“I Was Treated Like a Stray Dog”

The following is a harrowing account by a French business owner of her experiences with harassment, threats, physical attacks, and rape at her shop in a culturally enriched banlieue. The official “justice” delivered to her was laughable, to the point of being willfully negligent.

Many thanks to Guy Sauvage at François de Souche for making this video available, to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   The victim
00:06   was attacked in the entrance of the building.
00:10   There are just too many. Caption reads: ‘THE NIGHTMARE OF MARIE-NEIGE
00:14   I am the last media outlet in town
00:18   and also the last bookshop,
00:23   the last stationery shop. I need peace and tranquility
00:27   in my boutique.
00:31   The Beginning of the Nightmare
00:35   Everything started in January 2004
00:39   with an armed hold-up by two individuals,
00:44   one of whom was hooded, the other was not.
00:48   The one without the hood was a youth I had seen grow up,
00:52   who still acted, his face showing.
00:56   It was an armed hold-up in the presence of a client and his children.
01:00   This hold-up resulted in
01:05   an opened skull for me and for the client
01:09   a gassing (?) of him and his children.
01:13   The culprits were
01:17   what we call ‘grand’ minors (late teens)
01:21   these ‘grand minors’ were exonerated, i.e. their case dismissed,
01:26   a little thanks to the benefit of doubt, but mainly because they got
01:30   an alibi from their mother and sister,
01:34   who stated that at the time of the hold-up the individuals were asleep.
01:38   And that was enough to exonerate them. My witness
01:43   who experienced the armed hold-up was an elected member of the Greens of Drancy.
01:47   He had 2 children (…?) a little girl, three years old,
01:51   and a 18-month-old baby. He didn’t want to
01:55   keep up his complaint
02:00   for the simple reason that he was well known as an elected member
02:04   and living in (?) and had been subjected to
02:08   multiple pressures to drop his complaint. He left
02:12   saying that he did not recognise the individual.
02:16   The thug’s vengeance: RAPE with KNIFE
02:20   It was ordered by the first thug.
02:25   It was carried out by members of his gang; there were
02:29   four active out of a total of
02:33   six, because there were look-outs.
02:37   Physically, not to go into details, they were equipped
02:41   with a cutting weapon
02:45   which caused me multiple internal wounds
02:50   and cuts
02:54   inside my vagina.
02:58   These individuals, because of the ‘benefit of doubt’
03:02   had their ‘case dismissed’.
03:06   The reason (for the dismissal) was that there were several individuals and that it was impossible
03:11   for the magistrate to make a distinction
03:15   among them, who has done what and how,
03:19   and assess the degrees of responsibility, because one cannot
03:24   condemn one and not the others: It’s everyone or nobody.
03:28   The change… in a few years.
03:32   During the four years of investigation a notorious evolution occurred
03:36   which reached a tipping point in 2005.
03:40   2005, everybody remembers that in the ‘93’ (Parisian Suburb where Marie-Claire lives)
03:45   many riots took place
03:49   and to buy a certain ‘social peace’
03:53   all attacks that occurred
03:58   were minimised and even
04:02   denied by police and judicial authorities. I have seen
04:06   aggressors becoming more and more confident
04:11   and increasingly older,
04:15   between 25 and 30 years. And then
04:20   increasingly without masks, in broad daylight,
04:24   in the middle of the afternoon, in front of many people
04:28   and in 2007, 2008, 2009
04:32   I found myself confronted by individuals
04:37   of a physical aspect, let’s say…
04:41   bearded, mostly,
04:45   clearly showing off their religious affiliation.
04:50   Frankly, you will end up in hell…
04:54   Muslims will go to paradise
04:58   the non-believers will go to hell and you will go to hell.
05:02   Since 2010 there has been another notorious evolution:
05:06   the arrival of a mosque which accompanies
05:11   to the ‘hard’ part of the mosque of Drancy having moved,
05:15   because Drancy has ‘the chance’ to have a ‘moderate imam’.
05:24   So the town has acquired a purely Salafist mosque
05:28   fundamentalist. They follow a group, but they are not Salafists…
05:32   Salafists — that word doesn’t exist…
05:36   and …
05:40   continued threats.
05:44   Attacks. So, on the level of attacks,
05:49   I suffer all sort of destruction: Physical destruction of property.
05:57   This goes from
06:01   my outside panels,
06:06   sometimes Catholic values etc. which they vandalise.
06:14   Attention!
06:18   blablabla it’s a provocation!
06:23   She provokes us.
06:27   She provokes us
06:31   Verbal aggression by groups of women,
06:35   veiled, usually,
06:40   who enter my boutique and suddenly
06:44   insult me in Arabic.
06:48   then they pull down all my magazines from the shelves
06:52   and turn my boutique upside-down. Physical attacks…
06:56   Some are very serious and can be categorized as crimes,
07:00   like the rape,
07:05   the attack by scooter,
07:09   throwing acid on my hand.
07:30   The latest
07:34   attempt at cutting my throat.
07:38   The attack by scooter.
07:42   Leaving the cemetery, a cable
07:47   was dropped around my neck
07:51   from behind. This cable was pulled
07:55   by two people on a scooter.
08:00   I managed to free myself and to slip
08:04   from under the cable, and so avoid being dragged by the scooter on the ground,
08:08   and to flee.
08:12   The treatment of complaints: Police-Justice
08:17   The individual entered saying ‘I will cut your throat’,
08:21   brandishing a serrated knife,
08:25   and the mum of that person who threatened me
