As If They Had Nothing Better to Do

Culture-enrichers can rape and rob with near-impunity in Germany, but street buskers better not play too long, or the police will hit them with a stiff fine.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Authoritarian nonsense in Rostock

€85 fine for playing the organ for five minutes too long

Rostock (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) “They treated me like a hardened criminal. I won’t put up with that and have already lodged an objection against the fine twice,” says the organ grinder Zoltan Schwarz (69) to Bild. “As if they had nothing better to do.”

A very special case of authoritarian nonsense is now causing a stir in Rostock: The street musician Zoltan Schwarz received a fine of €85 — because he had played his organ for five minutes too long.

The reason: A general decree from the Hanseatic city stipulates that artists are only allowed to play in certain places, such as the waterfront promenade, for half an hour — after which they have to move on. No ifs and buts.

And exactly on Rostock’s waterfront promenade in June of this year, the street musician played the organ for five minutes too long, was caught by over-correct law enforcement officers and has been arguing with the city over €85 ever since!

If necessary, the street musician will go to prison

“The fine notice says that I played for five minutes too long,” says Schwarz. “But when I play music, I don’t look at the clock every few moments to see if the time is up.”

He also sees himself at a disadvantage because the police sometimes turn a blind eye to other artists.

Afterword from the translator:

“No stepping on the lawn” Germany is the country where law and order reigns, but only when it comes to petty bylaw enforcement, and only against native Germans. When it comes to real crimes, Muslim and African drug-dealers can operate open and unmolested by the police, but be five minutes over your time-slot as a street musician, now that will bring the law down on you like a ton of bricks, complete with the load of an old outhouse.

These super-correct guys and gals from the public order office must have been standing there with the stopwatch the moment he started playing his instrument, otherwise how would anyone have known? What idiots. Don’t they have anything real to do, like preventing violent crime? I guess not, protecting women from rapists is a no-no, the tax-paying public from Muslims that go on a cultural enriching spree with knives is also a no-no, and all because stopping them could be construed as racism, and we can’t have that, now, can we? That’s so typically of this special breed of Germans, Brits, French, Dutch and all the rest of Western European petty thugs in uniform. Petty minds equals petty power trips for people whose profession is oppression.

4 thoughts on “As If They Had Nothing Better to Do

  1. To be honest, this is quite typical behaviour of the Stadpolizei “officers” – not the “real police” like on the accompanying picture.

    I don’t know how it goes in Rostock but judging by other cities, these guys are hired not to fight crime, but to generate extra revenue for the city councils through imposing stupid fines for stupid offenses, like bad parking, riding a bicycle through a “walk only” areas, dog’s excrementing on the sidewalks, or – playing music 5 minutes too long.

    It is not really a crime fighting scheme – it is a revenue generating scheme, and the officers hired for this job are never the sharpest tools from the drawer. On the contrary – they are usually some of the stupidest idiots you can encounter.

    Stupid job needs some real stupid people to be done, and here they performed 100% their duty: to generate some money for the city council.

  2. Yes, the Ordnungsamt are like the traffic “Brownies” in NYC. You won’t see them policing real crimes, just crimes against humanity like busking. But get into a dispute with your neighbour about placement of your garbage bins, and they won’t intervene in anything as risky as that, much less serious crimes.

  3. If they aren’t the “real” police, then why does the idiot (Polizei BE 12330)have a gun on his hip? Time for Western Europeans-the ones with any balls left-to arm up. Communists, dictators, and feral humans will run rough shod over anything they can bully until met with equal force of NO! Europeans need to clean house from the Nordic seas to the tip of Africa.

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