12 thoughts on “The Science is Settled

  1. Islamists did it , when people wake up , when they kick out this Awful Careless Macron , When ..

  2. There’re more “French” adherents to Islam than Catholicism. Reconstruction funds for this building are a waste of money since hardly any parishioners visit the place.

    • 12-13 million people each year, from all over the world, visit the cathedral. It is one of the most visited sites in the world. It is a vital part of the local economy.

      • So they can do a cheap facsimile in Disney World Europe. It can go next door to the magic kingdom castle.

  3. I though Trump did it ,according to the democrats he is responsible for every violent death and terrorist act going on in the world because he was elected president. His just being “Trump” with his on line posting cause people to lose control and start murder and mayhem on a grand scale none of this was going on before he was elected?.

  4. Wow! I hadn’t realised France had got so hot so quickly. Can England be far behind? Just in case, ‘bye everyone…

    • The africans lounging about on the streets of Paris will enjoy the heat; a touch of home.

    Thank God it was climate change.
    Just imagine it was done by some NAZIS!

    My two cents:
    It looks shady to say the least. But I suspect everybody who comes too close to the truth has a fatal heart attack, accident etc. (And of course it is no Imitation of the Clinton bodycount…)

  6. Think how many beautiful solar panels you could set up there. But a short circuit in the wiring could cause disaster.

  7. I hate “climate change”. Can we go back to calling it pollution? Pollution is something tangible, we can see it, or smell it, sometimes both. And something can be done about it. You don’t have to go to Paris for “conversations” and accords, you can stay home and spend the money on actually doing something.
    Talking to mayors of cities (“Difficult Conversations”), that pour raw sewage into our oceans, lakes and rivers, would be a good place to start. We’ve had that technology for generations.

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