Death With Vaccine, or of Vaccine?

As you’ve probably noticed, when someone dies who has tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus, the cause of death is always listed as COVID-19, even if they die of a gunshot wound or a snakebite. If it were any other disease, there would be a few deaths listed as “of COVID-19”, but most would be “with COVID-19”. In a rational world, that’s the way the WuFlu statistics would be listed. But we do not live in a rational world.

When it comes to the coronavirus vaccination, however, the opposite is true. People have died after being vaccinated, but those are always deaths “with vaccine” and never deaths “of vaccine”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Covid vaccination in Switzerland: The first death

A person has died in Switzerland after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. “We are aware of the case,” a spokeswoman for the health department of the canton of Lucerne told Reuters news agency on Wednesday.

She said authorities had notified Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, which is responsible for approving vaccines. The spokeswoman gave no further details. She did not comment on whether the death was related to the vaccine.

So far, only the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has been approved in the country. On the occasion of the approval, Swissmedic wrote on Dec. 19 that the most common side effects documented in the approval studies were comparable to those after a flu shot. Swissmedic said at the time that it would closely monitor the safety of the vaccine and take action should safety signals emerge.

3 thoughts on “Death With Vaccine, or of Vaccine?

  1. The vaccines have not really been “approved,” anywhere, according to normal drug regulatory processes and timelines. The vaccines have been authorized for emergency use. This emergency use turns out to be a global, uncontrolled drug experiment, as no animal testing has been conducted with the vaccines and standard drug safety studies in humans have not been conducted.

    Having spent a career in the pharm and biotech business, including involvement in drug discovery, preclinical development, and clinical development, I find this whole situation to be quite extraordinary.

    • “I find this whole situation to be quite extraordinary.”

      — Extraordinary , like … war.

  2. Could we dispense with the word vaccines, please. Vaccines imply that medicine is being injected into people’s bodies.

    Let’s call them INJECTIONS. For, what the medical mafia wants to put into our bodies is not medicine. It is based on RNA/DNA and God knows what else. And this has never been done before and we do not know how they these elements will affect our bodies/minds.

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