Eric Holder Meets the Sundance Kid

Those of you who follow the news must know by now that our intrepid Attorney General, one Eric “too-black-to-be-true” Holder, has got him a new informer’s website where community–minded folk can snitch on report any knowledge they have of George Zimmerman’s racistiness. Just any little old thing at all. Maybe you saw the perp frown at a black kid in third grade? That’ll do.

Knowing Holder’s record so far, veracity isn’t high on the list of requirements for your snitching reports. He has stated his opinion that Americans are cowards about race, so here’s the chance to prove his prejudices.

From Sundance at The Conservative Tree House, here’s an open letter to his Honorableness:

Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr.
Attorney General of The United States Of America
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington DC, 20530-0001

Dear General Holder:

It has come to our attention that you have requested the citizens of the United States to provide your office with any evidence or documentation, to support your efforts, toward proving any civil rights violations in the case of The State of Florida VS. George Zimmerman.

Further we have found numerous national media articles citing your direct and specific request. It is our understanding you have created a website for the collection of evidence in that regard:

We are in direct possession of the evidence you seek.

And then Sundance shows some of the pictures he’s been collecting over the last year-and-a-half as evidence of civil rights violations right there in Sanford.

Here is one of those images:

New Black Panther Flyer
Heck yes, it’s shocking! And proof that Eric Holder doth make cowards of many of us while he emboldens others. But Sundance obviously isn’t cowed; I don’t know enough to say if he ever could have been, but one thing is sure: that period is long past. Sundance has seen too much now, has viewed up close and personal the corruption and evil attending this attempted destruction of the man The New York Times crowned and crucified as the “White Hispanic”.

[There are more evidentiary photos at the URL above, plus links in the orginal I didn’t put in this post – there is a basic courtesy due fellow-bloggers regarding how much of their work you take the borry of at one time.]

Sundance goes on to say to the Honorable Mr. Holder:

As you can see, the death threats directly outlined in the case of George Zimmerman are clearly evidenced and outlined. In addition, the names, phone numbers, email addresses of the civil rights violators are clearly identified.

They sure are identified all right. Signed, sealed and delivered if Mr. Holder wants to follow up on a clear violation of George Zimmerman’s civil rights.


As I mentioned in my first post about George Zimmerman, I ignored his plight for a long time. Having grown up in Florida I had a visceral understanding of the political proportions this persecution was going to assume and it was too painful to watch. Cowardice? Yes, sir. But now I have a place to go, a place where I can learn about both the details of the travesty and the miraculous-seeming ultimate triumph of truth. It’s such a relief to know they were there, soldiering away.

So I’ve been spending time reading through just a few of the files at The Tree House. My task has been slowed down by a fierce eye allergy (yes, I do indeed feel like Job) but even in my limited condition I can see and wonder at the amazing feats they accomplished. Sundance is someone who put himself on the line in the cause of justice! Make no mistake about it: this is a person of rare and genuine courage; he put himself out there, walking around, listening, paying attention, digging through all the bumpf which gets tossed your way if you seek documents from various levels of government – documents the average citizen is entitled to under The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

As a result of all his efforts, Sundance is at genuine risk of harm and of mean legal hassles by the powerful and connected, those same folks who tried to take Zimmerman down. The staff at Standpoint magazine could take lessons on what personal danger really entails.

As to why he and his friends started looking more closely into this, some of the motivation must have begun just through sheer propinquity. This smelly scandal began right where he lived; he had to have known some of the players and must have had some questions about their actions. I’m guessing that the more Sundance looked, the more convinced he became that the BGI – Black Grievance Industry – was out to use George Zimmerman even though he was innocent.

As I went through his posts (and I’ve barely scratched the surface) one of the Beatitudes started repeating itself: Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice. In the final analysis, I think that’s what drew Sundance on: the profoundly corrupt injustice he was witnessing first hand. I haven’t talked to him so this is merely a guess. When things have died down, perhaps he’ll consent to an interview. Or maybe not; he has surely had his fill of chatter by now.


Jack Cashill is a writer and investigative reporter. Somewhere in those posts Sundance mentions that Mr. Cashill might be writing a book about this case. Sure enough, I ran across a report he’s done, one with a most encouraging title: “Why the Feds Won’t Prosecute Zimmerman”.

Whew. Glad to hear that. Cashill says:

Although one should never underestimate the moral bankruptcy of Barack Obama’s Justice Department, a federal prosecution of George Zimmerman on civil rights charges is highly unlikely.

As Eric Holder and company have known from the beginning, Zimmerman makes about as unlikely a racist poster child as America could produce. They would just as soon keep this information to themselves.

A notorious procrastinator on issues unfavorable to the White House like “Fast and Furious,” Holder did not take long to jump into the Zimmerman case.

On March 19, 2012, ABC reported that the FBI, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida would all investigate Trayvon Martin’s death.

By Monday, April 2, FBI agents were already in Florida questioning individuals in an Orwellian “parallel investigation” that focused less on Zimmerman’s actions that fateful night than on his thoughts, past and present.


Team Trayvon and its allies in Obama’s Justice Department hoped the FBI would find some similar offense in Zimmerman’s past. They did not succeed.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. As I read in the book Richard Zimmerman wrote about the persecution of his son, George, they couldn’t have succeeded because George is that rare bird (as are his parents) who doesn’t pay much attention to race. Why would he? His whole family would make a n excellent Diversity Poster, all intermarried and all raised to go through life doing good deeds.

Among George’s friends, his nickname is Tugboat because he was always trying to find ways to help people. He mentored two black kids. When an old man was beaten by a politician’s son, it was George who passed out flyers demanding that the boy be brought to justice. Without his efforts, that privileged kid would’ve escaped any consequences for his barbarity.

In the gated community where he lived, the same one in which he shot Trayvon Martin , Tugboat was a one-man welcoming committee. One black couple told the FBI that George introduced himself, gave them his card, and told them to call if they needed anything. He was the only neighbor to do so.

They turned over every rock in Seminole County trying to find someone – anyone – who would speak ill of George. Except for the professional Grievance Mongers, they came up empty:

Cashill again:

By day 2 of the FBI investigation, agents Elizabeth Alexander and Matthew Oliver were grilling Sanford PD lead investigator Chris Serino. The agents’ first mistake was to get the date wrong on their report.

The agents’ larger mistake, the Justice Department’s really, was their failure to understand that if the civil rights of anyone had been abused, that person was Zimmerman.

Cashill has a lot more detailed information in that article. He ends it by saying:

Back in 2010, Zimmerman, an Obama supporter, headlined his fliers with a famous quote from Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

He might more accurately have quoted another Anglo-Irishman, Oscar Wilde, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Christ said we must be as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents. George Zimmerman got the first part of that down well. I hope he has learned the wisdom part without becoming bitter. And I hope he sues the pants off of every single media outlet and jornolist who lied about him, who made up deliberate falsehoods, who used his life to create chatter to fill the emptiness of their programming.. Even if he ends up giving the proceeds to the poor, those tormentors need a reality check.