08:29   said that if I didn’t say I had made a mistake
08:34   when identifying her son
08:38   as the one who wanted to cut my throat, I did not deserve to live.
08:42   It wasn’t him. Madame, you are not responsible
08:46   for the acts of your son…
08:51   Of course among all these attacks
08:55   there were some which I reported, which had consequences,
09:00   not for the aggressors,
09:04   except for the last one who was identified
09:08   and is in prison. For all the others, three times out of four they ended up
09:12   filed away as inconclusive, or ‘case dismissed because benefit of doubt’.
09:17   Locally there was a refusal
09:21   for a very long time to believe my word as the victim.
09:25   For me, this refusal corresponded
09:29   to the buying of a certain social peace. This refusal came from
09:33   the (administration?) of the department 93 for ALL cases
09:37   all 31 attacks, except…
09:42   for the 32nd, when I found myself facing a new [police] team
09:46   who had seen my witness statements.
09:51   When they arrived they told me ‘we will do everything
09:55   to arrest him’. He was arrested; he is in prison.
09:59   I never had problems with the police on the ground.
10:03   The problems always come from the superior echelons.
10:08   That’s where the elected ones, the social-political people, intervened
10:12   and made sure that nothing was achieved for the victim,
10:16   and that the aggressors were always protected. I was not recognised
10:21   as victim at the penal/criminal level. Whereas
10:25   there exists something which is called ‘La Civique’ (Civil Law?)
10:29   still the same court, but there one judges
10:33   facts, e.g. medical files,
10:38   evidence, what you have suffered, handicaps which you now have as a consequence,
10:42   and on this basis, which always rests on the reality
10:46   that one indemnifies you.
10:50   It is the people who indemnify me for something
10:55   committed by individuals who were known.
10:59   Police…
11:04   For a long time I was treated by the police
11:08   like a stray dog, because when an officer
11:12   asks you: ‘But Madame, why have you spread your legs?’
11:16   I defy anyone to find an answer. Because it’s the first phase
11:21   that blames the victim, simple as that.
11:25   Justice? So, on the level of the judicial authorities
11:29   there is a great concern: be it
11:34   magistrate, solicitor, prosecutor for the 93,
11:38   all dossiers are
11:42   instructed against the victim
11:46   and in favour of the aggressor.
11:51   If you bring functional evidence they will tell you: ‘Oh no it’s too late…
11:55   the file is closed’. You bring your memory…
11:59   because if you have been raped,
12:03   things return to you in parts, and not necessarily in the exact order.
12:07   Suddenly enquiries are not possible any longer…
12:11   The victim is supposed to have a completely infallible memory,
12:16   which is impossible, because the emotional part is
12:20   too strong. An aggressor whose
12:25   mother and sister say that he was asleep at the time
12:29   of the crime, is believed immediately and exonerated.
12:33   A rapist whose brother
12:37   says, ‘Ah, no, it’s not possible that it happened on that day.’
12:41   ‘I BELIEVE that my brother was with me at the music festival’
12:46   That also is sufficient evidence to prove his innocence.
12:50   When you describe the ‘diamond’
12:54   he had in his ear, when one finds these elements
12:59   on the individual, it’s not even mentioned at the moment
13:03   of confrontation before the magistrate. He had hidden chips
13:07   of his mobile in a bag of rice, and a certain diamond
13:11   also in a bag of rice.
13:16   The police only found this because his little sister had said:
13:20   ‘My brother has other mobiles and other chips,
13:24   but they are here in the bag.’ So although my aggressors
13:28   had raped me, all with their faces uncovered,
13:33   and I had recognised them, and more than that, was 100% sure
13:37   that it was them, they did not accept it.
13:41   ‘But no, look, it’s not him’, even as you recognise him among all the others,
13:45   and that you are sure that it is him, and as they try to pressure you,
13:50   telling you ‘you must be mistaken. You are falling apart,
13:54   you are in tears, nothing works any longer, you are at the end of your tether,
13:58   and then in the state you are in, there are
14:03   two people who run after you and tell you,
14:07   ‘We, we believe you, we believe you, but we don’t know how to help you.’
14:11   Protection of people?
14:15   this individual who was a huge as a wardrobe
14:19   was violently kicking in the door and
14:24   and as the door was giving way,
14:28   I simultaneously pressed the SOS button
14:32   and the panic pedal.
14:37   These two alerts
14:42   for the protective video have priority at the regional level.
14:46   The first on the list, the local police, were alerted,
14:50   because they are at 50 meters from my boutique.
14:54   They responded via Telesurveillance telling me they could not intervene.
14:59   National Police: same answer, they could not intervene.
15:03   Normally everyone should have intervened, because they knew about the threats.
15:07   But nobody moved.
15:11   And I cannot accept this. And so I have decided to go on a hunger strike
15:16   to protest against non-assistance.
15:20   On hunger strike against non-assistance for a person in danger. 34 aggressions, 9 years of combat. HELP!
15:24   So, one might say that my character is inconvenient because I am not flexible enough,
15:28   I am not nice enough, when someone steps on my toes,
15:32   and that I cannot be silenced, and that I don’t give up and that I don’t step back.
15:36   (Title of her book:) ‘The one who says No’.

