The Goal Has Been Reached

Taken together, the PayPal donations, snail-mail gifts, and donations to the GoFundMe page have now reached and exceeded the costs of Dymphna’s funeral expenses. You needn’t donate to the GoFundMe any longer; everything has been taken care of. As I mentioned earlier, any additional amounts that are specifically earmarked for the funeral will be donated to a reputable local charity that helps victims of sexual assault, including children.

Any words I might choose to express my gratitude are inadequate. The response over the past ten days has been staggering. I now have an idea of how many people truly appreciated Dymphna’s work.

My current situation: I’m trying to forestall the depression and isolation that so frequently afflict a man after the sudden death of his wife. My tendency at the moment is to wander aimlessly around this empty house, bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball in a shoebox. I’m fighting that by the time-honored method of going back to work.

Sitting down in this chair and starting to post again is the rough equivalent of the widower showing up at the office on the Monday morning following the funeral. Work is what he needs to keep himself on an even keel. He has a glazed look in his eyes, and his productivity is not up to his usual standards, but his boss (if he has a good one) is patient and understanding.

I don’t have any boss except for you, our readers, and I know you’re being patient. I suppose Vlad comes close to being my boss, although we’re actually more like unpaid business partners. In any case, he’s being patient with me, too.

I see that another subtitle file (translated from the French) has just come in. It needs editing and formatting, so I’d best stop my meandering and buckle down to work.

Thank you all once again. I’m sending out responses to everyone, both by email and snail-mail, but it will take a while, because there are so many of them.

16 thoughts on “The Goal Has Been Reached

  1. Dear Baron- thanks as always for your consideration for the readers of your wonderful blog. Please know how much we love and appreciate your work and how quickly you are trying to get things back to what passes for “normal.”

    The brilliant Dymphna will be missed and I am glad that you have found the strength to continue on with this work that becomes more and more necessary every day. GoV has been a foundational site for all of us who are concerned about what has become known as “Theoterrorism” a term I discovered today in a wonderful article by Janet Levy over at American Thinker.

    Here’s the link. Very apropos.

    • Aha! I know Janet. That’s an excellent neologism; could be very useful.

      Thank you, Seneca (and everyone else) for your kind words.

    • Wonderful book title, but the book costs a whopping $108 on Seriously, who do the publishers expect will dole out this kind of money for 250 pages?


    • Saved, thanks Seneca.

      Regarding Dymphna, I’m reminded of a saying of Schubert’s: “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same”.

  2. I was saddened to hear of your wife’s passing. I always enjoyed her commentaries and counterpoint. I wish you well, and I will say prayers for both of you.

  3. Good bless you Baron!

    Dympha’s and your work over these many years has been so Important for the future of western culture. Please come back when you are ready, we need you.

  4. I am so glad to hear of it. Few of us have the skill or time to write such a blog, let alone one that so effectively kicks the elites in the gonads. I am grateful to have played a small part in helping you to get back to work. If we are to beat back the onslaught of islamic invasion and civilizational decline of the West, it will take all of our efforts big and small to accomplish.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss. Just so sorry.
    Whatever you are able to do, at any pace you feel up to, is important work, and appreciated.

  6. We are a patient bunch, Baron. For those who are not, bugger off. Dymphna changed my life in so many ways through our communications. I have never lost a wife except through divorce but when me mum passed away quite unexpectedly, it took me many months to regain my footing and place. There were many slips and falls along the way. Me mum told me many a time”even through my death will come growth for you” and so she was spot on. Took me awhile to realize this. Prayers for you and dear Dymphna. G of V is so needed right now in these times. Bless you, Baron.

  7. Thank you all! Please continue with this excellent blog, that teaches many people, myself included, how to oppose that global danger, Islam!
    May Dymphna be with God! RIP.

  8. God bless you, Baron — I’ve been mourning with you over the loss of our dear Dymphna. I have been checking each day, hoping you would return soon. And I’m very glad to see you back — I’ve missed you and your insights.

  9. Thank You By Petula Clark

    Thank you for waking me this morning
    Thank you for giving me today
    Thank you, for ev’ry new day dawning
    I’ll be thanking you

    Thank you for ev’ry tree and flower
    Thank you for ev’ry sky of blue
    Thank you, I should be ev’ry hour
    Truly thanking you

    Thank you for ev’ry note of music
    Thank you for ev’ry song I sing
    Thank you for giving me sweet music
    Thanks for ev’rything

    Thank you for ev’rything you give me
    Thank you for ev’rything we share
    Thank you for simply being with me
    Thanks for being there

    Thank you for cheering me with laughter
    Thank you for ev’ry smile you bring
    Thank you for now and ever after
    Thanks for ev’rything

    Thank you for waking me this morning
    Thank you for giving me today
    Thank you, for ev’ry new day dawning
    I’ll be thanking you

    Thank you, for ev’ry new day dawning
    I’ll be thanking you

  10. Reading the post my mind was drawn to a poem by a Dutch poetess:

    De gestorvene

    Zeven maal om de aarde gaan,
    als het zou moeten op handen en voeten;
    zevenmaal om die éne te groeten
    die daar lachend te wachten zou staan.
    Zeven maal om de aarde gaan.

    Zeven maal over de zeeën te gaan,
    schraal in de kleren, wat zou het mij deren,
    kon uit de dood ik die éne doen keren.
    Zeven maal over de zeeën te gaan –
    zeven maal, om met zijn tweeën te staan.

    Ida Gerhardt (1905-1997).

    Here an English translation:

    The Departed

    To go seven times around the earth,
    if necessary on hands and feet;
    seven times, to greet the one
    who would be waiting with a smile.
    To go seven times around the earth.

    To go seven times over the seas,
    threadbare clothes, makes no difference to me,
    could I bring back that one from the dead.
    To go seven times over the seas,
    seven times, to stand together as two.

    (tr. Cliff Crego)

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