I’ll Take You Home Again, Vaccine

As reported here previously, the AstraZeneca “vaccine” (yes, I know it’s an experimental gene therapy) has earned a bad rep in Europe. However, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have now certified the AstraZeneca jab as safe, so Italy has done a 180 and is going great guns to vaccinate people with it. Presumably the rest of the EU will follow suit.

The three articles below (all translated by Hellequin GB) indicate that not all patients got the memo, unfortunately.

First, from PolitikStube:

Bavaria: 37-year-old dies after AstraZeneca vaccination

A 37-year-old from the Straubing area died last Friday. The woman had already been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

As the Passauer Neue Press e (PNP) reports, it has not yet been medically clarified whether there is a connection between the vaccination and the death of the 37-year-old. The woman’s sister is convinced of a connection and is now demanding clarification.

The sister of the 37-year-old told the Straubinger Tagblatt (Wednesday edition, article behind paywall): “I think the vaccination was the trigger.” The woman had had no previous illnesses and subsequently complained of fever, headache and chills after the vaccination. It is currently not known how much time passed between the woman’s vaccination and her death.

Source: Merkur.de

Also from PolitikStube:

More and more cases known: Meanwhile 13 cases of blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccination

There is an increasing number of cases of cerebral vein thrombosis in connection with vaccination with AstraZeneca vaccine. There are now 13 such cases known in Germany — almost all of them are women.

After the precautionary suspension of the corona vaccinations with the agent from the manufacturer AstraZeneca, further incidents in Germany became known. There are now 13 reported cases of blood clots (thrombosis) in cerebral veins related to vaccinations, as the Federal Ministry of Health announced on Thursday.

Three patients died. There are twelve women and one man between 20 and 63 years old.

And again from PolitikStube:

The death rates “in connection with a vaccination” have increased by a factor of 91!

Unreported by the mass media, Germany is currently experiencing an unbelievable explosion of deaths “in the context of a vaccination” compared to the two decades before (in which there were no corona vaccinations in Germany)!

In 2021, according to official figures from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, over 91 times as many people died per month in such a vaccination context as in the previous 21 years — most of them of course in connection with a CORONA vaccination.

So that you don’t have to laboriously research the PEI database yourself, here are the PRIMARY direct links to the relevant information from the Paul Ehrlich Institute: …

1.   456 deaths “in connection with a vaccination” accumulated over 21 years 2000-2020: [after clicking, go to “Directly to the database”, then to “Area of reported suspected cases”, then under “Evaluations”].
2.   330 deaths in January and February 2021 alone for comparison — by the way, over 81% of them died in connection with a vaccination with BioNTech / Pfizer’s “Comirnaty” vaccine: [there page 7]

And yes, the Paul Ehrlich Institute naturally writes this sentence: “The information presented in the database does not necessarily mean that there is a causal relationship.”

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  1. They killing Us slowly but surely!!!, stop this killing bastards !!, With this experimental injections, this is crime against humanity..

  2. Just get your head around the FACT That these ‘vaccines’ weren’t made for Covid; Covid was made for the ‘vaccines’.

  3. Since the vaccines are still in investigational stage of development, having subjects of the investigation monitored for efficacy and adverse effect, which ought to include subject-evaluations pre- and post-administration of test agent, and with participants nearly literally taken off the streets with only demographic information, yet without prior evaluation of genuine worth, such as a physical examination by a doctor, blood tests, x-rays, etc, in order to monitor for possible adverse changes induced by the agent under study; instead only to send them home with little or no instruction for self evaluation, and for them, the subjects, to deal with any problems arising themselves and if the problem gets bad enough, to present themselves to emergency services; would it be a good idea for any potential subject to take it upon himself or herself to get the necessary and worthwhile tests done prior to and after showing up for the injection? Without the necessary information, for which some level of causation can be determined, it will be near impossible to establish a direct link between the drug and the maladies. The government and the drug companies are more willing to accept a link between the agent and minor ill effects such as local swelling, elevated temperature, etc, but when it comes to serious side effects and death they are not so willing; in nearly all cases they outright repudiate any suggestion of linkage, and they state that there is no evidence or relationship. I wonder what evidence it would take for them to accept some causal relationship?

  4. Why haven’t genetic autopsies been performed to determine what portions of the DNA & RNA sequences are affected? It would seem tp me that a pattern is emerging that does not fit the pre-written hype of age and physical condition but rather genetics characteristics that could be the only other explanation. Why did my 90 year old mother- and father-in-law now suffer any ill effects at all, yet a cousin and great niece nearly died? We have the microbial resources, why aren’t we making use of them??

  5. MRNA, animal tests 20 yrs ago all died of disease emhancement. fda site corroborates previous testing was done then finally stopped. Yet MRNA passed under emerg. Act @ warp speed, to get it into arms asap WITH FEAR MONGERING TV MEDIA pushing it 2 the max. Vaers cdc only has 1% of dr.s reporting there. But deaths and horrendous injuries. They new it kills, isnt that murder on a mass scale. Its a crime to humanity to release this experiment they know will damage and kill world wide. How is it they can get away with this insanity. https://twitter.com/Modmother/status/1352137760287690756?s=20

  6. Fda,cdc,WHO … total silence … tv promotes it as vaccine, says it’s tested and they keep saying its safe… out right lies

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