in Poland where a megamosque was planned; a pig head or two was buried and they just threw them away and built the mosque. I’ll try and find the relevant articles if you want. But I do know of several people who have been busted trying to do this and going to jail for something stupid and ineffective. It’s like in the movies where someone tries to kill someone with rat poison. Most rat poison isn’t a poison at all but an anticoagulant that requires the rat to eat at least its own body weight in the stuff before they die of internal hemorrhaging. But enough people believe it that police often arrest people who try to kill others using it because the cops know that the perp thinks it will work. See what I mean? Similar scenario.

If you want to stop a mosque, call Gavin Boby. The widget is at the top of the page. Its called, “Love Thy Neighborhood”

Gavin Boby:   Hi Vlad,

Thank you for the little plug at the end! I agree with you. People who try this method are:

a.   ignorant
b.   mentally and physically lazy, and
c.   lacking in self respect.

Merely an embarrassment — technically on our side, in the sense that an untrained Russian serial rapist of Berlin women in 1945 was on our side.

Mosques have been built on former abattoir sites. Plus Kaffirs are lower than pigs in the list of ‘najasat’ (unclean things — search for “Sistani Najasat”) and Muslims have triumphed about turning churches into mosques since Mohammed.

Leaving a bacon slice on mosque steps takes 10 times the effort that it does for a Muslim cleaner to pick it up and dump it in a bin while muttering some incantation.


This is a struggle against evil. The same as has happened throughout history, with the same excuses dressed up as sophistication, with the same brains-to-custard tantrums dressed up as patriotism, and with Burke’s truth still holding: ‘All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’.

We are motivated by love for people, however much you despise that thought. For mankind to be happy, evil must be defeated, and we will do it — you can invest on that. But we will win by the discipline of our formations, not by succumbing to the urge to behave like scum.

don c:   The point about Muslims relaxing the rules when they have total dominance is something that many readers I’m sure have experienced at first hand. They don’t always do it, and not everywhere to the same degree, but it’s always an option. That it’s an option shows that the howls of outraged religious sensibility over pork, sex and alcohol and so on in the West are largely strategic. A few examples:

Homosexuality is a capital crime in Islam. But as everyone here knows, it is ubiquitous in Islamic countries. A Western gay man so inclined can get, what’s the delicate word for gangbanged, in Saudi Arabia by Saudi military officers so long as he is discreet. So the country has a surfeit of gay Western contract workers who think they’ve died and gone to heaven, who make lots of money and never leave.

A Western woman getting on in years, or simply not getting any, can visit any number of Muslim-majority countries and readily pick up a Muslim guy half her age. She may need to give some thought to where she takes him.

As a Western businesswoman visiting Dubai, you might be well-advised not to have a drink in the hotel bar, but in Dubai you can have a drink in a hotel bar.

You can’t have a drink in a bar in Saudi Arabia, except perhaps on certain select compounds, but you can join the long line of Saudis queuing to get over the bridge on the weekend to have a dram (or a drab) in Bahrain.

If you want to fry up a pork chop in the Emirates, you go to a designated supermarket and buy one. It will be in a special section and overpriced, but there it will be.

So observation supports the point that unless the mullahs are really having their way with a Muslim-majority country, white kaffirs with Western passports, and many Muslims, frequently do things even in conservative Gulf countries that Muslims are supposed to find intolerable, but which, as long as it’s not in their faces (if that’s not where they want it) they don’t.

At the same time, it must of course be remembered that these are not rights protected by law, but exceptional liberties generously bestowed by Muslim masters and liable at any moment to be taken away. The penalty can be harsh. Also, you don’t want to have dark skin or the wrong passport. That is the celebrated tolerance in Islam.

What might be happening to pork chops in the food processing chain in Dar al Harb is food for thought.

Eeyore:   Here is another example to the point from today’s news. Notice how often Muslims use Korans as weapons as in this case, or at Guantanamo Bay where Muslim prisoners routinely hollowed out Korans and hid weapons and things in them. Remember, they riot and kill and burn things when an infidel so much as looks at one the wrong way.

I can’t help but agree with Vlad and Gavin. The only thing that pork-intensive operations do is to drive otherwise uncommitted public sympathy to the side of the Muslims.

Our information war, if it can be won, will be won at the margins: people who haven’t made up their minds, or who haven’t been paying attention, will be pushed towards one side or the other by the most effectively presented information. Playing games with pig parts is not effectively presented information.

