Ukraine: The Pfizer and Moderna Open-Air Testing Laboratory

The following article contains a lot of Russian material which may or may not be fully factual. Readers are advised to activate their inner skeptic when reading this essay.

That said, much of what the article talks about has already been published, at least partially, by non-Russian sources. And the United States government, in the person of Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, acknowledged the existence of US-sponsored “biological research” facilities in Ukraine. She did not use the more loaded term “bioweapons laboratories”, but attempting to parse the difference would require casuistry. Given the nature of the pathogens that were mentioned as objects of “research”, biological weapons must have been at least part of the mix.

We may learn more about all this if the Russians ever hold their promised public hearings on the topic, and also if those alleged NATO military officers are eventually rousted out of their tunnels under the Azovstal plant in Mariupol and taken into Russian custody.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Anti-Spiegel. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Test area for Pfizer & Co.

New documents released on US bioweapons program in Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released new documents about the US bioweapons program in Ukraine, in which Pfizer and Moderna were also involved.

Let me remind you that the Russian statements about the US bioweapons program are not Russian propaganda, but that I and my informant, with whom I did research for the book Inside Corona, already have much of the information now published by Russia, known from publicly-available sources. However, the Pentagon recently took most of it offline to cover their tracks, as I have pointed out here.

The publications of the Russian Ministry of Defense did not surprise me, because, firstly, there had already been publications by investigative journalists, and secondly, after researching Inside Corona, of which I was already aware, because in Ukraine, for example, the same Peter Daszak researched coronaviruses from bats, who also researched them in Wuhan, China.

None of this is bad Russian propaganda; you can find that out on the website of his NGO EcoHealth Alliance, details to be found here.

The chronology of Russian publications

At the beginning of March, the Russian Ministry of Defense published documents proving that Ukraine rushed to destroy dangerous pathogens after the start of the Russian military operation. In the West, meanwhile, it was denied that these pathogens even existed in Ukraine. Also in early March, the Russian Ministry of Defense published details about the pathogens that were being researched, and also announced which American organizations were researching them.

What was still “Russian propaganda” at the beginning of March was confirmed under oath by US Deputy Secretary of State Nuland a few days later at a hearing in the US Congress, but the Western Media did not consider this newsworthy. The Western media also did not find the fact that meanwhile the WHO called on Kiev just a few days later, mid-March 2022, to destroy “highly dangerous pathogens” that Kiev allegedly did not have, according to the Western media and politicians, to be interesting enough to report on it. That’s why hardly anyone in the West knows about it, while Russian media have reported on it in detail.

At the end of March, the Russian Ministry of Defense published further details and documents on the US biological weapons program in Ukraine, which revealed, among other things, that a New York company called Rosemont Seneca was involved in the financing.

Regular readers of Anti-Spiegel are familiar with the company because it played an important role in Ukraine in a different context. Incidentally, the company belongs to Hunter Biden, the son of the US President.

As was made public shortly thereafter, the US specialists in Ukraine also carried out tests on humans. Further details were published in mid-April; since then there has been no news on the subject.

The latest release

On May 11, the Russian Defense Ministry published further details in a press release. I have translated the Russian statement, taking the links from the original publication.

Start of translation:

The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to study materials on the conduct of military-biological programs of the United States and its NATO allies on the territory of Ukraine.

We have already mentioned Robert Pope, the director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program and the initiator of the idea of the Central Depot for Highly Dangerous Microorganisms in Kyiv.

In his April 10, 2022 statement, Pope said that “…there is no reason to suggest that research into the development of biological weapons is taking place in Ukraine…” He had previously claimed that “…the Americans did not find biological weapons when they started to cooperate with Ukraine and they still haven’t found any. Also, Ukraine does not have the infrastructure to develop and manufacture biological weapons…”

I would like to remind you that the term “biological weapons” includes biological formulations containing pathogenic microorganisms and toxins, as well as the means of administration and use of these substances.

While the Ukrainian healthcare system focuses on socially significant diseases such as HIV, poliomyelitis, measles and hepatitis, US customers are interested in a completely different nomenclature: cholera, tularemia, plague and hantaviruses.

During the military operation on the territory of Ukraine, facts about work on the mentioned pathogens, which are potential agents for biological weapons, were revealed. At the same time, it was noted that Ukraine asked the manufacturing company if they could equip the Bayraktar drones with aerosol equipment.

In addition, on March 9, three UAVs equipped with 30-liter canisters and formula-spraying equipment were spotted by Russian reconnaissance units in the Kherson region. At the end of April, 10 more were found near Kakhovka.

