Young Pakistanis Prefer Sharia

The following report from JewishNewsOne describes the latest polls from Pakistan, which show that young people would generally prefer to institute sharia and abandon democracy.

It’s not clear how keen these youngsters are to use their vote (once) to remove the façade of democratic process in Pakistan, and make their country more like, say, Iran. Still, it’s an interesting result, especially when you consider the “Islamic bomb” so cherished by Pakistan.

Remember: Pakistan is alleged to be our staunch “ally” in the War on Terror Struggle Against Violent Extremism Strategy for Coping With Man-Caused Disasters.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “Young Pakistanis Prefer Sharia

  1. I can only suppose that they asked a majority of males and very few females. Any female that willingly wants Shar’ia Law should be committed as insane.

  2. Doubtless the word will go out to the Pakistani diaspora; to Norway, to Britain, to America and elsewhere where they have settled to follow suit. We in Britain probably have the most to fear. I have reached the conclusion that the future lies with Russia and China, Russia and Eastern Europe will preserve the rump end of European Civilisation whilst it rapidly crumbles in Western and Northern Europe and in North America under the twin onslaughts of robbery by the bankers and the Marxist multicultural totalitarian state. Russia, free of the bankers of New York, is pressing ahead with plans to place a colony on the moon. Russia and China have thrown off the Marxism which is killing the West and Russia has re-christianised and China is christianising face. Both hate Islam with a vengeance.

    Both in Britain and in the US North Europeans are destined to be outbred by those from the Southern Hemisphere who do not possess either our iq levels or inventive capacity. At that point civilisation will collapse. We must rely on the two above countries who have insisted on retaining their homogeneity and not being bullied by the Marxists into the fatal multicultural trap of racial self-genocide to keep the world going. Europe which through white hegemony civilised and brought order to the world will soon be history, unless its citizens, with Russian help, finally shake themselves in these final hours and throw of the yoke of the demented Marxists. It is not only France that is being defrenchified and facing the end. Here in Britain we are as far if not further along the road towards complete colonisation by our former colonies.

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