The Brutal Death of Luise

Freudenberg is a small town in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Last Saturday a 12-year-old girl named Luise was brutally stabbed to death in Freudenberg by two other little girls (aged 12 and 13), who have confessed to the crime. The two perpetrators are said to be from Luise’s circle of acquaintances. Due to the tender age of both the victim and her killers, virtually no meaningful information about the crime is permitted to be released. Cultural enrichment may or may not be a factor in the murder; one can only speculate.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Murdered Luise press conference pure farce

Today, Tuesday, a press conference on the violent death of Luise (12) from Freudenberg took place (PI-News reported). One can call this event a pure farce with good reason.

The only new and confirmed report was that the victim was stabbed several times with a knife by two girls (ages 12 and 13) and died from massive loss of blood.

Lead state prosecutor Mannweiler emphatically stated that only a few details of the incident could be revealed. The right of information takes a back seat to personal privacy rights and laws for the protection of children. In addition, there are no criminal penalties for the perpetrators, since neither is of legal prosecution age and thus not capable of criminal guilt.

Responding to questions from journalists who were present, Mannweiler continued to state only that he could provide no information as to this or that. He gave no answer on the number of stab wounds, which probably has nothing to do with the protection of youths as to the perpetrators, unless the manner of carrying out the crime might lead to undesired conclusions. Also the question concerning the behavior of the girls before or after the crime, or whether emotions could be recognized, met with no answer. The two accused admitted to the crime, but the weapon has not yet been found, it was stated. No answer to the question of whether the perpetrators were from the same place or attended the same school as Luise. There was also no statement as to how or why Luise was off her normal way home or what the trigger for this brutal crime was.

The perpetrators remain unpunished, and the public will probably only learn more if someone from Luise’s circle is of the opinion that the 12-year-old’s agonizing death should not be swept under the carpet and forgotten in a few days.

5 thoughts on “The Brutal Death of Luise

  1. In the gipsy circles, the usual procedure is that all the blame for crime is taken by the 10-15 year olds who confess to everything, but cannot be prosecuted for their young age, and the 20-30 year old perpetrators go free… Maybe could be one of these tactics, but I’m just theorizing based on the information that the young girls confessed to everything.

    • You are right, they laying about everything!!, you can’t trust this police , left communist government, Parents have to take this in the own hands..

  2. Crikey they are only interested in the rights of the stabbers !!! What about the rights of the dead girl ? The is communist/ left wing madness gone insane !!! What about the ethnicity of the stabbers and the dead girl ? Are they more interested in covering this up !?

  3. Do the parents get to know who murdered their child? If they do, do they get a gag order? There is a limit to what I am saying but generally I have never believed children should not be held responsible for murder. I generally don’t believe “accidental” shootings are accidental. They may not fully understand their actions but I presume a malevolence is present that they may want to deny to themselves once they have taken a life. In the Slender Man stabbing, the 12 year old girls were capable of luring their friend into the woods with the intention of killing her for Slender Man and stabbed her 19 times.

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