Islamic law is very specific about the circumstances under which Muslims may break their own rules. Those circumstances fall into two broad categories:

1.   When Muslims live in territory dominated by infidels, where Islamic law is not dominant, and
2.   Whenever it serves the cause of advancing Islam to break the rules.

As you can see, the circumstances under which pork attacks occur are covered by both of these rules. Muslims may safely ignore the desecration of their turf, and build the mosque on the site before the pig’s blood has even dried.

Like so many other tactics used in the current war, the pork gambit is a mug’s game. It sucks up our time and energy and arouses animus against us, while the Muslims just laugh at us and keep on doing what they were doing anyway.

Note: The title of this post is taken from an old S. Clay Wilson comic, ca. 1969. The meaning of the original was obscure, although understood to be vaguely obscene. I chose it because it contains the word “pork”, and I like the sound of it.

26 thoughts on “Mort’s Pork is More Than She Ort

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  2. This reminds me of a story my friend told me: he was passing his local mosque and there was a hot dog van parked outside (on the mosque parking spot). Presumably the muslim seller was saying prayers.

  3. “the pork gambit is a mug’s game”. Beautiful.

    I bet, say, 15 years ago, you never imagined you would publish that statement in a public forum…

    As for the subject, I agree. Mucking around with pork is just that – mucking around. It’s worthless, and embarrassing behaviour. Meantime, you could be opposing mosque planning applications like Gavin Boby does in a sensible and successful way.

  4. Denial of Service Attacks – Stop Threats Before They Start‎.

    Give them a doze of apathy, a practise western societies have become well rehearsed in over the progressive years. The other side of the coin should be a reinforcement of the worth of our own peoples, fail in that mission and the apathy JIM antigenic will be ineffective.

    It is not their strength but our weakness that has been the defeat, lead by example.

    Just saying. 🙂

    • That was exactly Syed Q’tub’s argument in his book Milestones. That the West had become so weak that Islam could rise again as a dominant force.

      The thing is, even if he was right, and there are lots of reasons to assume he was, doesn’t mean that it has to remain that way. We can rise up and preserve our own interests, culture and identities. The question that concerns me recently is whether or not this can be done via democracy or will it require the classic European-style use of a strong man. That sometimes doesn’t go so well in the short term.

      • The egotistical strong man more often than not has an entourage of a thousand weak men, an aristocracy of ten thousand with a retinue of hundred thousand virtuous men would be preferable if democracy disintegrates in disillusionment.

      • If you think that you are going to fight islam by taking the high moral ground? You forget that history is filled with such nonsense, they are called mass graves.

        • @Drakken,

          In one sentence you surrender the advantage of moral courage and the high ground, the moral posturing of the enemy is their concern.

          History is indeed filled with the mass graves of such defeated self indulgent nonsense, the casualties are usually the innocent and the strong man’s fellow travellers.

          Embracing the egotistical strong man is the weakest option of the last resort.

  5. Pork, as a toxic food, has been known for 1000s of years in hot countries. That God cared about what you put into your mouth suited the priestcraft, because ego-identity is reinforced when eating food for its familiarity, comfort and trusted sustaining properties. It reinforces that person’s sense of identity to retreat into, just as today comfort-sex is shaping the identity-culture of The West, and just as tobacco smoking had once taken over their psychi. The pleasure-centers of the weak-brained are to be exploited.

    Therefore, we are addressing the Muslim’s identity-ties to pork and not the pork itself.

    Edward Bernays would have figured out the Muslims’ envies of the Kuffar and suggested eating pork, (blessed by an Imam), made them 10 times stronger than them.

    Now, observing that the West’s Socialists engineered sodomy to be taught to every school child to remove their natural fear of anal sex and equate it to ecstasy and love,
    The same path could be employed with pork products, with Teacher demonstrating the joys of sweet and sour loins in and out of her mouth.

    But then, it needs a Person Defined by God to justify it, those Made-Perfect-That-Way by Divine Calling, the Sultans of Superiority walking in corridors of power to bestow their gift to humanity. For how else can anyone determine what is good or bad to be popped into your own mouth or butt without your consent? To tell others how stupid they are is a Hate Crime!

    Today the Sodomites have the ‘more equal and better’ reign. Tomorrow the Muslims may have the ‘more equal and better’ refrain. Then the Communists take over the truly soften and battered dhimmis who want to have peace.

