We’re Rolling Again

In the wee hours of this morning the technical issues with the upgraded server were resolved, and the migration to the new site was finalized.

I’ve restored the news feeds that were wiped out, but some of the last comments may be missing. I’ve also turned comments back on, so y’all can have at it.

New articles and essays from the accumulated backlog will be posted as the day proceeds.

As far as I know I’m receiving all my incoming email, but my outgoing email is still down, so I can’t reply to any of your messages just yet.

And my phone is still out. I’m waiting for the telephonician or someone like him.

6 thoughts on “We’re Rolling Again

  1. Congratulations on completing your server migration–done legally, of course. These platform migrations are no fun. Once underway, one can never be completely sure what’s going to happen. Eventually, things get sorted out, but, the process is stressful.

    • It sure is! Especially when exacerbated by the coincidental failure of my telephone service.

  2. Those border guards were sure pesky to get around.

    Glad your migration is a success.

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