Sight Unseen

I paid a visit to the retinal specialist this afternoon (Masks on! Social distance, everybody!) and got an injection in my left eye to treat my wet macular degeneration.

This is old hat for me by now; still, it slows me down a little. Nevertheless, I hope to put up at least one more post tonight before the news feed.

After today I get to go two months before the next one, which is good.

6 thoughts on “Sight Unseen

  1. My Daughter in Law suffers from the same degenerative disorder. Good luck Baron! A horrid illness.

  2. I went through the eyeball injections over 10 years ago. When they were done, my vision was back to normal. Two years ago I had cataract surgery and now don’t need glasses or contacts for anything. I hope it works out as well for you.

  3. I’ve heard good things about those injections, too. I hope you’re getting good results (or will notice good results in time). Be well!

    • No, it’s Sigmund Freud’s.

      I first used it here, in reference to the quote “Freud’s eye was the microscope of potency” from the poem “Mountains Covered With Cats” by Wallace Stevens.

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