    All told, the Scholars of Bacon are history.

  6. As a commenter on this, I now agree with you all that I was probably wrong. You’ve made your points clear. However, I still believe that their ‘superstition’ is a weakness of theirs. Maybe pork is not the answer, but attacking an enemy’s weakness is always a good idea.
    Using pork as a weapon is not ignorant, lazy or lacking in self-respect as you suggest, but is born out of frustration – frustration due to PC constraints which are meant to tie our hands at all times and prevent us from doing anything that may be seen as offensive to the enemy.
    It is not Muslims who are worried about pork as you suggest, it is the Leftist enablers who are worried about pork, because they believe that Muslims are offended by it.

    • SB I agree with you. I think Gavin was a tad harsh and I also agree that many people are frustrated, angry and afraid and are looking for something that they can do and that they understand.

      You are also correct that it is the dhimmi leftists who react so vehemently to a pork-attack because they know what the intention was by the attackers.

      Fighting back is a good thing but we have to use methods that are both dull, tedious and at the same time, require a lot of bravery. A very difficult combination. Specifically, if you write a letter to city council and explain your objections you could be on a list and your life gets harder as a consequence of city hall interfering with aspects of your life they can by tyrannical about when the feel the need. Also, some muslim working on staff can pass your name and address to the local imam and make sure muslims also have you on a list for when the need arises to show the kufar who is in control.

      So going to a mosque with some bacon-bits seems like a better use of bravery as its at least an action and one that should you be arrested, well at least it was for something you understand. This is a difficult situation but it was engineered to be. Writing to city council is tedious and does expose you to ongoing risk. But if enough people do it, the mosque will be stopped and the tides can and will turn. Because the one thing that seems bankable in all this is the lack of principle in politicians and the certainty that they will move as does the wind. Lets make sure it blows our way.

  7. I’ll tell you what, I disagree, for a lot of reasons that have been presented on the argument against. OF COURSE a silly prank with a bit of bacon is no big deal to ANYBODY, unless they CHOOSE to make it so, as our contributors rightly point out, they break their own rules when it suits them. The moral outrage is only a way of bending us to their will. Ditto the ‘liberal establishment’, they don’t give a flying Farouk about muslims hurt feelings, it’s just a handy stick to beat dissenters with, THEY are the nastiest, most vicious bunch of nihilists on the planet, and anything that furthers their agenda: total destruction of what used to be western civilisation, they are for it, and will pursue it to the ends of the earth Murder a hundred or so Christians, Hindu’s, Jews, not a squeak. Tie a bit of bacon to a doorknob – all hell breaks loose – questions asked in the house. Murder a load of people doing their shopping – the prime minister goes on tv to deny the culprits did it for the reason they did, absolves all fellow travellers from any blame. Throw a pork chop on the mosque steps and he’ll be there again warning us all that he won’t stand for racist behaviour, and the police are going to be watching us all (because we’re ALL racists even if we don’t know it).
    As has been pointed out, it’s not about hurt feelings, religion, protecting the downtrodden or anything else. It’s about CONTROL, SUBJUGATION, on both counts.
    Anybody who stands up against them, refuses to play their game, refuses to be cowed, shows their dissent in even the smallest way gets my vote.

  8. Very true that muslims do not respect kindness which they perceive as weakness they only respect strength and toughness.( and fear it)

    An Israeli tour guide told of a conversation he once had with a Palestinian man on one of his tours who took him aside and then warned him , Israel (and was a message to the Western world also) about this.
    Muslims will never return good deeds with good deeds but take advantage of every situation when they see ” weakness” .
    No “Golden rule” for them !
    They are on a winning streak and they know it and revelling in their victories.
    All because few understand the nature and mentality of Islam, and mostly because leftist dhimmi’s support them, feed their cause which gave Muslim confidence, as it suits their ” victim” agenda.
    Let’s be honest the left is now obsolete, social change has been achieved what else for the left to fight for in our society ? Minority victims needed to be found. They found them.
    Muslims are useful idiots for the left and the left are for Muslims.

    Our ignorance will be our downfall. We can only be saved if this unholy alliance is broken.but what will it take ?

