Beware of the Knife

The following article from the Austrian daily Die Presse reminds me of an old Arab proverb: A thousand throats may be cut in a single night by a running man.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

The Knife — The Underestimated Threat

A knife attack can quickly end in death; many are not aware of that

by Köksal Baltaci
January 15, 2019

VIENNA: It is cheap, easy to get, easy to hide — and as a weapon can quickly become life-threatening. Even though reports of attacks resulting in death or severe injury are commonplace, the danger caused by knives is still widely underestimated.

“Anyone who brandishes a knife at a police officer will inevitably face a firearm,” says a spokesperson for the Vienna police. Police officers are well aware of the danger of knife attacks, and that therefore the only appropriate response to such an attack is to “draw and use the gun.”

And, in fact, not just when the attacker is directly in front of the officer, but also at a distance of, for instance, ten meters. Because, unlike the opponent, the officer cannot know when the attack may come.

A training video that may also be found on diverse internet sites demonstrates how quickly such a situation can escalate. A policeman who does not take seriously a man who is armed with a knife standing around seven meters away is attacked and killed by him. The attack takes just a few seconds, and the policeman has no chance to draw his weapon and defend himself.

Of course, most people would not be able to use a knife as well as they think they can, but, says the spokesperson, “If the attacker is practiced in the use of a knife, a civilian has no chance — even at a distance of ten meters.” This is also true of comparable stabbing weapons — for instance, screwdrivers. It is different for civilians than for the police — there is no real understanding of what a knife can do. “Most people are not acquainted with the pictures and videos that we police get. And so they have no idea of what serious injuries knives can inflict.”

Emphasis on Education

Among the most significant focal points in the training and advanced training of police officers, as well as in deployment training, is the proper reaction to knife attacks. Because the number of people who carry knives has risen markedly, it is far more common now to reach for a knife than it was before. Carrying a knife has even become standard practice in some segments of the population — to be sure, not always with the intention of using it; but it would be used in “exceptional situations.”

So injuries and deaths from knives have increased greatly. This is confirmed by statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office. In the last ten years, a 300% rise in the incidence of stabbing attacks has been recorded in Austria.

Internal Hemorrhage

Dr. Klaus Wolff, specialist in general surgery, lecturer in war surgery on the medical faculty of the University of Vienna and commandant to military hospitals, has determined that injuries caused by knives are usually underestimated. They are “mortally dangerous weapons.” The points of the most commonly carried knives can easily penetrate the skin and damage the organs and vessels underneath.

So a stabbing wound may not cause severe external bleeding, thus limiting the fear factor. But internal bleeding is often life-threatening.

20 thoughts on “Beware of the Knife

  1. It is good to educate the public of the danger of knives.

    But, I am bothered that knife attack education is now considered ‘the new normal’.

    • Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

      Islamists can get away with this now because open season on muslim invaders has not yet started. Once the patience of Europeans is at an end, these cretins will be quickly transitioned to room temperature by those armed with guns who will have no qualms about eliminating anything that doesn’t look or speak a european language.

      • I’m afraid that’s a pipe-dream. In the first place, the actual governments of the European countries under siege act as an occupation army for the invaders, rather than the citizens. In other words, laws against guns will be increased in scope and penalties and will be enforced on European citizens. They will be effectively disarmed by their own government.

        In the second place, apart from street gangs, native Europeans are simply not able to mount an effective attack or defense. It would be nice to think that the yellow-vest movement in France is general, but other than in Eastern Europe, I don’t see any signs the indigenous Europeans are starting to show any personal defense activity.

        Finland is an interesting case. They have all the conditions for surrender: weasel, bland, surrendering, treacherous government, history of conformity and cooperation. But, perhaps due to the dangers of being next to historically expansionist areas like Russia and the historic Sweden, the Finns are more inclined to take refugee matters into their own hands. I guess we’ll have to see if the government is able to suppress any popular movement. I would speculate that countries with the most virulent history of government suppression are the ones most likely to push a popular resistance. Perhaps a past of communist dictatorship actually has some benefits for creating a people able to act for their own survival.

