Alberta First

Danielle Smith is the Premier of Alberta and the leader of the United Conservative Party. In the following video Ms. Smith discusses the sovereign rights of Alberta in its relationship with the federal government in Ottawa.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

These remarks by Danielle Smith were made last week. As she promised, yesterday her government introduced a sovereignty bill to clarify the constitutional relationship between the provincial government in Edmonton and the central government in Ottawa (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

‘Ottawa is not our ruler’: Alberta government introduces sovereignty bill

EDMONTON — The Alberta government has introduced a bill that would grant Premier Danielle Smith and her cabinet broad powers to rewrite provincial laws behind closed doors in an effort to push back against Ottawa.

The proposed legislation would also allow cabinet to direct “provincial entities” — Crown-controlled organizations, municipalities, school boards, post-secondary schools, municipal police forces, regional health authorities and any social agency receiving provincial money — to not use provincial resources to enforce federal rules deemed harmful to Alberta’s interests.

10 thoughts on “Alberta First

    • Hahaha, yeah. I hope she doesn’t have an accident. My gawd, she must have made little-boy Castro, I mean Turd-eau vewy vewy upset! He prolly cried to his nana for 30 minutes after hearing that speech.
      Lord knows, we all should know, she’s a dead woman walking. Its sad, but true, you all know it. And until we are willing to operate at their level, thats the way it will be. “When someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back!”

    • Yes, Mr. Hawkins, there is hope. However, when Castro’s Bastard sends in his Orcs and Orcettes with badges and guns to subdue these patriots; it will be time for Premier Smith and her fellow Albertans to fish or cut bait. Look at Venezuela and China. Those who sell out and jail and kill their fellow citizens for their thirty pieces of silver are legion. I see them every day here in Winterfell (North ID). And their clueless cheerleaders with their “Back the Blue” decals and “Kiss-My-[Fundament]-I’m-A-Veteran ball caps are also a huge percentage of the population. Hope is not a tactic. Prepping and planning are. Bleib ubrig.

  1. Premier Danielle Smith has more stones than any governor of any US state, and arguably more than any 100 of our august senators and/or CONgresscritters.

    Carry on!

    • I think Florida governor DeSantis is very good and US Senator Rand Paul is very good.

      • That’s right. She’s in the same style.

        Hopefully she manages to hang on. The leftists have weird ways of clinging on to power in Canada. If there’s any hope, generally, it’s Alberta and Saskatchewan.

      • With respect: the two mentioned are merely more controlled opposition. Did you miss the kippas on those dude’s heads?

  2. I met her in Calgary about 10 years and told he she can be my president in the US any day.

  3. I live in Alberta. I will not hold my breath. Danielle was the leader of the Wild Rose party, years ago, and was on the road to win a provincial election. She then crossed the floor to join the Conservative party and we ended up with years of bumbling NDP (socialist) government. I am hopeful but have a wait and see attitude. The only hope for western Canada is to separate from the madness of the Ottawa/Toronto/Montreal triangle of evil.

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