  9. Now Ive had a think about it I’ll go further : If we all resolved never to upset muslims ever again, if we banned pork products from every menu, renounced bacon sandwiches, banished all the pigs to the outer hebrides. If we bowed at the waist every time someone obviously of immigrant extraction walked by us. If we payed voluntary jizya, do you think they’d be satisfied, or would they find something else to be outraged about. Would the thought police declare victory, say racism has gone forever and write themselves a big fat redundancy cheque -or will they find some other persecuted, ‘excluded’ group to get outraged on behalf of ? What do you think ? Continued below

    • Phil —

      I think you’re missing the point. This isn’t about annoying Muslims, or not annoying them.

      This is about not pushing our hitherto indifferent non-Muslim fellow citizens into the ranks of those who sympathize with Islam.

      I don’t think a single infidel has ever decided to support what we do because someone left a pig’s head on the doorstep of a mosque. Quite the opposite: the gutmenschen are more likely to sympathize with Mohammedans and call for more “tolerance” every time someone pulls a stunt like that.

      In other words, the pork antics are counter-productive. That’s the main issue.

      We need more people who are aware of the Islamic issue, and who side with us. Tactics that work against that goal should be avoided.

      • I’m sorry Baron, I’m not missing the point at all, what I’m saying is that unless we show dissent in every way possible then we will be seen as beaten, cowed, if only by the weight of (manipulated) public opinion, and whilst a pigs head may not be the most pleasant form of protest, it is still a forceful, though non violent form of dissent, and as I point out below, if we lay down and keep accepting it, it won’t make any difference. They’ll find something else to denounce us for, some other piece of language or behaviour to put beyond the pale, and read the reference to Monty Python below, that actually happened in a US court of law, and I can assure you, if that had been played out in a Monty Python sketch, with just the odd look of incredulity here, the odd cocked eyebrow there we WOULD have fallen about laughing. THAT is how surreal this has become. Well we ain’t laughing now. The media and the government will always denounce anybody who dissents in any way, and propagandise, bully the sheeple against them, and the sheeple will all bbaaa on cue and then go back to chewing (or smoking) their grass, and it will be another turn of the ratchet – even if we do nothing (remember the term unconscious racism) they’ll find some ‘ism’ to denounce us for, so I’m with those who refuse too be cowed.

        • From my point of view, this has nothing to do with being cowed. It has to do with being effective.

          I don’t care how I look, as long as what I do has at least a chance of being effective at the margins.

          People can see me as cowed, or a fool, or as a “racist”, or a “Nazi”, or whatever other term of opprobrium or derision they choose. I don’t care.

          What I care about is presenting information in a way that attracts more people to support what we do, and helps them decide to resist Islamization.

          Throwing pig’s blood on a mosque site doesn’t do that. It may give the perpetrators satisfaction, and make them feel righteous. But I don’t think it turns a single person into a supporter of the cause. It most likely has the opposite effect.

          Hence it is ineffective, and therefore of no interest to me.

          • My dear baron, as I mentioned in A comment to Fjordman a couple of articles down I have nothing but the highest respect for those of you who work so hard, expend so much time, effort, financial and emotional capital in this fight. I, and I am sure most of those who visit this site don’t see you as remotely cowed or beaten. You, and your like are putting up a heroic fight which I, for one appreciate and admire, however, there are those that possess neither the time or the financial capital available to you. They have neither your eloquence or connections, and many of them are much closer to the receiving end of this contrived humiliation and genocide than you . Many suffer pain, humiliation, discomfort, insecurity on a daily basis. If they choose to, or are only capable of expressing their dissent in a more robust, direct manner then who are we to condemn them ?

          • Phil, there’s no condemnation involved. I don’t condemn them in the slightest. In fact, I feel a secret thrill every time I read about one of these pork chop jobs — my sympathies are entirely with the perps.

            I just think they are ineffective, and even counterproductive. Therefore I recommend that they be eschewed as a tactic.

            It’s important to distinguish between what provides emotional satisfaction and what gets us closer to our goal.

