ICU Beds!

I don’t have any context for the brief video below. It is obviously referring to a putative shortage of intensive care beds in Berlin hospitals. However, I don’t know where the “graveyard of the beds” shown in this footage is found. Perhaps our German readers can fill in some of the background.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So, dear friends, as we have now found out, we have no shortage of beds hospital beds.
00:05   Yes, hmm… all right we do, but…
00:10   Why? Because they are ALL here.
00:13   It’s not like we haven’t got any hospital beds in Berlin, but
00:16   beds for intensive care are all here.
00:20   Dear St. Mary’s Hospital, AVK, BVZ, MMG, SG…
00:25   If you still need beds, I’ve found quite a lot
00:29   …[indistinct] we’ve found all the beds, haven’t we?
00:34   Yeah, you could sleep nicely in those; the moon is also shining.
00:38   [indistinct]… runs…

7 thoughts on “ICU Beds!

  1. The speaker has a marked Berlin accent. The location is likely in Berlin. The ENT Covid realist doctor Bodo Schiffmann, who has fled to Africa to live broadcasts a Bitchute programme from there called Boschimo.

    He pointed out recently that hospitals have been closed in Germany and intensive bed stations have been cut by thousands all during the Plandemic. This creates the media impression among normie sheeple of crisis.

    Because one can see here how the number of beds occupied has stayed constant around 22,000 since September but the number of unoccupied intensive care beds has dropped by ca. 7,000. This means the free ones must have been shut down.
    German-speakers can see here around 10 min 9 sec. what is going on: the URL is that of the Covid Realist German-language videocast produced by the German magazine COMPACT.

    COMPACT is much hated by the Antifa et. al.

  2. This whole thing is just unbelievable!!, WTF. Is going on with Germans !!, why they don’t get rid off this disgusting elite like not only Merkel&CO but all this parties , Grüne , SPD , Linke , CDU/ CSU, and FDP they are all garbage belongs in prison, ..

    • Prison you say? That is not how you deal with traitors, for hanging is the time honored tradition where those wretched creatures are concerned.

  3. the rhetoric and intonation of this gentleman does i.m.h.o. not increase his credibility. Sounds like a guy who just stumbled out of a hole in the wall bar.

    • Just as Tommy Robinson is out of Luton, the guy in the clip is from Berlin. It’s the way we speak here. I find him as authentic as one can be. Yes, stumble he did, across this heap of supposedly scarce and precious ICU beds to be precise. The scam is on us all.

  4. In regard to this I have a question:
    Everywhere you hear that the carers of Intensive Care units are overworked, at their limit etc…
    but they still have time to make videos with the Jerusalema dance.
    Do you know how long it takes to study this dance, do rehearsals etc?

    I smell something.

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