Pickpockettes on the Paris Metro

The following video shows some VERY young female pickpockets at the Châtelet station of the Paris Metro being called out by the man who recorded the clip.

I don’t know enough French cultural context to identify the ethnicity of these charming young ladies. They don’t look like typical culture-enrichers to me. Are they perhaps gypsies? Or maybe native French gamines gone wild? Readers who are familiar with the Parisian scene are invited to leave suggestions in the comments.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   He is a s***ty Frenchman! What are you doing with that? Is it to hide?
00:04   Yes, it’s to hide my arm!
00:15   Beware of the pickpockets!
00:18   What? —Pickpockets!
00:21   Beware of the pickpockets!
00:31   Yes, miss! Here are the pickpockets!
00:36   Beware of the pickpockets! Pickpockets!
00:42   Beware of the pickpockets!
00:52   Beware of the pickpockets!
00:56   Don’t film us!
01:03   Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead! Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead!
01:07   Go ahead, go ahead! —Be careful, miss!
01:22   Beware of the pickpockets! —Yes, pay attention to the chicken!
01:26   We have a chicken with us!
01:29   Stop coming here! —Why?
01:32   We’ve told you several times! Go away!
01:36   Stay there, I beg you! Go away!
01:50   Where are the others? OK!
01:56   Not on the train!
02:02   Good day! —Oh, there’s a sign!
02:06   One minute, you can go there to take the bus!
02:10   Why is he filming? —Why not?
02:14   He doesn’t have the right to do it!
02:20   We didn’t rob him! He’s a s***ty Frenchman!
02:24   And what are you doing with that? Is it to hide? Is it to hide when you rob people?
02:28   And you’re happy? —Yes, we are happy!
02:32   We are always happy to steal! —Thank you for your confession! —Yes!
02:38   But be careful there! You lost your phone several times!
02:42   There are people who make a confession! Hey, hey, hey!
02:46   I didn’t see anything! He’s not happy!
02:50   Be careful, ladies and gentlemen! There is a group of pickpockets on this train!
02:54   These girls are pickpockets! Be careful with your bags!
02:58   Here, look at them!
03:04   You see, they have bags they use to hide whenever they rob! Yes, yes, yes, madam!
03:08   Look, they have bags there! It’s used to hide when they rob people.
03:12   Why don’t you admit that, miss? Come on, move over!
03:16   What move over? I’m not moving at all!
03:22   So when you look for your phones, your wallets, it was these little girls.
03:27   No, we don’t steal phones! —What do you steal then?
03:30   Do you want me to steal your wallet? —Go ahead! —No, that’s cheating.
03:34   We don’t want it like that! You are filming us.
03:38   Why are you ashamed? —We are not stars to film!
03:46   Well, yes, you are stars! —But we are not stars!
03:52   But stop filming! But I do whatever I want!
03:56   What are you going to do? —We’re going to give you a piece of my mouth!
04:00   You get off here, you see, you stay in my place!
04:04   Yes, I see! I’m going to follow you a little, I’m going to ruin your day!
04:08   What? —I’m going to give you a piece of my mouth!
04:30   Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Pickpockets!

6 thoughts on “Pickpockettes on the Paris Metro

  1. This generation is totally [carnal knowledged] up !! I mean totally, how old this little brads are ??!!, 13-14 ? Already stealing, this world it’s going down to the toilet in speedy way ..

  2. The guy who called them out is a hero. It is armies of people like this who are our only hope if we are to save ourselves. Sadly, in the UK he would probably be in trouble with the law for doing it.

  3. Roma been doing this in France forever ,my sister back in 1982 they try to distract her with a cheaply printed copy of a famous painting(that they said where selling?)while the other girl open my sister,s purse. My brother though my sister went crazy when she started to strangle the girl who open her purse until they found out what was going on. The two girls took off fast into the crowded main street my siblings did not report it because what was the point both girls look to be under the age of 14. Nothing was taken ,but I am sure the same game is going on 40 years later in France and many other places in western Europe. It must be interesting to see how the Moslems get along with the so called Christian Roma . The Roma are famous for doing auto insurance fake accidents scams, counterfeit goods selling, ID thief ,many other thieving scams that always involve many members of the family or clan working together .I think they where kicked out of alot of Eastern Europeans countries centuries back and moved to where the “pickings” are better.

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