New English Review Taken Down by DDOS

As most readers already know, the New English Review was brought down by a Directed Denial of Service attack (DDOS) during the night. The attack may or may not have been connected with the AFDI rally against sharia, which featured New English Review writers among its speakers.

Rebecca Bynum, the editor of NER, just sent us this brief note:

For those of you who don’t know yet, after I gave my short speech in Manchester TN last night, New English Review was cyber-attacked and remains down. The attack took out the entire network of sites hosted by ICG Link. They are now moving us to our own private server and will try to get us back up and running as soon as possible. Here is Jerry Gordon’s write-up of the event and my remarks at the AFDI protest on WatchDog Wire, which was very heartening.

Some excerpts from the story at WatchDog Wire:

Our NER colleague Rebecca Bynum drove down yesterday evening from Nashville to speak at an AFDI protest rally with Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller outside the Manchester — Coffee County Conference Center. The protest rally was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. When she arrived at 5:00 p.m. 150 people were already present, some with posters that read, “Just say no! to Islam” and even a booth selling “Sharia for Non —Muslims”. By the time the program started at 6:30 p.m., the hall was filled to overflowing with an estimated 800 inside according to the local Police Chief. So the Fire Marshall ordered the hall closed.


While the audience was disruptive, Bynum told me they were prepared and knowledgeable about Islamic doctrine. One source told of military that came down from Fort Campbell, Kentucky especially to attend this event. Members of the contingent commented to one audience member, “We fought this in the sandbox against Sharia, and we came home to find that it is happening here and now.” Many in the audience were veterans and of a similar cast of mind.

US Attorney Killian and FBI Special Agent Moore told the audience that if you defame Islam and engage in hate speech towards Muslims that you will be prosecuted to the fullest. Killian gave a power point presentation on what constituted hate speech under US law. He read off a list of White Supremacist and extremist groups probably provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center as exemplars of who the government was on the lookout for. FBI Special Agent Moore told the audience they were endeavoring to protect Muslim children from hate. At one point he noted that after 9/11 the FBI even hired Muslims as translators to which someone in the audience cried out, “yeah, but you didn’t hire Jews!” Ms. Sabina Mohyuddin, the AMACTN organizer of this event actually told the booing crowd to “shut up and listen to me!” One audience member commented in an email “that was like throwing oil on the fire”.


Daring to enforce OIC blasphemy codes under the guise of prosecuting hate speech. Make no bones about it. The heartland of America was outraged last night in Manchester, Tennessee.

Watch this Nashville Channel 4 WSMV TV video of the protest at the AMACTN event in Manchester, TN.

As you can see from the above report, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already attempting to implement the sharia blasphemy laws laid out by OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, as discussed in an earlier post.

The federal fox is not only guarding the American henhouse: he is heating up the skillet and sharpening his carving knife in anticipation of a delicious chicken dinner.

14 thoughts on “New English Review Taken Down by DDOS

  1. Rebecca Bynum’s remarks in Manchester, as reported by Watchdog Wire:

    The government wants you to believe Islam is a religion just like any other and thus deserving of First Amendment protection. But they fail to see that Islam is a complete system of life. Islam is a complete system of government which covers everything from issues of war and peace and treaty making to internal community relations. Islam is a complete system of jurisprudence, covering all issues of crime and punishment, and Islam is a complete system of social control even to the point of mandating death for those who dare to leave Islam or even those who dare to criticize it. So the question is: should the blanket protection for freedom of religion really be extended that far?

    NO! It cannot and it must not. Not if we are to remain a free country.

    We also hear a lot about radical Islam, militant Islam or extremist Islam and everyone assumes radical Muslims have a different set of beliefs or interpretations of doctrine from ordinary Muslims – that they read a different Qur’an perhaps, that they rely on different collection of hadiths, or that they dispute the official version of the life of Muhammad. They don’t. The belief system of the radicals is no different from the belief system of the moderates.

    If we fail to understand that, we will doom our children to terror without end.

    To put it frankly, Islam does not deserve the protection of the First Amendment because Islam is not a true religion and does not fit the category of religion. Islam is a hybrid political legal and social system. And furthermore, as a religion, Islam is immoral.

    We must end this madness and face the problem squarely. Stop all Muslim immigration and end all mosque building now.

    And if Mr. Killian and Mr. Moore want to put me in jail for voicing my opinion as a free woman then they best do it now. Because we will fight this case all the way to the Supreme Court. I promise you, we will fight.
    Did they think it might somehow be easier to begin the erosion of our First Amendment rights if they started their little engine a-going in flyover-country? If you exist inside the Beltway Bubble, then Manchester Tennessee is just a version of East Podunk and would be a pushover.

