Russian Collusion, German Version

The following video discusses a revelation about a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). He is alleged to be a (presumably paid) asset for Russia.

This is actually a more substantive hoax than the Russian collusion narrative that has been the major American political obsession for more than two years. The Steele Dossier was a confection of pure gossamer, but the AfD case actually includes a digital smoking gun of sorts.

I’ll have more to say about that, but let’s watch the video first. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

This affair exudes the stench of dezinformatsiya.

First of all, the Russians already possess a gaggle of compliant servants in the Bundestag. They’re called the Christian Democratic Union, Chancellor Merkel’s party. The German government has been so cooperative with Russia for the last fifteen years that the Russians built a natural special pipeline through the Baltic to serve their needs, bypassing the more rebellious countries of Central Europe.

I assume the SPD, Mrs. Merkel’s coalition partners, are just as friendly towards the Kremlin.

So why would Vladimir Putin need to cultivate an AfD spy in the Bundestag?

Here’s my admittedly uninformed take on the controversy: Chancellor Merkel needed a favor from the Russians, and asked them for help fabricating a damaging story to use against the AfD just before the European Parliamentary elections. It must have been easy enough to do: just have the guy send the email, leak it to someone, and then instruct the sender confirm it. Mission accomplished.

That’s what I think happened. But some of the Russia experts among our readers may want to explain to me how wrong I am…

Video transcript:

00:00   The now 28-year-old AfD parliamentary representative Markus Frohnmaier was apparently on the radar
00:06   of some Russian power-players during the last election campaign.
00:10   This email obtained by Spiegel Magazine and ZDF seems to suggest just that.
00:14   It was written by a Duma representative in April 2017. The recipient is a senior official
00:20   in Putin’s government. In the attachment, a document describes the then-candidate
00:24   Markus Frohnmaier as follows: “Result: In the German parliament there will be a representative
00:29   who belongs to us and is someone we absolutely have under our control.
00:33   With his help, our people will start a non-profit organisation
00:36   that is registered in parliament and can promote a pro-Russian position.”
00:45   Frontal 21 [investigative news show] found the author of the email, Petr Premyak in Moscow at the
00:49   representative building. He doesn’t want to be filmed, but once the cameras are off he confirms
00:54   that the email is from him and not falsified. Then ZDF confronts Markus Frohnmaier,
01:01   the AFD parliamentary representative, with the suspicion that he is controlled by Russians.
01:06   I think that’s crazy. I can’t imagine something like that was written.
01:10   I was elected to represent German interests.
01:13   That’s exactly what I do. Anyone who reviews my motions and initiatives can see my track record.
01:18   Frohnmaier was known for his Russia-friendly position. However, these new revelations
01:24   have mobilised the political scene in Berlin.
01:27   This is just further confirmation that the AFD is under the influence
01:30   of a foreign power and not representing German interests.
01:33   We see clearly that the narrative that Russian lies aren’t influencing German politics is
01:39   collapsing. I take this evidence very seriously and see it as warning signal just in time
01:46   for the elections to European parliament.
01:49   For right now it appears that Russian officials can assume
01:52   that they have an AFD parliament member absolutely under their control.

5 thoughts on “Russian Collusion, German Version

  1. This is something new.
    For example, I follow the network for one unpleasant woman with serious patrons (Valentina Chupik), a so-called “human rights activist” who oversees migration issues. She claims that anti-migrant outrage in Europe has been paid for by the Russians. And that only Russia inflates information hype on this issue.
    Definitely someone decided to make Russia a scapegoat

    • Russia has been a scapegoat for many centuries. Countless the times Russia has been invaded and betrayed by the West. Or as the Russian saying goes “nothing good comes from the West”

  2. “Russian Collluusion”………………………………………izzat a fact?

    Golly gosh and gee whizz–it seems to me that I done gone and heard of that there same thing me-self.
    Somewheres, some time or other…………………………………………maybe.

    Haven’t you?

  3. Its true that the AfD is well connected to the Russians. But thats no problem. Everybody needs powerful allies. The russians play a different power game but they are no more evil than the americans, so what?

    If you need some infos about the connection of the AfD to Russia just google the story about Bystron, Billy Six and Lawrow.

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