All this information puts the statements of the American experts into question.

We have already submitted a scheme for American coordination of biological laboratories and research institutes in Ukraine. Preliminary analysis suggests that Ukraine is essentially a proving ground for the development of biological weapons components and testing of new drug samples.

The Russian Ministry of Defense was able to clarify the scheme in question.

It should be noted that the leaders of the Democratic Party are the ideologues of US military-biological activities in Ukraine.

Thus, the legal framework for funding military biomedical research directly from the federal budget was created by the US executive branch. NGOs controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Bidens mutual funds, have raised the funds with government guarantees.

Large pharmaceutical companies are involved, including Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and the US military-affiliated company Gilead. US experts are working to test new drugs, bypassing international safety standards. In this way, Western companies significantly reduce the cost of research programs and gain a significant competitive advantage.

The involvement of the controlled NGOs and biotechnology organizations and the increase in their revenues allows the leaders of the Democratic Party to generate additional campaign funds and to obfuscate their distribution.

In addition to US pharmaceutical companies and Pentagon contractors, Ukrainian state agencies are also involved in the military bioweapons activities, whose main tasks are to cover up illegal activities, conduct field tests and clinical studies, and provide the necessary biomaterials.

For example, by using a testing site practically outside of international control and by using high-tech facilities of multinational companies, the US Department of Defense realizes its research potential not only in the field of biological weapons, but also in generating information on antimicrobial resistance and on the presence of antibodies against certain diseases in the population of certain regions.

It must be noted that not only the US, but also a number of its NATO allies are conducting their military-biological projects in Ukraine.

In 2013, the German government decided to set up a national biosecurity program independent of Washington. Twelve countries, including Ukraine, are involved in the program. (Russian translator’s note: Other countries include Georgia and Kazakhstan.)

On the German side, the Bundeswehr Institute for Microbiology in Munich, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, the Loeffler Institute in Greifswald and the Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg are involved in the program. (Russian translator’s note: It was also the Bundeswehr laboratory in Munich that confirmed the alleged poisoning of Navalny.) The new documents show that between 2016 and 2019 alone, three and a half thousand serum samples from citizens of 25 regions of Ukraine were taken by military epidemiologists to the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology.

The involvement of Bundeswehr-controlled institutions confirms the military nature of biological research conducted in Ukrainian laboratories, and raises questions about the goals German armed forces are pursuing in collecting biomaterials from Ukrainian citizens. [The French investigative journalist Freddy Ponton said as much in Friday’s Corona Investigative Committee about German military involvement, and remember that article from last September about the German armed forces looking for specialized maps of Russia?]

The documents obtained also prove Poland’s participation in the activities of Ukrainian biolaboratories. It was confirmed that the Polish Institute of Veterinary Medicine was involved in research work on the assessment of the epidemiological threat and the spread of the rabies virus in Ukraine. Significantly, these studies were conducted in conjunction with the US Battelle Institute, one of the Pentagon’s key contractors.

In addition, the documents prove that Poland funded the Lviv Medical University, which includes the Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene, which is involved in US military biological projects. Since 2002, this organization has been running a program to retrain professionals experienced in working with dual-use materials and technologies.

In the course of the military operation, Russian troops managed to obtain additional information about bio-incidents in Ukraine. For example, material was examined that suggests that in 2020 a multidrug-resistant tuberculosis pathogen was deliberately used to infect the population of the Slavyanoserbsky district in the territory of the LNR.

Counterfeit banknotes infected with the tuberculosis virus were distributed to minors in the settlement of Stepovoye. The organizers of this crime took into account the behavior of children who have a habit of “putting everything in their mouths” and eating food with unwashed hands.

The results of the bacteriological studies confirmed the resistance of the isolated bacteria to first- and second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs, which means that the disease caused by them is much more difficult to treat and the cost of treatment is much higher.

According to the result of the investigation of the Medical and Epidemiological Station of the Republic of Lugansk “…contamination of the banknotes was most likely artificially induced, since the material contains extremely dangerous strains of the pathogen in concentrations that can ensure infection and the development of the tuberculosis process…”

In the results of his investigation, the chief physician of the Republican Tuberculosis Hospital in Lugansk also states that “… everything points to an intentional, man-made contamination of the paper with highly pathogenic biomaterial…”

We have already reported on the testing of potentially dangerous biological products on one of the most vulnerable groups of people — the patients of Kharkiv Psychiatric Hospital No. 3.

