12-Year-Old Italian Boy Dies of Cardiac Arrest

A 12-year-old Italian schoolboy suffered cardiac arrest and died during a cross-country race. There’s no indication in this report that the “vaccine” had anything to do with his death, so I’ve left the vax-related graphics off this post. Italy has pushed the vax harder than most countries, but I don’t know if that includes a campaign to jab the kids.

If the makers of this video thought the mRNA treatment resulted in this child’s death, there’s no indication of it.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Goodbye, little prince.
00:03   Piazza Del Santo. It’s a sunny and quiet afternoon.
00:07   With a church filled with people
00:10   to pay their last respects. Carlo Alberto Conte — 12 years old.
00:14   To Carlo Alberto Conte. Have a good journey, dear little prince, Carlo Alberto.
00:22   Carlo died of cardiac arrest. During his first cross-country race.
00:26   In Vittorio Veneto, on January the 23rd.
00:29   He was an athlete joining the “Fiamme Oro” of Padua.
00:34   His mother Valentina and his father Massimiliano.
00:42   He used to attend the Pascoli junior high school. When a little prince dies,
00:46   in an incomprehensible way,
00:50   fate has a way of putting before us
00:54   the impermanence of everything.
00:59   And this pushes us to love even more, every moment.
01:04   On the coffin his “Fiamme Oro” shirt.
01:07   As if that moment could become eternal.
01:11   Good Morning from Mattino Padova.

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