11 thoughts on “The World War III Project

  1. Saw this yesterday on one of its Facebook posts. It is funny, to a point. But also a little TOO true. A well done production.

  2. Joking aside – we people in Europe need that war –
    or at least a cute electromagnetic pulse above Brussels.
    Yes, Iran – you can!
    We need to have no electricity for quite some time, no
    water in the tap, no food on the table, no transports,
    no harassing bureaucracy, a few millions of dead,
    muslimists fleeing back to their countries of origin etc, etc.
    Otherwise we will instead just perish sweetly and
    without any hardship by being incorporated in
    the Umah. A disaster is required to awaken the stupid
    populace. A Syrian situation in Europe might suffice.

  3. More important than solemnity is having one’s head screwed on straight. I’d rather be with a person who indulges in black humor and searing sarcasm today about the problem of Islam, than a solemn person who still, in a multitude of little paper-cut ways, tends to enable rather than dismantle, the Tiny Minority of Extremists meme (repackaged as the “Many if not Most Muslims are Lax and/or Ignorant of Their Own Islam” meme for more palatable swallowing and regurgitation by otherwise no-nonsense Counter-Jihad folks).

  4. Obama looked like an awkward bit-part player in Project Neoliberal WWIII, in comparison to the Russophobic David Cameron and that jihadmongering islamophiliac William Hague, this may only be an interlude before the Great Neoliberal Pretender steals the NWWIII show – is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan auditioning for that role?

  5. It was probably in Europe’s interest to have wars, patriotic sentiments, etc, as a form of immune response to hostile outsiders. With the the current EUSSR project of abolishing war well underway for some decades we are now without a viable deterrent to Islamic conquest by subterfuge.

  6. There is a need for Europeans to be engaged. But not in this war. And nobody needs to be on the side of the Islamic terrorists fighting Assad to pave the way for increased Wahhabi dominance over Europe’s energy supply.

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  8. I only want to say, that thats can not be truth. I do not want to blame the USA !!! I do not want to blame the USA !!! I do not want to blame the USA !!! Democracy does not mean that everyone says Yes. You are deciding, not Obama. Obama gives the citizens the questions and we answer with Yes or No. Obama wants democracy and must accept that citizens can say Yes or No. The American citizens choosed Obama as a president of the USA, but nobody knewed at that time, that Obama will say something about making the 3rd war. If people knewed that, the citizens would never choose him as a president. It is never will exist one explanation for making the 3rd war. Instead of making a war, we must learn to live friendly with others and respect other cultures. Even if some other lands want to make a war say it them to live friendly instead of making a war. The war is coming from the devil. Think never to much about wars. The only thing you must get ready is the protection weapons, JUST IN CASE IF ENYONE GETS CRAZY AND WANT TO MAKE A WAR. I warn everyone who read that. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SENSE OR MIND IF YOU ARE THINKING TO MUCH ABOUT ANY WAR OR MAKING A WAR.

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