We have received new information revealing details of the Pentagon’s inhumane experiments on Ukrainian citizens at Psychiatric Hospital No. 1 in the village of Streletche, Kharkiv region. The main group of subjects was a group of male patients aged 40 to 60 years with a high degree of physical exhaustion.

In order to disguise the involvement of the USA, the biological research experts traveled via third countries. Included in the presentation is a photo of the Florida native Linda Oporto, who was directly involved in this work.

In January 2022, the foreigners conducting the experiments were hastily evacuated, and the equipment and products used were taken to western Ukraine.

Specialists from the Russian Ministry of Defense carried out work directly in the two biolaboratories in Mariupol.

Evidence was provided that documents showing cooperation with the US military were hastily destroyed. A preliminary analysis of the surviving documents indicates that Mariupol was used as a regional center for the collection and certification of cholera pathogens. Selected strains were sent to the Kyiv Public Health Center, which was responsible for onward shipment of the biomaterials to the United States. These activities have been carried out since 2014, according to the transfer logs.

A protocol dated February 25, 2022 on the destruction of the collection of pathogens was found in the sanitary-epidemiological laboratory, according to which cholera, tularemia and anthrax pathogens were being worked on there.

Part of the veterinary laboratory’s collection could not be hastily destroyed. To ensure the safety of the collection, 124 strains were taken by Russian specialists and their study organized.

It is worrying that the collection contains pathogens not typical of veterinary medicine, such as typhoid, paratyphoid and gangrene. This could be an indication of the laboratory’s misuse and involvement in the military bio-program.

We will continue to study all the material we received from the biolaboratories in Mariupol and inform you about the results.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has information on the preparation of provocations aimed at accusing the Russian armed forces of using weapons of mass destruction, followed by an investigation under the “Syrian scenario” in order to fabricate the necessary evidence and assign blame.

The high probability of such provocations is confirmed by the requests of the Kyiv city government for the supply of skin and respiratory protective equipment to protect against toxic chemicals and biological warfare agents. The delivery of antidotes to organophosphorus poisons to Ukraine is a cause for concern. In 2022 alone, at the request of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, more than 220,000 ampoules of atropine and preparations for special treatment and disinfection were delivered from the United States.

Thus, the information received confirms the implementation by the United States of an offensive military-biological program on the territory of Ukraine with the aim of studying the possibility of creating controlled epidemics in certain territories.

The military operation of the Russian Armed Forces was able to thwart the expansion of the US military-biological presence in Ukraine and stop criminal experiments on civilians.

end of translation

Afterword from the translator:

Several years back I would have looked at this article with some scorn and a little concern, but the last two years alone have shown me that this is not farfetched at all, but a simple reality we will have to deal with as a species if we want to survive. This has nothing to do any longer with Black vs. White, Russian vs. American, Islam vs. Christianity. These monsters have become an existential threat to life on Earth itself.

One thing still bothers me, though: why did the Russian government play along with the Plandemic? They must have known already then and there what was going on.

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  1. All sides use propaganda. As an American the inner skeptic in me is on full blast when reading, watching or hearing any corporate media, aka main stream media (MSM), which is all filtered to report only information and propaganda the globalist purse string holders and power brokers want people to know. That goes for both outlets on the left and right, whether CNN or Fox, or even supposedly less corporate news organizations like NewsMax which was exposed taking large funds of money from the government to tow the U.S. government message on vaccines, and even fired a well respected reporter who wouldn’t go all out propaganda and kept broaching subjects not allowed. Der Spiegel falls in that category. I trust the news site anti-spiegel more than them as they appear to be an independent news site, give plenty of references, and much of what they say has been collaborated, and they are willing to broach subjects the corporate media is not allowed to touch, and go against required narratives.

    Ukraine’s propaganda is the worse. With their totalitarian leader who has nationalized all news media in the country, had arrested, disappeared and killed reporters who report the wrong things, as well as opposition leaders including the opposition leader of the largest opposition party in Ukraine’s parliament, they are the most blatant and ridiculous, and seem to not care since they have the globalists on their side.

    I read an article a while back, I think from an independent Canadian news site, that said Russia captured a Canadian General that the Ukrainian and NATO allies were trying to smuggle out of Avostol. Immediately Canada started releasing reports that he retired right before going to Ukraine as an independent citizen. If Russia really has captured this General like it appeared, and the allied forces can’t negotiate a secret deal with Russia on getting him quietly back, expect more news on that. He might be a valuable pawn for Russia to get what they need in this quagmire, so it may not get further coverage if true.

