Secrets and Lies… And Threats of Reprisals

A number of employees of the State Department and the CIA say that they have information about the true story behind the debacle in Benghazi last September 11, but the Obama administration is threatening them with reprisals if they give sworn testimony to Congress — and denying them access to legal counsel.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this report from Fox News:

8 thoughts on “Secrets and Lies… And Threats of Reprisals

  1. I have ZERO delusions regarding Barry and his gang of usurpers driving the last bastion of freedom in the world into submission and tyranny. The “Community Organizer” is a one-trick pony with a single strategy; that laid out for him by Bill “Bomber” Ayers, mirroring Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Lie, deny and cover up. This is a treasonous regime, the most dangerous America has ever had. They impeached “Slick Willy Clinton” for a little imbroglio with Monica in the White House; but what Barry is doing is lying to the people and covering it up. People died at his hands. This is treason.
    Barry is a Muslim currently masquerading as an apostate as a condition of his financial deal with the House of Saud. Bought and paid for long ago. Holder is to Barry as Kaltenbrunner was to Adolph. For every despicable Nazi enabler I see a comparable entity in Barry’s regime. In Hagel, I see Franz von Papen. In Brennan, I see Himmler. In Clinton, I see Alfred Rosenberg. In Kerry, I see Rudolph Hess. In Napolitano, I see Ernst Rohm (and not just the physical resemblance). I even see similarities between Vidkun Quisling and Grover Norstrom.
    The heat of prosecutional attention must be brought to this disgusting cadre of sycophants and useful idiots. Holder worries me nearly as much as Barry and only slightly more than Hillary “Dodging Bullets” Clinton. Barry is much more dangerous than Hitler because he is more intelligent than Adolph was. Hitler was nasty but he learned nasty along the way and was more of a token surrounded by a gaggle of very dangerous psychopaths. Barry was born nasty and usurped the presidency as a trained infiltrator and is a psychopath at the helm of a plethora of psychopaths. I pray it does not get to where we have a repeat of the Nuremberg trials but if it happens, there will be plenty from this crew in the defendant’s box. Max.

    • Buraq is the ‘Mule’ of Second Foundation infame. ( Issac Asimov: Foundation Trilogy — a major source for the Star Wars story arc — but not exclusive )

      If you trouble yourself to read it — it’s a page turner — you’ll be shocked as to how entirely on target Asimov’s ultimate antagonist is: the Mule IS Buraq.

      Asimov describes the Mule as a politician of whom everyone sees what they want to see — and that they project onto him virtues he does not possess.

      The Mule/Buraq in turn utterly manipulates all to his own design — which is ruinous to the betterment of all mankind.

      This particular work is among the most famous in science fiction.

      Yet modern commenters don’t bring the perfect match up….

      Most curious.

    • Max, I must take exception to this bit of misdirection that has been propagated by the left since Bill left his DNA on Monica’s dress. You say, They impeached “Slick Willy Clinton” for a little imbroglio with Monica in the White House but that is not the case and it has never been the case. It’s a matter of ‘repeat a lie loud enough and long enough and it becomes the orthodox version of reality. I won’t let that one stand at Gates.

      Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for lying under oath and all the spin doctors in the world can’t change that basic truth. All they can do, and have so very successfully done, is to change public perceptions of reality.

      Along party lines, the Senate refused to uphold the impeachment. However, once out of office, Clinton was disbarred and had to pay a $25,000.00 fine. Because of the left’s cordon sanitaire on this subject, it is difficult to ascertain if the disbarment was permanent in Arkansas (where he served as governor and from where he rose to national prominence) or if it applied to other places like D.C. I am fairly sure that*if* he did regain his law license he is still disbarred from arguing in the Supreme Court. But Billy shrugs his shoulders and says “so what. I ain’t planning on working for a living any time soon.”

      It’s fairly certain that the extent of his sexual predation (including episodes while at Oxford) will eventually be made public but to what end I don’t know – unless it would serve to keep his wife out of further government “service”. His victims are slowy dying of old age anyway.

      I wish you had divided up your ideas/opinions into paragraphs; they would be easier to discuss.

      BHO is a symptom of what’s wrong with us as a country. That such a man could have been RE-elected shows the extent of the fraud and corruption drowning us. His AG has made no secret of the fact that his mission is to make the black vote supreme and to the extent he can, disempower white voters at every level possible.

      One devoted and long-time Justice Department employee finally gave up and left in disgust because of the blatant racialist agenda being pushed by the President and his men:
      Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department

      That’s an important book and will become even more so down the line.

      Yes, Grover Norquist is a Quisling. Influential among the invertebrate Republicans w/ a Palestinian wife. He hides behind his ‘conservative’ tax agenda and the GOP insiders all must kiss his ring.

      As for the influence of the Sauds, omg. It is deeper and wider than we can imagine. Jimmah Carter is one of their psychophants, but so are many others, largely but not exclusively Dems. They have tunneled into the State Dept for generations and only now are they blatant about it. I know low level foreign service employees, retired, who made a bunch of money on active service. And you can be sure Kerry plans on having his own, then he won’t have to ask his wife to keep him in luxury. Much easier to ask the Sauds.

      I don’t think BHO is particularly intelligent; he’s just well-spoken (ask Joe Biden) and clean cut (ask Biden). For sure he’s indolent, which serves his handlers well. What continues to amaze me is how thoroughly every single bit of his past has been airbrushed. We know nothing about him. Zip. Nada. He’s even more than a Manchurian Candidate because he was/is a willing participant in the creation of whatever it is he is now.

      The rest of your parallels need to be fleshed out more, though. Or maybe I’m just not conversant enough re your examples. Nonetheless, get the Clinton criminality part right.

      • That little imbroglio thing bothered me too Dymphna, thanks for your response to it. Whatever has happened to the good old USA? Your saudi info was downright scarey. I do believe truth will out, it usually does, but when? In time to save us all? How has such evil been allowed to boil and bubble for so long? Perhaps because good people said nothing.

    • Always stress that Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism necessarily have similarities.

      Eight years ago I predicted that the USA would be Islamized sooner than Europe.

  2. Regarding the whistle-blowers, have they become so short-sighted and cowardly that they fear losing a mere promotion for exposing a scandal? According to the lawyer, her client is afraid of losing a promotion! That is a scandal in itself. I could understand the reticence if the consequence was possible loss of life or extended prison term. But loss of promotion?

    Moreover, the usurper Obama now believes he can get away with practically any illicit act. Illegally pursuing and obtaining the Presidency was an impudent gamble which has paid off quite well for him. Having gotten away with that, he has become emboldened and I hope reckless. He needs to be exposed and confronted during his foray and not left to history for judgement; for by then, all of us who are party to the deed will be dead.

    • The client angst is being misdescribed.

      The REAL worry is being socially outcast in a Democrat city.

      To become a political leper.

      You can bet your last dollar that such players to know the Benghazi story live and breathe DC politics. The State Department and CIA are absolute bastions of Democrat partisans. There’s no partisan neutrality there at all.

      The reason the Pentagon ALWAYS wants its own intelligence operatives is because the brass fully understands that the CIA is a wing of the Democrat Party — and always has been.

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