        • Ronald B, I respectfully disagree with your assessment and I will tell you why. Despite the governments of western Europe and their anti gun laws, human nature will one way or another come to the forefront over any man made law. The 2 per centers have come out to play, they just are not covered, hidden from view and there are places in western European countries where any 3rd world dare not go, or they mysteriously disappear, this will expand as the situation continues to deteriorate and another 10 % of the natives unleash their native DNA. Arms are everywhere in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia and they have miles of bunkers filled with them from the cold war era, and it doesn’t take an imagination to get them to western Europe for distribution. The Finns are slow to anger, but once their top blows, holy cow watch out to see what transpires and they too will deal with these 3 rd worlders in short order with a sizu vengeance the Russians know only too well. Human nature always wins in the end and this will be no different.

          • Perhaps.

            You’re assuming that generations of easy living under the benefits of technology has not dimmed the survival instincts and fighting edge of the Europeans. And I still have the question of the governments of West European countries taking action against their own citizens.

            But, the future is murky. I hope you’re correct, rather than me. I tend to see what a population will do in the future as being predicted what it does now. How prevalent are those places you describe in Western Europe where Muslims fear to go? And what makes you think Russia and East European countries will smuggle arms to West Europeans? Certainly, Russia and the Ukraine are not about to work together on anything.

          • Ronald, I am assuming nothing as assumption is the mother of all blank-ups. I am at the point where I no longer care what happens to those of the generation of technology that has made weak, feckless and dumbed down, for Darwin will get his due. I am talking to about the ones that nature always intended to make their society better, stronger and more resilient. The future is bright, for soon nature will do as it always does and the 3rd world in our midst and feckless traitorous lefties are in for the rudest of awakenings. The places in western Europe where no 3rd worlders dare tread, including the Turks, are many. Mainly in the suburbs and smaller towns. As for the governments of Europe ordering their armed forces against their own? The armies will go full coup mode if that happens, and the politicians are scared to death of it, and you can take that to the bank.

      • We live in hope but can those who see their civilization slipping away get there in time to remove the Marxist “leadership.”

        • They do, in fact, don’t let the general idea of nobody walking with firearms in public fool you. Almost everyone in smaller towns and villages owns at least a shotgun for the annual hunt. There’s a HUGE number of people owning guns for reenactment or collection purposes or simply lying around since grandpa’s days and many of those are still ready to shoot or wouldn’t be that hard to restore.

          And as G said, Ukraine and Russia are full of various kinds of guns that would be easy to transport.
          Plus officers and soldiers across Europe have service guns and rifles. Many have already shown their sympathies with the Yellow Vests, for example. It would take one, literally one, single person to open a military warehouse and half of Paris would be armed.

          Or do you think all Romanians in 1989 all owned guns? No, of course not. They got them from police and army stations.

          The actual problem is the lack of military training among young people, but for this kind of conflict all you need is someone more experienced to show you how to load and aim and tell you not to point it towards your face and that’s it. As they say, hard times produce hard men. Europe has survived so many things, you better not underestimate what we caucasians are capable of!

    • Yeah. The Australian gun confiscation was triggered by a mass shooting at a school, in the same mode and Sandy Hook. All guns, long, short, modern, historic, trinkets and heirlooms, were confiscated on pain of felony and destroyed. Later, after complete disarmament, Australia relented somewhat and allowed some guns under stringent storage and usage conditions.

      The left is always trying to disarm citizens. Whether they go by calculation or by instinct, I don’t know, but they reflexively hate and loath the picture of a person taking responsibility for his own well-being and personal defense. I believe that’s one factor in the Trump derangement Syndrome: the lefts instinctively hates someone who is not sniveling and groveling at attackers.

      I don’t think leftists are wired to draw logical inferences. That is, they don’t think about, nor care about, the ultimate consequences of disarming the population and leaving them susceptible to roaming, feral savages who the government allowed in as immigrants.

      My own feeling is that not only nationalism, but regionalism should become predominant. The humongous countries will break up into more homogeneous regions. Each new state will develop its own policies: some successful, some not so successful. The original concept was embodied in the American Articles of Confederation, where each state was treated as a sovereign state.

      California and New York state are essentially pursuing their own destiny as separate countries with separate laws. We should allow them, nay, compel them, to break away, and institute formal relations and border control policies with them.

      • The government of Australia, like its counterparts in Europe and elsewhere, frames gun control as an issue of securing the safety of the public. This is a massive red herring, a complete falsehood.

        Given the fact that predators exist and have always existed, which prey upon human populations, a government genuinely concerned about the safety and security of its citizens would make it easier to own defensive firearms. This is what the government of the Czech Republic did not too long ago in response to a wave of jihad attacks in that nation.

