The RINO Won After All

I must admit I was surprised to wake up this morning and learn that Terry McAuliffe had conceded, and Glenn Youngkin had been elected as Virginia’s next governor. I had thought that when the cemetery vote came in and the illegal aliens had cast their ballots and all the misplaced boxes of mail-in votes had been found in janitors’ closets and counted, the Democrat would win and the Republican would lose. That is the natural way of things in this our former republic.

It’s kind of sad that we won’t have Governor Coonman to kick around anymore, but that would have been the case anyway, since Virginia governors are not allowed to succeed themselves in office.

Politically speaking, there was only a hair’s breadth of difference between the two candidates, so I doubt the result will change the overall trajectory of Virginia politics. Still, I was pleased to see that [vulgar intensifier] [epithet] McAuliffe prevented from occupying the governor’s mansion again.

Here’s to Governor Youngkin!

7 thoughts on “The RINO Won After All

  1. A Joke Going Around the Internets:

    Q. Why did the Dems lose in Virginia?

    A. The fake ballots were printed in China and they’re all still stuck on a ship waiting in LA harbor!

  2. Congratulations? Youngkin’s actions, or, lack thereof, on election integrity, the not-vax and 2A issues will tell Virginians and the rest of us all we need to know. I’m in CA, where we’ve got our own problems (but, they’ll be your problems, soon, if not already).

  3. The important thing is NOT the election but whether the citizens keep the “feet to the fire” of those elected. Any election – whatever it is, wherever it is – is not the end but the beginning .

  4. This is just a nod to the GOP who assisted in the coup against President Trump.
    Also, serves to tell the electorate, “See, there is no election fraud. There is no reason for all these audits and investigations. Move along now.”

  5. The New Jersey recount has just started ,Murphy “won” the governor race there according to the MSM after “overlooked ‘ ballots were “founded “in locked voting machines in Paterson New Jersey over 24 hours after all other ballot machines were accounted for.

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