Mrs. Merkel, Build That Wall!

The borders of Germany are open, but the Reichstag is fenced off. Lawmakers and government functionaries want to make sure that their august deliberations will not be disturbed by the hue and cry of the hoi polloi at the front door.

The following video shows the new fence and trench that surround the Reichstag building. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Republic Square in front of the Reichstag is completely fenced off (May 2020)
(October 7, 2015) Do we need to stop taking in refugees? — How is that supposed to work?
00:04   The problem is that the borders can’t be closed. Border controls are carried out.
00:10   If we wanted to close the borders, Germany has 3,000 km of land borders;
00:14   we would have to build a 3,000 km fence. Hungary built one, and we can see
00:19   what happens when a fence is built. People will look for another way.
00:23   They’ll try to cross at the green border and elsewhere. It won’t work.
00:27   There is no “stop” to taking in refugees.
00:30   This place is, so to speak, from now on, well, a forbidden territory for the people.
00:37   Even though it is exactly the location of the building on which the words “The German People” are.
00:40   It has a certain significance. There will be a metal fence on both sides. Here and here.
00:44   It will be a nice combination. A metal fence, maybe with barbed wire or not. That’s still unclear.
00:49   I’m guessing it will be without barbed wire. But all things are possible.
00:52   This metal fence here, not especially attractive, connects to the trench.
00:58   At the moment, no direct reinforcement can be seen on the building.
01:02   No matter what, this fence is going to be ugly, along with the trench.
01:07   It will be a prohibited area for anyone interested. Prohibited to the people.
01:13   Exactly at the location where Phillip Scheidemann stood
01:16   at the window and proclaimed Germany a republic.
01:19   This is also the side of the building where he brilliantly spoke to the German people.
01:22   To claim that this is being done for security reasons is contentious.
01:27   (May 20, 2020) Guess where I am? At the Reichstag building. Have a look.
01:33   They have fenced it off, all the way around.
01:39   Our event is planned for this Saturday (May 23, 2020). A large demonstration.
01:45   It was planned to end here and hold our final speech.
01:51   I have to ask myself, are they so afraid of us that they have to fence all of this off?
01:58   This was done within the last couple of days.
02:03   I’m going to walk around it, so you can see for yourself.
02:07   There in the background you can see, of course, the Reichstag building.

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Merkel, Build That Wall!

  1. “The problem is that the borders can’t be closed. Border controls are carried out.
    If we wanted to close the borders, Germany has 3,000 km of land borders”

    Funny, she did just that a few months ago, strange how times change…maybe a virus that targets old people was more of a motivator?

  2. I suppose it will make it easier to lock up all the criminals in one place when the Germans decide to stop being girly-men. Instead of a storming of the Bastille, the Germans can do a reenactment of the burning of the Reichstag

    • Arrest, try, and execute the traitors – then fill the Reichstag with patriots.

  3. The walls around Merkel’s et al residences will of course be maintained and reinforced with armed guards.

  4. That traitor , she should be on prison for destroying Germany, : culture, way of life , and on and on .., and now scamdemic !!!, [bovine effluent] , wake everybody before is to late ..

    • Prison you say? Merkel needs to be hanged from the Brandenburg Gate as an example to the rest of the bloody communists who are ruining Germany. That’s how you save Europe!

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