Shaky Angie: Climate Change Made Her Do It!

Many years ago Richard Thompson wrote a song called “Shaky Nancy”*. I reckon we need an updated version now called “Shaky Angie” in honor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who on two separate occasions recently was visibly trembling over her entire body. During the attack she suffered in Ukraine, the tremors were fairly extreme, based on the video.

According to Annalena Baerbock, the co-chair of the Green Party in Germany, Mrs. Merkel’s condition was induced by climate change. The chancelloress is evidently only the latest victim of the Climate Change Shakes.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   How can you instrumentalise a woman who seems to be in such a bad state of health?
00:03   This populism has really gone too far! Should exploiting the diseases of others be allowed?
00:06   Federal Press Conference 28 June 2019 — Green Party Chairwoman Annalena Baerbock
00:09   Which means at this point we clearly need to do our homework. In regard to the extreme temperatures,
00:13   Ha! The “climate changed summer” has so to speak, clearly even affected the Chancellor. This distinctly
00:17   shows that this “climate changed summer” effects health. I was just in Iraq and it was 48°C [118°F].
00:22   Imagine if we had 48°C in German cities. Unlike in Iraq where there are air conditioners everywhere,
00:29   here in our offices we don’t. All of our work, the way we do business would change, and anyone
00:35   who were to stand an hour in the blazing sun would begin to have tremors. That’s why it’s important that we act
00:41   here and now, because the impact of climate change has already arrived.
00:52   As I answered previously, trembling is a sign that not even the Chancellor is spared from the heat.

*   From the album “Henry the Human Fly”.

7 thoughts on “Shaky Angie: Climate Change Made Her Do It!

  1. Frau Baerbock suffered a serious case of heat-stroke in Iraq, and her brain ist kaput.

  2. Frankly, I must be living on a different planet, because the media lately seem to hype the “Global Warming”, yet this spring was kinda cold, and even now, when the media stress how hot the hot days are, it doesn’t feel extremely hot to me. On the contrary, planting season started later, mid summer harvests are delayed, and my fellow swallows had hard time looking for flies when they arrived over a month ago, because it was just too cold for flies.

    I’d say we are cooling, not warming, and Merkel was shaking from cold.

  3. Merkel is trembling because the demon inside her wants to escape. He cannot take evil in this large doses.

  4. Merkel was shaking as she is demon possessed and the pure evil was being poured out of her for all to see .Her demons are fearfull of their soon to be extinction and are rebelling through the climate change delusion. Hence the movement called Extinction Rebellion.

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