Ornella Mariani to Vladimir Putin: “Your Enemies Are Neither Italy Nor the Italian People”

Ornella Mariani is an Italian writer and historian as well as a noted EU-skeptic. The following video is an open letter from Ms. Mariani to Russian President Vladimir Putin in which she emphasizes that the Italian government’s actions vis-à-vis the Russian invasion of Ukraine do not reflect the sentiments of the Italian people.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I am appealing to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.
00:07   In order to clarify that the Italian Government’s stance,
00:16   the Italian Government’s hostility is ascribable to the Italian Government only.
00:24   It is not the Italian people’s hostility.
00:29   Italians still recall the Russian physicians’ support
00:36   during the first upsurge in Covid.
00:42   And the gratitude we feel towards them is vivid.
00:48   So I wish to tell President Putin to keep in mind
00:54   that these decisions were not taken
01:01   by the Italian people.
01:07   They are not Italy’s decisions. They were taken by a group of unlawful representatives.
01:15   Because we have a Parliament that does not identify with the people’s will.
01:22   A Parliament that is not in line with the people’s will.
01:29   Our Constitution has been definitively dismissed.
01:34   And many of us, who are not few, are forced to represent ourselves, alone.
01:43   To ask you, President Putin, to keep in mind
01:48   that your enemies are neither Italy nor the Italian people.
01:53   Your enemies are: Mario Draghi, the regime opportunists
01:58   who indulge his delusional acts,
02:03   and most likely, the Quirinal [presidential] Palace dweller, who didn’t say anything
02:12   about Article 11 of the Constitution, and that is outrageous.
02:20   Because Article 11 of the Constitution rejects war
02:25   and considers it doable only as an instrument of defense.
02:32   The Constitutional Charter has been overturned.
02:37   But above all, the stance of the establishment
02:42   is not in line with the Italian people’s wishes.
02:47   Let’s be clear about that. Italians are waiting
02:53   for this Parliament and this Prime Minister to quit.
02:59   But most of all, Italians wish to quit the Nazi,
03:05   corrupt entity called the European Union.
03:11   Mr. President, you can help us do it.
03:14   And I am asking you to reconsider the rigorous resolutions
03:19   you are about to apply against Italy, which you have blacklisted among other countries.
03:25   In order to make a distinction.
03:30   Please, apply those resolutions against Mario Draghi and his partners only.
03:36   And not against a nation that is helpless, weak, defenseless,
03:43   and above all, misinformed by the subservient mainstream media.
03:49   In the eyes of those Italians, you stand for the last stronghold defending Western values,
03:56   and above all, the ethics and culture of my country.
04:02   Thank you, Mr. Putin.

8 thoughts on “Ornella Mariani to Vladimir Putin: “Your Enemies Are Neither Italy Nor the Italian People”

  1. 100% spot on, Putin is fighting for the survival of the western Christian values, and fighting for us against the globalists commie NaZis.

    Prey for the brave Russian gallant soldiers,

    death to communism and globalists

    • “western Christian values” – like decadent oligarch families in Dubai, huge corruption and influencers weeping about their Instagram being taken away?

      Or like shooting Ukrainian Christian villagers?

      Or maybe like destroying Orthodox churches in Ukraine?

      And isn’t it strange how a former KGB agent, with a KGB mentality to this day, is suddenly meant to be fighting for the “survival of the western Christian values” and “against the commie nazis”…

  2. 03.49: “In the eyes of those Italians, you stand for the last stronghold defending Western Values…”

    In which case, they’re really beyond saving!

    • You are right, Putin doesn’t strike me like the guy who stands for western values.

  3. And I think Putin is mortally ill. Both mentally and physically. And he is not afraid of The Hague. He wants to carry everything with him to the next world.

  4. Putin’s architect Lanfranco Cirillo has been raided at his four villas in Italy. He is accused of tax evasion. A helicopter was seized for 2 million euros, paintings by Picasso, Cezanne, Kandinsky, Chagall and others.
    Putin, apparently, paid him from the funds of the Hermitage

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