    Wrong. Tennessee has had more than its share of sharia horrors; as a result, many citizens are awake and aware of the dangers it poses to our ancient liberties. But as is usual in any ratiocinations emanating from inside the Bubble, the folks in D.C. were clueless.

    Just as they were clueless
    *about Benghazi.
    *about the IRS mess
    * about the effects of having a racist in charge of the Department of Justice.
    *about lying to the parents of the dead Seals in August
    *about refusing to let terrorism be called by name.
    *about the revolt of the state governors and legislators who are resisting the further encroachment of the insatiable federal bureaucracy?
    *about the ignorant economic policies they’ve allowed to fester into a tumor guaranteed to make us a Third World economy? (oh,, wait. Maybe that was the point.

    Can’t wait to see what happens in the 2014 elections. Will Bubble Boy be stuck in the White House with no one left to talk to but his buddies…and maybe his new BFF Christie?

    There’s always golf, Mr. President.

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  3. What is this American Muslim Advisory Council?

    And my support goes out to the fine folks in Tennessee and especially NER – The Iconoclast.

  4. Quote:
    “We fought this in the sandbox against Sharia, and we came home to find that it is happening here and now.”

    Islam, this is your Vietnam.

    • After studying Islam for over 35 years with numerous trips to Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, and other Islamic controlled countries, it is without any doubt to me or anyone who really knows Islam is not a religion. Just because they call it one does not make it one.

      I have written a novel which covers the Islamic creed woven into and about a unauthorized rescue operation into Saudi Arabia in Januray 1976.

      Obama is a closet Muslim by his own admission. We are positive he is being paid by the Saudi Government to basically help wipe out the Shite clans in favor of the Sunni controllers. His own book states he will stand by the Muslims before the Americans.

      Islam is a political, militray, and social organization that contoels all aspects of a Muslim’s life. There is no such thing as a”moderate Muslim.” They all have to follow the Quran or else. It allows them to lie to non-Mulsims, subodirnate non-Muslims, tax them, or kill them. What religion commands to kill non-members. Only Islam.

      The FBI and the DOJ are setting up at some point a situation which will definetly cause the conservatives to attack the governments agencies with profiund consequences for federal employees.

      There is no way that conservatives will not take us arms and go after the Muslims and anyone who tries to protect them. This has been coming for some time, and this communist President has unleashed the dogs who will not be able to accomplish their missions because they will be stopped one way or another.

      • Was your novel published? Is it in print? Please give us the details and I’ll put a post up. The Baron has the flu right now so a book I’m waiting to have put on the sidebar will have to wait a bit longer. I can’t put yours up until I’ve read the book, but it it’s available then I’d be happy to do so. I like fiction as a vehicle for truths that many people wouldn’t read otherwise.

      • Your comment is nearly verbatim of what I’ve been saying for seven years. Exactly! Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. To this point the Muslims have been walking away with victory after victory against the U.S. Constitution, and they always will until we cut to the chase and protect the First Amendment with an 11th I call the Winslow Amendment that permits Islam to be treated as an existential threat and singled out for control by Congress. Next to this, all other attempts to resist steady and bloody absorption by the Muslim World are futile. Read my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam and see how it will take a grim struggle, but the alternative is unimaginable horror.

    • That is a good idea Winslow. That way you can preserve the Constitutional order, by excepting Islam from it as a special case.

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  7. Any updates on the status of NER/Iconoclast’s future? Is there another site which Granny Weatherwax and Hugh Fitzgerald post their essays? Withdrawal symptoms setting in rapidly. Arghhhhh!

  8. DDOS = distributed denial of service attack. The “distributed” part means it doesn’t come from one source, which makes it harder to stop.

    A minor quibble, but a useful illustration. All of liberalism is a DDOS…

    I could say more, but we know it all. Diversity = pluralism = self-destruction. Third world nations are made, not born. Every group gets the government it deserves. Apathy and stupidity are the byproducts of the revolution of 1789.

    Instead, I think it’s time we rally those who still have functional brains and go do something fun…

  9. demand obama’s resignation NOW. The god hates islam. they kill their own. he will make sure they are miserable for the next thousand years. i am a plain warner. islam is an all male aggressive tribalist cultural cul de sac. dead and dying it scatters its useless seeds all over the world in an effusion of futility. Lies are built into their dialogue with non muslims intentionally. muslims live in a parallel reality that intends to destroy your world, your belief, your freedom. there are no moderate muslims, only stupid ones who do not know the implication of their own religion. all these things WILL come to pass. rant and rave and grind your teeth. you are kafir within the mosque bowing to the quibla of self . …suibne

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