An Identity Crisis

Boy, I just can’t wait for the advent of a full digital identification system — chip implants, biometrics, CBDC, the works — which will make it so much easier and more convenient to forge identity documents.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Wochenblick:

Between WEF control and ID theft

Digital driving license is not forgery-proof

For the globalists, it is the next big step on the way to becoming a transparent citizen: the “digital driver’s license” should be the starting point for merging all ID cards and, in the final phase, for all administrative procedures. But a plan is only as good as the person who executes it — for example, due to security gaps in the implementation.

Blatant security flaws

While Austria is still working on its “ID Austria”, its German neighbors are already one step further; the “Verimi ID-Wallet” can already display the digital ID cards. But the whole thing has an additional catch: Because the “Foto Ident” system was not sufficiently secure. Photograph the front and back of the ID card and upload a photo.

This is checked by an artificial intelligence — without human intervention. Because counterfeits are easily produced, the IT expert Martin Tschirsich pointed out the blatant security gap on Twitter. After some trial and error, according to Tschirsich, he was “the proud owner of several digital driving licenses and Swiss citizenship.”

[Twitter link]

Choice between plague and cholera

While WEF & Co. are already dreaming of being able to monitor and control us via a single app, reality suffers from the basics. For the end consumer, however, both are a terrible idea: In one case, there is a risk of complete control by the elites; in the other case the danger that someone else could “only” walk around with their own identity…

Afterword from the translator:

In South Africa, when they introduced the Digital ID and Driver’s Licence, the people with the know-how defrauded thousands in a myriad of ways within the blink of an eye. People suddenly found out that they’d been married, bought furniture and appliances on credit or even borrowed money from banks. Not that something like this didn’t happen before, but now they didn’t have to go through a corrupt Home Affairs official first.

Just imagine what the Ukrainians and Romanians will be able to do with that in Europe.

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    Many thanks to Hellequin GB
    for translating this article from
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    • You mean Annalena Baerbock didn’t fellate a cacophony of roosters to get to where she is? Obviously she doesn’t have the charisma or intelligence for the position, and the looks are debatable.

      I think the roosters got the worst of the bargain.

    • I think those fools forget that the man who owns nothing has nothing to lose.

      I highly doubt that Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Larry (Rat) Fink and countless other elite filth will have the opportunity to die peacefully in their beds. And I will most certainly give a toast to everyone who sends these evil parasites to their meeting with Beelzebub.

  3. Just imagine someone would steal the identity of Klaus Schwab /Yuval Noah Harari / Trudeau and do something stupid.

    Just sayin…

    • Stupid as in fornicating with underage girls on a pedophile’s private island?

      I think reality already has won in the stupid category vs anything some Somali or Roma could possibly do with a forged ID of one of those clowns.

    • Why would anyone go to that trouble when Schwab, Harari & Trudy do and say stupid things daily on their own recognizance, and how would you know the difference.

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