Some Like It Hot

Local authorities in Germany are looking ahead to next winter, when an acute shortage of natural gas is expected, as well as possible electricity blackouts. Emergency plans are being formulated to use public facilities to house citizens in distress, where they can get warm and have access to hot meals. (It’s not yet clear whether some of those meals will include farmed Canadian crickets.)

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the regional broadcaster Südwestrundfunk:

Gas crisis: Heating halls for emergencies in the district of Ludwigsburg

If the gas crisis worsens, the district of Ludwigsburg wants to keep heating halls ready. Up to 5,000 people should be able to warm up in fire brigade and sports halls.

The gas crisis is getting worse and worse. This also increases concerns held by many that there might not be enough gas for everyone in the cold season.

Is the gas crisis worsening? Heat halls should help

The district of Ludwigsburg is therefore preparing for a possible imminent disaster situation. In fire departments, but also in sports or community halls, so-called warming halls are to be built.

“As a rule, we plan for things that hopefully won’t happen. I would prefer to have these plans in the drawer and not have to get them out.”

— Andy Dorroch, district fire chief in the district of Ludwigsburg

Heating halls for a small part of the population

In disaster planning, one speaks of up to five percent of the population who cannot take care of themselves, explains district fire chief Andy Dorroch. In the district of Ludwigsburg, the heating halls should offer space for 5,000 people in an emergency. That corresponds to about one percent of the population in the district, Dorroch continues.

Heated rooms with places to sleep and warm drinks

Camp beds, sleeping bags and hygiene items are already available in camps. However, this is independent of the gas shortage, as Dorroch explains, these things could also be used in the event of a widespread power failure.

Despite the accessories that are already available, the planning for the heating halls is still in full swing. Among other things, together with the cities and municipalities, it is checked which halls could be used. “Everything has to be prepared in such a way that it can then be quickly equipped with loungers and seats. Tea, coffee and hot dishes are also provided.”

But Andy Dorroch also sees the population as responsible. Gas must be saved and one has to see for oneself how one could supply oneself for a few days.

“Some citizens believe they live in a fully comprehensive society and the state takes care of everything. I want to take that hope away from everyone. Everyone also has personal responsibility.”

— Andy Dorroch, district fire chief in the district of Ludwigsburg

Afterword from the translator:

I’m sorry, but WHO first caused the gas shortage that the citizens then have to suffer from? Who is THE one or the other citizen who thinks they live in a fully comprehensive society?

You won’t own anything anymore… Schwab’s dream come true, COLLECTIVE HOUSES! Nothing else is being ICE-COLD tested here; the Great Reset is being implemented faster than originally planned! Habeck is thus Sycophant of the Month, because he is dirty enough to meet the requirement of lacking REAL empathy.

“One or the other citizen believes that he lives in a fully comprehensive society and the state takes care of everything. I want to take that hope away from everyone. Everyone also has their own responsibility.”

Those who believe that everything is for free are the newcomers, and not-so-new ones who have already been living for decades on the “jizyah tax”! The NATIVE Germans have earned their prosperity, which the government is deliberately running into the ground. The cynicism and impertinence this Andy Dorroch takes on is absolutely and utterly disgusting. The main thing is that the trough is full of taxpayers’ money, so that puppeticians and those who have recently arrived can dig in. It’s a mess, and every one of them thinks they’re entitled to it. They take it from the people to finance their feudal lifestyle without shame. When will the people stand up and fight for their own, or are they content to be slaves who can be worked to death?

Do not bow to tyrants, because everyone who lives on his knees dies in a welter of regrets.

18 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

  1. The Schwab-SPECTRE is making living conditions impossible in hopes that the people rise up to get stomped down by all the governments that they own?
    The dictatorship of the apparatchiks is an abomination as only the dull and hopeless cannot see that it is humanity versus the globalists.

  2. How this naive Germans don’t see what’s coming!!!??, wonderful government, This global rats will be very proud of this country..

  3. It is about keeping people on the edge, in constant uncertainty, in order to offer them some totalitarian “solutions”. In this regard, the Energy Power Grab is the same as the Corona Power Grab.

    What these globalist criminals must make sure though, is to directly target only so many social groups at a time. Because if they overplay their hands and the whole society gets hit too hard, the backlash could become too chaotic and too big to control. They know it and they want gradual and controlled destruction.

    But once they inadvertently awaken Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, anything will become possible — and not only for them… Because She will unleash the Quadrillion Butterflies of Chaos Theory that will give us opportunities to fight back for our freedom.

  4. Why is there not ONE German politician who will state the obvious: “We need to withdraw all sanctions and return to our previous policies with Russia; and open NS 2? Just one!

  5. This is so ridiculous, and hypocritical. The Germans used to import nuclear-generated electricity from France (like us in the UK), and recent posts here say they still do from Czechia, yet they won’t reactivate their own plants.

    The plants are not the problem; it’s their safe management, and NOT building them in geologically unstable areas, eg Japan (Fukushima) the American west coast, or the Middle East (sorry, Israel).

    • The Germans have nuke plants and coal/gas plants that the owners will turn on at some point despite the politics of it all. Funny that no one has mentioned it yet.

      • Here’s a fascinating talk by an American environmentalist, no less, who makes a convincing case that wind and solar power are an environmental disaster, for several reasons; also that the necessary backup (because they don’t work for much of the time) has to be from coal or gas as they can be turned on and off when needed.

        Nuclear plants apparently can’t, but he believes they should be our principal permanent power source. It’s about seventeen minutes long, but worth a look:

        • It is amusing to note that some of these environaxi’s get it, the problem is, the vast majority don’t. The German nuke plants haven’t been shut down, they just hit the off button, all that needs to be done is hit the on button, the nuke plants are not defueling the plants of their fuel rods to shutter the plants, they are upgrading them as we speak.

  6. Is this a psy-op? I am sorry but when I saw the term “Heating Hall” my first thought was someone is going to start burning buildings to stay warm. I swear I don’t recall ever being programmed except by cartoons.

    • Dont give them any ideas.

      On the other hand: Killing, ah sorry, reducing the population by 99,5% requires the willingness to do anything.
      Even if it is a small number. In the end small numbers turn into big numbers. And how the great goal is reached – nobody will talk about it in a few years.

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