Orange Vests Protest Coronavirus Restrictions in Milan

A group called the Orange Vests staged a demonstration in the Italian city of Milan to protest the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The translator notes that after the demonstration police were able to identify a number of the participants, who were then issued with citations for violating social distancing rules.

Video transcript:

00:13   …that they have reawakened within themselves a healthy, honest awareness,
00:20   and we are obviously against everything that may be rotten, corrupt,
00:25   and doesn’t act in our interests.
00:28   One could live much better, in peace, if we were not run by
00:32   strong powers who do only what is in their own interests.
00:36   So there was the coronavirus, it still is; that is always the point,
00:42   because inflating something, when in reality, perhaps, it could be
00:46   managed better in the sense that precautions,
00:50   the quarantine, I lived through it with no problem because I am in agreement with
00:54   an organization and a system. It takes a government, but you have govern in the correct way.
00:59   We are here to show our dissent against
01:03   this whole situation that has been created.
01:07   So, first of all, we want to be here to join with all those like us
01:11   who think that this whole situation has been created on purpose with a final aim,
01:15   that of controlling the people.
01:19   I know little about the Orange Vest movement, but I have joined
01:23   because I feel that it is valid to be able to demonstrate this dissent.
01:29   No, I am not in agreement with that. I am of a, let’s say, middle ground
01:34   The coronavirus exists, existed. We are vanquishing it because,
01:38   as some virologists say, it will
01:42   destroy itself, [unintelligible], it will disappear.
01:47   Therefore, I mean, as for the proper precautions, which we have already done,
01:51   we are getting results, but as for the vaccination, I don’t agree.
01:55   In my opinion there is no sense.
02:06   Freedom!