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17 thoughts on ““I Was Treated Like a Stray Dog”

  1. I can’t understand why there was no DNA evidence with regard to the rapes she talks about. I know that France is in a bad way, but surely there would be forensic evidence?

    • She might have been raped with a knife rather than with the usual body part. That was how she suffered cuts in the vagina. No DNA evidence would be left.

    • In the case she describes (with astonishing understatement) in this video, she was, indeed, raped with a knife, but after the first rape, a few years back, she was actually held in a police cell (she had “flipped out” understandably). When she had asked for a glass of water to drink, the guard had given her an empty glass and quipped: “Piss into it and drink that”.

      When you speak of the “93”, this is a suburb of Paris which has been fully invaded by, what they called euphemistically “Diversity” and now refer to as “sensitive suburbs”. I would never even go there personally, let alone live there. And the “judiciary” and middle to upper echelons of the “Police” are – at best – islamophilic dhimmies, but increasingly issue of that “diversity”. Marie-Neige only gets “sympathie” from the grass roots (those who are online), because the French main media, being terminally dhimmified, willfully ignore/dismiss her. The authorities (and that, I am sad to say, even included Sarkozy’s “conservative” government) just want her to fade away, she makes their “collaboration” (I use this in the Vichy sense) uncomfortable. And now, with a militantly extreme left government in power (the porte-parole for President Hollande is a morrocan born muslim who wears the veil when she goes “home” on holidays, and his minister of justice comes from the former colonies with a lot of hatred for the white west) it has gotten worse.

      When one of the african neighbours of Marie-Neige, was holding loud parties for days and days, one night at 3 am, Marie-Neige finally knocked at her door, asking her to stop the “Bambula”. http://www.batucadayemanja.4t.com/photo4.html

      That woman took Marie-Neige to court for this “racist” insult. Marie-Neige was charged with – I dont know the exact wording – but it boiled down to “Raaaacism” because of the word “Bambula“.

      This video is just the tip of the iceberg.

      PS: incidentally just a little correction: The video was made by Guy Sauvage from RIPOSTE LAIQUE (not FdeSouche), here is the link:


  2. Get real !, if the same crime had been perpetrated by a gang of whites on any ‘minority’ who did what would not be an issue. They would all be held equally culpable.
    I wonder when you will all wise up, you are not going to reason with them, use the law, or the press, or any institution to get justice, THEY control them all, in fact you already can’t vote them out, and the end game is not to be nice to ‘the other’, or creating a wonderful multi culti paradise, it is your TOTAL DESTRUCTION, and the time is long past when reason, ‘democracy’, anything will change that trajectory. THEY simply control everything from the head of state to the lowliest local councilor. Your bread is buttered, the writing is on your wall. The only thing left to do is provoke you enough to give them an excuse to move in and finish you off.
    For some reason they can’t get the flu pandemics quite right. Otherwise they wouldn’t even bother with that.

  3. Let’s examine the similarities between the George Zimmerman case and this one:

    “one of whom was hooded” – Just like Trayvon Martin wore a hoodie.

    “an opened skull for me” – Just like Trayvon Martin opened the back of George Zimmerman’s skull.

    “The culprits were what we call ‘grand’ minors (late teens)” – Just like Trayvon Martin was an older teenager.

    “these ‘grand minors’ were exonerated, i.e. their case dismissed, a little thanks to the benefit of doubt, but mainly because they got an alibi from their mother and sister”

    Just like the Miami Dade School Police Department ‘dismissed’ Trayvon Martin’s burglary case by labeling clearly stolen items in his backpack as ‘found objects.’

