If There Were No Death Penalty For Apostasy, There Would Be No Islam

When you watch the clip below, bear in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, is now officially considered an ally of the United States of America. We gave F-16s to their government in Egypt, we have shoveled untold millions of dollars of aid into their coffers, and we are bankrolling the Syrian franchise of the Brotherhood (not to mention Syrian Al Qaeda) in its violent attempts to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi is an Egyptian-born fundamentalist cleric and a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Ikhwan was suppressed by the Egyptian establishment for decades, so Sheikh Qaradawi lived in exile in Qatar for almost fifty years, until February 2011, when the Arab Spring enabled him to return to Egypt in triumph.

In the interview below, Mr. al-Qaradawi not only acknowledges that Islam prescribes the death penalty for apostasy, but that if it weren’t for this little nicety of Islamic law, Islam could not have survived as an ideology. Unfortunately, since the interview was conducted in Arabic, you won’t be seeing this issue raised in the American MSM anytime soon.

Many thanks to Russkiy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   If they left apostasy (rida) alone, there wouldn’t have been any Islam.
00:05   Islam would have been finished right after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him),
00:10   therefore by confronting apostasy Islam was preserved.
00:15   The Quranic ayat in Sura Maeda, ‘The reward of those who make war against God and His Apostle,
00:20   and strive after violence on the earth, is only that they shall be slaughtered or crucified’ had been explained by Abu Qulaba and others
00:25   in that these ayats are about those who live Islam,
00:30   and there are not just one, two or three hadiths;
00:35   there are many hadiths from a number of companions.
00:40   I mean that an apostate is to be killed
00:45   Hadith from Ibn Abas: he who changes his religion — kill him,
00:50   Hadith from Ibn Masud: It is permissible to take the life of a Muslim
00:55   only in one of the three cases:
01:00   the married adulterer, a life for life,
01:05   and the deserter of his Din (Islam), abandoning the community. And there is a hadith of Abu Musa al Ash’ari
01:10   and Mu’Dh ibn Jabal and Abu Huraira
01:15   and number of the companions on the subject of …

8 thoughts on “If There Were No Death Penalty For Apostasy, There Would Be No Islam

  1. I really hope that millions of people all over the world look at this ideology from the perspective that it started out in much the same way that hundreds of harmful cults have started since time immemorial; through intimidation and the spread of fear. Which only goes to show how much they value human life.

  2. My first reaction to this was “Wow! What an indictment of Islam! I bet this would open a lot of eyes!”
    My second reaction was, “This kind of information has been out there on the Web for years. If they haven’t gotten it by now, then they probably will not or cannot ‘get it’.”
    About two weeks before the last election, I sent out 25 packets of information about Islam and the penetration of our government by the Muslim Brotherhood to family and to people I know. Most of the recipients haven’t replied, but one old friend I have known since 1966, a good Christian, thanked me for the information I had sent him about “Islamophobia”.
    I’m getting ready to send him a clarification, because I’m done with keeping my mouth shut. But I have to wonder how many Americans are out there who COULD get it, but just don’t have the information they need. Or how many are still so absorbed with their own daily struggles that they haven’t yet grasped that we are in a war for our own survival. The election was a killer. It probably means we’re in for at least another four years of avoiding the truth. How many Americans are still asleep, and how many of them will not wake up because they REFUSE to wake up?
    Any opinions?

    • 99% won’t ”get it”, if the US is anything like the UK where the populace just keep on munching the grass.

  3. This monster, like all the other monsters of Islam, beginning with Muhamadan, don’t care. They believe we Kafirs are too stupid to understand. I remember a quote (not exact) from one of the “William” books (Richmal Crompton) I read as a child. “William told so many lies that he grew to live those lies. William’s life became a great lie.” The more they imbue themselves in this delusion the more removed they become from reality. Following are a few quotes from the “esteemed” Ayatollah Khomeini Book of Etiquette. Khomeini butchered thousands of Iranian dissidents following his accession to Islamic supremacy beginning in 1979. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/1340433/posts. These madmen are so insane they believe they epitomize reality. Max.

  4. Denne artikel et yderligere godt eksempel på hvor syg religionen Islam er.
    Denne syge religion har på grund af uvidenhed fra politisk side her i Danmark, fået lov til at udvikle sig ekstremt.
    Det må stoppes nu, hvis det ikke allerede er for sent??

    [This is an English-language blog. Please post comments in English.

    Machine translation:

    This article is a further example of how sick the religion of Islam.
    This sick religion of ignorance from politicians here in Denmark, been allowed to develop in the extreme.
    It must be stopped now, if it is not already too late ??]

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