        As so well-stated by Kenneth Royce, “gun control laws” ought to be called “victim disarmament laws” instead, for that is what they serve to do – disarm would-be victims of violence. Tyrants throughout history have always regulated, if not banned outright, the private ownership of weapons by those they mean to subjugate, enslave, imprison, and ultimately murder.

        The Muslim Ottoman Turks banned the ownership of firearms by the Armenian people prior to slaughtering some 1.5 million Armenians, Greeks and other Christians circa 1916-1921. Nazi Germany was characterized by strict gun control laws 1933-1945, and some six million defenseless Jews and other victims were then slain during the Holocaust. Stalin’s USSR banned private ownership of firearms before committing its liquidations and purges, as did Mao’s Red China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Castro’s Cuba. The communists, all told, slew in excess of 150 million people in the 20th century.

        There are many other examples that neither time nor space permit, but the basic point is made. In light of this pattern of tyrants disarming their intended victims first, the question must be asked – why are the ruling elites of the west trying so hard to ban firearms?

        Here in the United States, the heretofore hidden hatred of the Left for traditional Americans has moved from the shadows into the open. For those with eyes open enough to see, it is plain why they and their new Muslim friends – the “Red-Green Alliance” lives – want to disarm ordinary Americans. The safety of our children and families has nothing to do with it.

        It is time more Americans – more people around western civilization in general – stop accepting the pat, obviously fabricated reasons given for citizen disarmament schemes – and reject them as the lies and untruths they are. It is time that people start to demand real answers – including transparency and honesty about the agenda of those who would govern us.

  2. Are people really unaware of how deadly a knife can be?

    On the contrary, what has amazed me is periodically running into news stories about someone who was stabbed several times and did not die. It seems obvious that a single stab, if it happens to go to one of the right spots, can kill.

    • Yes, people / infidels can be that stupid: If they are stupid enough to let their nations be flooded, swamped and deluged by muslims, without resistance or riots, then anything can happen. Westerners have in their brains just about any idea except the valid common-sensical realistic one.

      Just look at Sweden…. Sweden has only one gender : feminine.

      They think like zombies. RIP swedish genderless.


  3. “A training video that may also be found on diverse internet sites demonstrates how quickly such a [knife-versus-gun] situation can escalate.”

    Where is this training video? Is it on YouTube?

  4. I have a bayonet wound on my left hand caused by an accident whilst doing ceremonial guard practise.

    The instructors were not worried about the rifles, but they warned us repeatedly about bayonets, I was lucky, a few stitches, and it was fixed, but a bayonet is a weapon specifically designed to penetrate the ribs into the chest cavity and it does it very easily even when blunt.

    Kitchen knives are designed for cutting meat and vegetables, they are pointed in order to gouge out unwanted matter like the eyes in potatoe skins.

    As a boy I was encouraged to carry a knife, especially when sailing, because more lives are saved at sea by having a knife available at the right time than the rare risk of a stabbing. Almost my first time out, a halyard snapped and the gaff came down leaving us stranded. The skipper was able to cut the rope and long splice it so that it would go through the reeve at the top of the mast (guess who had to climb the mast. to re-reeve it – I was 10 and slight, they almost threw me up there) I always took a knife with me after that, and I was trusted to use it properly.

    A knife is a tool that can be used as a weapon, like with a gun, it is the person who decides to use it to wound and kill. The problem here is that certain large sections of the community can no longer be trusted, their ‘culture’ is not the same as the one I was brought up in.

    The spate stabbings in London from the 70s onwards were a phenomena which was associated with ‘minorities’ (a.k.a. immigrants) and ‘multiculturalism’ meant the enforced ‘tolerance’ of the negatives of foreign cultures of which the increasing incidence of knife crime was high on the list.

  5. I’m no cop, but I’ve done an exercise against someone with a mock knife. Guns are not reliably effective within 10 yards unless already drawn and loaded. The time to shoot is the moment you can see the knife being brandished.

  6. I do in-house security for a large venue where I live. One of the tasks is keeping knives and pepper spray out of the place. When I find one of those proscribed items I tell the patron that they are not allowed in the building but I am glad to see that they are carrying them. I then tell them they can pick them up in the security office when they leave the venue.

    They always pick them up.

    Self defense is most likely to be effective when practiced. And, a .357 is always better than even a katana if you have the time and distance to make it so. Situational awareness – make it a mantra.

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