The Mosquebuster Comes to Ottawa

Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation appeared as scheduled at a public library in Ottawa tonight.

CAIR-CAN raised a big stink about the event and tried to mau-mau the library into canceling it. To no avail; all they did was to raise Gavin’s media profile. A large crowd was in attendance, and both the CBC (Canadian state television) and SUN TV were present for the occasion.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip from CBC News:

Gavin also appeared on Brian Lilley’s program on SUN TV. Below is the YouTube footage of that interview:

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8 thoughts on “The Mosquebuster Comes to Ottawa

  1. The Hate Crimes Unit is monitoring Gavin Boby, wonderful.

    Now let’s have them monitor all the mosques, with translations of what they say in Arabic and Urdu.

    But I was truly glad to hear that library lady defending western free speech. That’s a breath of fresh air.

    • One reason I loathe bureaucracy is that wherever it forms, it eventually exudes mutant entities like “Hate Crimes Units” . If there was ever a pretend job, that is surely one. Imagine all those years of ‘education’ (by bureaucrats) so that one can spend a life time monitoring the behaviors of others.

      It reminds me of elementary school where children were divided into two groups: the hall monitors and the rest. Did you ever notice the ones who eagerly volunteered for those monitor jobs? They’re now ‘working’ in some form of Hate Crimes Unit.

      • ‘Hate crime’ is a dangerous idea, of course, regarding democracy. A crime is something done; just because a motive may be a mitigatory factor, that does not mean that any motive should also be an aggravatory one. If the crime attracts the death penalty in the absence of any mitigating factor, no modern jurisdiction would add prior torture on account of a hate motive. The longer ‘hate crime’ is allowed to to persist as a valid notion, the more the ‘hate’ aspect may tend to acquire a legal existence in its own right, in which case law enforcement begins to merge with pro-active psychiatry. ‘Thought-policery’ comes to mind, and at a lower though implicit level it already exists, of course, in the remit of personnel (now so often known as ‘Human Resources’) departments.
        I used to work in the British NHS. Under a previous Labour government, a new pay-grade system was introduced, attached to which was something known as the ‘Knowledge and Skills Framework’, the ‘Knowledge’ part of which is to do with enforcing ‘political correctness’, with disciplinary sanctions. (I have used the last set of quotation marks here not because I am quoting but because the expression should always be used in quotation marks, since not doing so tends to imply cultural-Marxist validity.)
        If I hate someone or something, it is a matter for me; if I hurt someone on account of it (including demonstrably effective incitement), the action, not the hatred, of course becomes a matter for the police. I have a tendency to hate Richard Dawkins, for instance, but I have learnt to pity him.

        • Interestingly, and maybe surprisingly, Dawkins offended the Muslim community recently by referring to their vandalism in Mali/Timbuktu as the work of Islamic barbarians. Unrepentant he was, too!

          • “Professor Richard Dawkins causes Twitter row with Islamic barbarian jibe” Telegraph on line 30th Jan 2013:

            Muslims get upset really easily. The problem is that the word “barbarian” literally means “bearded man” from the Latin beard = barba.

            Bearing in mind that Mohammed is supposed to have told his followers to wear their beards uncut and that any pious Muslim will, therefore wear a beard, I wonder where in history the word “barbarian” gained its unpleasant connotation? The answer, with Islam’s history of conquest, pillage, subjugation and enslavement is pretty obvious and it really hasn’t changed much (at all).

            … wherever you look in the world, over 90% of the time where you find civil strife, you will find Islam behind it.

            Also see: http:/

    • “The Hate Crimes Unit is monitoring Gavin Boby”

      Given he’s a lawyer who does nothing more than advise people on how to present a case before a council, on what grounds…?

      I’m not aware that he’s committing any “crime”, let alone “hate”. In the vast majority of cases, the council committee has come to the conclusion that they agree with his argument… should they not then be the ones investigated by the “hate crimes unit”?

  2. Gavin Boby operates on a shoestring budget – often his own money. His work needs infusions of cash to carry forward. Please go to his site and contribute to his vital work:

    He is a personal inspiration for me, a man who is standing up at great cost to his safety and well-being in order to push back against a clear and present danger to his country.

    In the past I’ve seen complaints that everyone talks and no one DOES anything. Well, Gavin literally puts his money where his mouth is and he works long hours in the planning and execution of his effective push-back. He is not a foundation putting out white papers or sponsoring demonstrations. He is a one-man, one-mosque-at-a-time impediment to the Ummah.

    England will survive because of people like Gavin Boby. He deserves every penny you can spare. Why not give up lattes for a week and send the money to Gavin’s work instead? Starbucks will manage without you for a week and besides, think how good that first latte will taste after your fast!

    [Lattes used to be my personal sacrifice of choice; yours might be corned beef on rye or shopping for shoes. Whatever it is, sacrifice for a greater cause makes for character-building. Try it and see…]


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