  2. I have big problem that Russian Ministery of Defence is quoted here and the author does not see a problem, so to speak. It is missing the point completely. If such labs were in China and Ukraine, then for sure they were in Russia too. (Oh, said russian document didn’t mention it?). It is simply an outsourcing. If you want origins then go for CDC or wherever they are managed. Why go to sidetracks. It is the same case as with CIA prisons. One was in Lithuania, another in Romania. Lot’s of denials. An embarassment later. All because douchebags in the State Department can’t keep their mouth shut. No one outside of US really cares about US’ internal politics or global agendas. Much grimer threats are at hands. Countries need help, need protection. If you want something to get, you have to give something in return. And if that is what Washington asks – so be it. First things first. I have to be sure I live (another day) – then I can start worrying about new world order.

    • And… I have no problem with quotes from Russian Ministry of Defence, because I consider such quotes to be public, not secret.

      Nobody denies that the Russians have some WMD labs, including biological weapons. So why deny that there are some bioweapons labs in Ukraine?

      And I disagree with the idea that nobody outside of US really cares about US internal politics. That would be foolish of them US outsiders, IMHO.

  3. Russia didn’t make vaccines mandatory on their own population. I think they kept their mouth shut to try and avoid trouble, but now they realise the west will never like them so they will just do what suits them. If you have worked with people from Asia, you will know they never complain or challenge power. They don’t speak out until after the person who is the problem leaves the organisation and can no longer harm them. I think Russia didn’t want to upset the US. Calling them out on Covid would have brought down the wrath of the US even sooner.
    Russian focus is now the survival of the Russian people. They will be less concerned about the other people in the world as they can’t help them anyway. They have been brainwashed to hate all Russian people.

  4. So the Russian invasion was justified?
    I m pretty sure the US would not have tolerated this going on in Mexico or Canada…

  5. The labs were from Soviet times. After fall of USSR, everything was underfunded and there was a risk of nuclear, biological or chemical material falling into the hands of terrorists. So USA made a program in early 2000s to fund laboratories, so that they could be made secure.

    Such US-funded labs also exist in other former Soviet republics like Kazakhstan, but for some reason they generate less interest…

    • Smithsonian Institution is liberal and it pushes anti-conservative lies of satan. I would NEVER subscribe to that pile of [solid waste].

    • Operation Paper Clip with a twist.

      Permanent make work for former Soviet bio-chemists. One slight problem – the Soviet connection would have been severed over thirty years ago, 31 Dec 1991.

      If that is the rationale everyone that was there during the Soviet era should have been long retired by now, on a sweet U.S. taxpayer funded pension, and the labs long phased out. So what is the excuse for their existence, with intact deadly pathogens and Pentagon funding, in 2022.

      Or are we to assume the Soviet era scientists were ok with forced make work until they just dropped dead from old age.

      • What if the varous post-Soviet republics involved didn’t want to phase them out?

        It’s not just the pathogens, but expertise and scientific know-how which, once you phase it out, is very difficult to get back.

        But a lot more “low-resource” countries have labs dealing in nasty stuff… Check out Nigeria’s!

        • No doubt. But we’re not on the edge of thermo-nuclear war with Nigeria based on dissimilation and obstifucation as refutation of ostensible Russian propaganda. The Russians say the West is funding bio-research with weapons applications and the Swamp sez not so, but we have to keep the Russians from accessing the research that isn’t going on there.

          Personally I could give a rats patooty what any post- Soviet republic wants. We have zero business funding/outsourcing bio-weapons research. Nor trying to keep researchers from marketing their skills by attempting to “outbid” the competition, especially in a place that is literally the global gold standard of corruption and criminal duplicity. If ever there was a losers game that would be it.

          And Jeffery Epstein still didn’t kill himself.

          I am undecided whether the Interagency lies to us because their afraid we’ll think their incompetent, power hungry, or just because they think we’re idiot chumps and so it’s just a form of entertainment to insult our intelligence to our faces and laugh at our impotence to answer the self-humiliation they require of us to prove we’re worthy of them. More and more I lean towards the latter.

          • A Russian invasion of Ukraine has been on the cards for a while. For one year, at least…

            And it has never been the most secure and uncorrupt of places.

            So why would USA do bioweapons research there, if it could have been done elsewhere?!

            And yes – “The Russians say” a lot of things. Including that “Russia didn’t invade Ukraine” (Lavrov, in March)… Very few people round these parts take *anything* they say seriously.

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