    Just like Trayvon Martin’s associate Rachel Jeantel allegedly fabricated Trayvon Martin’s alibi for abject violence against George Zimmerman – most recently claiming that Trayvon Martin feared that George Zimmerman was a homosexual rapist.

    Just like Trayvon Martin’s ‘mother’ allegedly omitted to mention that she had kicked Trayvon Martin out of her house because he had threatened to KILL her.

    Just like the larger black community pretends that Arizona Tea and Skittles are snacks instead of ingredients in a popular black drug cocktail called Lean – sung about and favored by black rap artists – and imbibed by Trayvon Martin according to his own text messages – with Lean known to cause violently aggressive behavior from users.

    “I have seen aggressors becoming more and more confident and increasingly older, between 25 and 30 years.”

    Just like Trayvon Martin confidently attacked George Zimmerman – and black mobs across the USA confidently attack white people.

    P.S. Over the years, the ‘grand’ minors DO age, don’t they?

    “She provokes us.” – Just like George Zimmerman ‘provoked’ Trayvon Martin first to break George Zimmerman’s nose and then to repeatedly bash George Zimmerman’s head on a concrete sidewalk.

    “The individual entered saying ‘I will cut your throat’” – Just like Trayvon Martin told George Zimmerman, “You’re going to die tonight,” while attempting to beat George Zimmerman to death.

    “I did not deserve to live.” – Just like many black people say that George Zimmerman – and his extended family – do NOT deserve to live.

    “Locally there was a refusal for a very long time to believe my word as the victim. For me, this refusal corresponded to the buying of a certain social peace.” – Just like the Florida government apparatus charged George Zimmerman with second degree murder to placate angry black people – many from outside the local area.

    “I never had problems with the police on the ground. The problems always come from the superior echelons. That’s where the elected ones, the social-political people, intervened and made sure that nothing was achieved for the victim, and that the aggressors were always protected. I was not recognised as victim at the penal/criminal level.”

    Just like the original police chief and potential prosecutor allegedly disagreed with the decision by their ‘superiors’ to charge George Zimmerman with second degree murder.

    Just like the Florida government apparatus charged George Zimmerman with second degree murder in defiance of statute and evidence – indeed allegedly simultaneously conspiring to create false damning evidence and to destroy exculpatory evidence.

    Just like the federal government apparatus who would have a son who “would look like Trayvon” continues apace to incite the black mob to continue to attack George Zimmerman specifically – and white people generally.

    “I cannot be silenced” – Just like George Zimmerman defended his God-given right to self-defense in a court of law – instead of accepting a spurious plea bargain.

    P.S. As we all saw in the trial of George Zimmerman, Hispanic is an artificial racial designation meant to divide whites of Spanish descent from whites of Anglo descent. Yes, I am aware that some Hispanics have Indian ancestors – just like some whites have African, Asian, and Indian ancestors. But, as we all saw, when push comes to shove – or when a black beating causes a white shooting, Hispanics are whites. As such, neither George Zimmerman nor we need to add the adjective Hispanic to his name. George is indeed a white man – in the only circumstance that counts – which is that blacks view him as a white man. As I have said before, you will know you are a white when the black mob attacks you with legal – and self-assigned moral – impunity.

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  5. France is further down the road to destruction than is Britain, this case should
    serve as a massive warning to us all on the island. One day we will read about
    this heroine’s death at the hands of these evil creatures. Of course, nobody will
    be prosecuted.

    • No one will bat an eyelid. Head in the sand precipitates kick up the arse (ass).

  6. Has this lady made Marine Le Pen aware of what has been going on? She needs a big-hitter like Marine on her side to get justice. The police cannot be relied on to do their duty when they are restricted by Political Correctness and the fear of Muslim rioting. This should be headline news.

  7. I have known about this woman for quite some time, she is so brave, and those people who have left her to suffer have my utter contempt and these are the people in power, they are scum who believe in nothing apart from their own pocket and taht they can keep that position as long as possible, that is all we end up with in positions of authority in the west.

  8. Ms. Sardin is one of the strongest and bravest women I have read about in a long time. It is a shame that there are no French government officials (or Men) that have the courage and strength to stand with her.

  9. She should be awarded a Remington 870, a Glock 17–and an unlimited quantity of OO Buckshot and 9mm holowpoint ammo. Obviously she is located in what we would call a “target-rich” environmnet and will need a lot.

  10. It is heartbreaking to see that society has written off this young lady and left her to the savages. I hope she reads this and gets herself a firearm and uses it against these savages, the time for niceties and pleasantries with these savages is over, time to get downright medieval because being polite is going to get you killed.

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