German Politicians Cash in on the Corona Hijab

Never let a pandemic go to waste! It seems that German politicians in Angela Merkel’s party have been caught making money from the Corona mask business. Obviously, it’s just a coincidence that Mrs. Merkel’s government made masks mandatory…

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Alice Weidel: Unreservedly and completely clear up mask scandals

Another member of the Union (CDU/CSU), this time from Baden-Württemberg, has received six-figure commissions for brokering purchases of corona masks, according to media reports. The group leader of the AfD in the German Bundestag Alice Weidel explains:

“Every new mask scandal is another blow to the credibility of the corona policy of this federal government. The damage is not repaired with unctuous circular letters and appeals. Now it must be fully clarified who in the governing parties has benefited from these and similar deals.

“In view of the lobbying work of a CSU team around MEP Monika Hohlmeier, who, according to media research, had campaigned for government contracts for questionable mask suppliers, the non-transparent procurement policy of the Federal Ministry of Health and the role of the responsible minister himself must also be examined.

“It is unacceptable for citizens to be harassed with barely comprehensible mask obligations, hunted down by law enforcement officers and subjected to stiff fines, while a few are enriched by the politically generated demand for masks. In German Corona policy, the return to honesty, reason and a sense of proportion is long overdue.”