Before we resume our regularly-scheduled programming, I’d like to pay another visit to the Farmville Detention Center.

I wrote last December about the immigrant holding facility known as the Farmville Detention Center, located not far from here in Farmville, Virginia. It’s operated by Immigration Centers of America, a contractor for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The center’s inmates, mostly Hispanics and Haitians, enjoy cushy living conditions at taxpayers’ expense.

Since the Coronamadness set in last March, the price tag on the culture-enrichers’ lodgings must have increased drastically, based on the article below from The Farmville Herald. Each inmate is now receiving a medical checkup twice daily.

The most interesting thing about the story, however, is the incidence of symptoms of the Wuhan Coronavirus among the detainees who tested positive for the disease. The headline tells us that 74% of the culture-enrichers have tested positive, which is 268 people. Buried much deeper in the story is the fact that only three migrants — 1.1% of those tested, or 0.8% of the population of the facility — have been hospitalized with serious symptoms, and none of those has died.

The only reason ICE ordered general testing at the center was the fact that three cases of the coronavirus — possible the same three who were hospitalized — appeared among a group of newly-arrived residents who were under quarantine. That is, hundreds of the center’s inmates had already been infected with the disease without showing any symptoms.

A reminder: we’re talking about COVID-19, a disease that is more dangerous than the Spanish Flu, the bubonic plague, and the Black Death combined. A disease that is so virulent that it spread like wildfire among a group of immigrants detained in a closed facility. A disease that is so deadly that none of them knew they had it.

The American people — and not just Americans, but the whole world — are being massively hoaxed about the ChiCom flu. The populace has been indoctrinated to be so frightened of it that millions of people hide in their homes, or venture out in terror, screaming at anyone who isn’t wearing a mask or who gets too close. The economies of Western countries have been wrecked by the lockdowns, more of which are coming as the “second wave” sets in just time for the fall campaign season.

The virus is real, but the official reaction to it, especially as purveyed by the media, is an artificial construct created for political ends.

Below are some excerpts from the article in the Herald:

74% of Farmville ICE detainees positive for COVID

by Alexa Massey

After testing all the detainees of the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Immigration Centers of America (ICA) Farmville Detention Center, 74% have tested positive for the coronavirus, with 71 test results pending.

ICE Public Affairs Specialist Kate Pote said Tuesday, July 14, ICA Farmville offered testing to all of its detainees from Wednesday, July 1, to Friday, July 3. 359 of the center’s 360 inmates were tested, with only one detainee declining testing.

Of those 359 detainees, 268 have tested positive. 20 have tested negative, and 71 test results are pending.

Officials said Tuesday three detainees were actively hospitalized due to complications with COVID-19, but in stable condition. Pote added the majority of others who tested positive are asymptomatic, but are being closely monitored and are receiving appropriate medical care.

Detainees who have tested negative will be retested and are being held separately from positive detainees.

Medical checks, according to officials, are being done twice daily, including a temperature screening and medication disbursement.

Pote said every detainee who needs medical attention is being seen, and ICA Farmville staff have been working to keep detainees informed of the developing situation as it evolves, including how their care and custody will be managed.


Tuesday, June 2, 74 detainees were transferred to ICA Farmville from detention centers in Arizona and Florida. The newly transferred detainees were quarantined and did not enter the general population. By Saturday, June 11, three of the detainees tested positive for the coronavirus. ICA Farmville medical staff then conducted precautionary tests of all 74 detainees, of which 47 tested positive back on June 22.

6 thoughts on “COVID on ICE

  1. Total groupthink, Baron. And it looks like it will sink Trump.

    Missouri has been open since May 1, but my friend reports the farmers are getting no help and are euthanizing piglets. Fed hog is going for $100, they can’t make a living like that.

    Colorado, on the other hand, is tightening the noose. Too many people ignoring the “orders”.

    • I read your comment yesterday and I have had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach because you say it will sink our President.

      I am very fearful these days that the vote fraud will give Dementia Biden the Presidency. I keep hoping for more good news in favor of Donald Trump.

  2. Those who care already know the facts regarding how non-lethal the virus is, and those who don’t are not likely to watch or read any kind of facts that might enlighten them. Most people are so abysmally stupid that they can be manipulated by political hacks who are barely less ignorant than themselves. The dumb leading the dumber as it were…

  3. Am I missing something? Tens of thousands have died in the UK alone, mainly older folks like yours truly, and many medical staff who have been repeatedly exposed. I’d guess that the majority of the inmates at Farmville are relatively young.

    I saw a couple of young women on a beach in Miami interviewed a couple of days ago; they thought they didn’t need to worry, apparently oblivious that they might cause the deaths of their grannies if they ignored the safety precautions.

    • Yes. You are missing everything.
      The number of fatalities in the UK without underlying conditions is 300.
      Health professionals who have succumbed were exposed to such a high viral load that their immune systems could not protect them.
      If the young women on the beach are exposed to the virus they will no doubt pull through, remaining infectious for around 7 days. After that they can no longer infect their grannies but will have contributed to the herd immunity which will defeat the virus.

  4. “Coronavirus” refers to a particular viral capsid structure native to many thousands of different RNA viruses. The only way to be certain that a patient has SARS-ncov-19 is to conduct an RNA-specific test for it; you have to look for that particular string of RNA. And even then, the vendor who sells you the test probe might be lying and selling probes meant for other SARS variants. We saw this happening a couple of months ago when two vendors were offering probes for 2008 and 2012 SARS variants and selling them as 2019 probes. After all, it takes a lot of time to make a new probe, as you need to infect lab animals who can then produce antibodies against that specific pathogen, then painstakingly harvest their antibodies and refine the serum to make the probe itself (or find some way to synthesize it, but that takes even longer). The alternative is RNA sequencing, but that costs even more and takes longer per test.

    Instead, the vast majority of tests only look for antibodies against any old coronavirus in the world, and nearly everybody catches some kind of virus every couple of months, whether they know it or not. Testing for antibodies doesn’t mean squat; the most current antibody tests out there for covid-19 also detect other SARS variants or other coronaviruses in general. It’s frustrating, but that’s how it is with RNA viruses. Looking for antibodies doesn’t help. You have to do an RNA test to know what you’ve got.

    With that said, pay attention to how the media tends to lean on the word “coronavirus” and its shortened form, “covid.” It’s true that coronaviruses kill plenty of people every year, but how many deaths this year are due specifically to SARS-ncov-19? The answer is, “I dunno.” Nobody knows.

    All in all, covid-19 is political BS. The longer this propaganda game goes on, the more people begin to see that. Yes, it can kill you if you’re already knocked-down from some other illness. Absolutely. But if you’re that sick, then almost anything can finish you off. I’ve heard of sick people being made to laugh hard enough that the spike in blood pressure pops an aneurysm and kills them instantly. Does that mean you should refrain from mirthful moments? God help you if you’re nearly dead from pneumonia, you let out a fart and it sounds like a tired duck. That might be just enough to push you over the edge. And bam, you’re another coronavirus statistic.

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