  10. Remember how all this started ? being nice to black people, banning the ‘n’ word, sounded reasonable enough at the time. Nobody wants anybody to be hurt or upset, especially kids – do they?
    BUT we didn’t realise that once they had a cross to nail us to they’d never stop hammering.
    We now have the ridiculous situation where in the British police a man (or woman) from Scotland, Ireland, Wales can’t go by the nickname Jock, paddy or Taffy – even if they love it, even if they are proud of the nickname, even if thats what all their friends call them – racist you see.
    If you use the word paki to describe an Asian person you will be threatened with arrest, yet I regularly see an Asian, who drives around my local area proudly sporting the number plate PAK 1, altered to spell PAKI (illegal) as well as displaying the Pakistani flag instead of th E.U. on (also illegal), with apparently no censure. We have muslim mouthpieces like Anjem Choudrey using the derogatory word khufar for non muslims without a trace of embarrassment – or censure !
    But the best of all, straight out of Monty Python. When an obviously uncouth, ill educated moron constant users the words Cracker and ‘N-er’ in a trial, the judge asks whether the witness and the victim were guilty of racism. The prosecutor explains that although cracker is a derogatory name for white people but it’s not racist because, well, er black people CAN’T be racist – only white people can be ! He the goes on to say, without a trace of irony, that when black people say ‘Ner’ it’s spelt with an ‘A’ on the end so it’s all right, BUT, if a WHITE person says it, it ends in ER, and is racist. The judge accepts these explanations and the idiot witness is paraded on tv by a malevolently insane, white hating English tv presenter who describes her as one of the most intelligent,articulate people he’s ever met.
    SO, who’s being had here? Who’s being discriminated against. If we sit here and take whatever comes without a squeak they’ll STILL be gunning for us.
    SO, if someone refuses to go along with it, and chooses to show their dissent by pushing a bag of pork scratchings through a mosque letterbox, then you won’t hear a word of condemnation from me

  11. I support softly bob, confrontation , on every level, on every front 24/7/365, never let up because they won’t. Confronting Islam is like shooting at a barn from the INSIDE, you can’t miss. So what if a local rag hack starts saying “racist”, or “bigot” or islamophobe, just reply that those who are objecting are the ones who REFUSE to condemn the mass raping of our children, or the planting of bombs on buses or the targeting of innocent NON-Muslims ALL over the world, including UK and the states.

    What answer CAN there be to the question, “Why do they refuse to reform their koran”, when they beg to be allowed to live in the West ? WHY do they continue to finance international AND domestic terror in the West through their collections?
    WHY do our ruling establishments continue to allow this and WHY does a left wing media continue to avoid exposing what’s going on ?

    Point to the TOTAL lack of integration and misogyny in this so called “perfect” society and above all, be guided by those knights of the great Christian religious orders, the Knights Templar and the Knights of St John. They never misunderstood the enemy.

    If these defences of a cultural nature fail to make clear to Muslims the limits of the appeal of their message, or arrest this Muslim tide, and don’t forget their birth rate, 74% increase in 10 years, what are we left with ? Where HAS being polite and non confrontational got us ? Even Mr Farage said today,” UKIP doesn’t DO God, [or guns]. The enemy does Nigel. What IS Ukip’s response to Islamic cultural and actual terrorism ?

    Bombing Germany with paper entreaties didn’t frighten the Nazi’s, burning and blowing up 9 sq miles of Hamburg did, they couldn’t hide that.

  12. Ha Ha, Baron, in reply to your last comment, it just illustrates how insane and Pythonesque this civilisation has become. I remember a Python sketch that involved an army unarmed combat instructor teaching recruits how to defend themselves against attack by a man armed with fresh fruit, updated it may look something like this.
    Instructor:’Right, today’s lesson is how to defend yourself against a determined attacker armed with pork products’
    ‘RIGHT – YOU, come at me with that pork chop’
    ‘NO NO NO, REALLY come at me – as if you mean it’
    ‘COME ON, don’t be scared, you won’t ‘urt me’
    ‘AAAAHHHHHhhhhhh. Where did you get that sausage from?’
    Ha Ha Ha, Is it me?

  13. ” … not by succumbing to the urge to behave like scum.”

    Reminiscent of the class warfare of the first crusade.

    Just saying. 🙂

  14. Phil: “attacking an enemy’s weakness is always a good idea.”

    If you can defeat them with it, then yes. But as you strike down to finish it, the Socialist holds you back. So your enemy never was the Muslim. Muliticuturalism, Diversity and open discrimination against White Heterosexual Males is not an Islamic tenant. It is a Communist one.

    A Socialist-Islamic Pact. The heart and soul of corruption.

    • Spot on !. This unholy alliance was forged in British/European/US universities in the sixties, with the P.L.O., red army faction, red, brigades etc all training together, only they gave up trying to bomb us into submission decades ago, they all run the E.U. and US governments now.However, now they have a firm stranglehold on power the belligerence and oppression are steadily ratcheting up

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