The Yellow Vests March on the Élysée

Angry demonstrators wearing signature yellow vests took to the streets today all across France to protest a steep fuel tax increase. The following video shows one of the groups of protesters, which came unusually close to the presidential palace in Paris.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

News in English on the protests:

Below is a related article from F. de Souche (also translated by Ava Lon) about a demonstration by culture-enriching faux Yellow Vests in Alsace:

Kingersheim (68th Department): “Youths” from the projects pretended to be Yellow Vests and attacked the police

by Koba, November 17, 2018

Police officers from the Wittenheim police station, who were ensuring security around the Château d’Eau in Kingersheim and who were especially managing traffic on the RD430, blocked by the protesters, were attacked in the early evening (around 7:30 pm) by a group of about twenty Yellow Vests who were clearly hostile.

Even though most of them were wearing the rallying sign [yellow vests], the majority were also wearing balaclavas and holding iron bars.

The police quickly realized, after a rock or two flew in their direction, that they weren’t dealing with the protesters of November 17, but with young thugs who arrived from the neighborhood of Bourtzwiller, situated a couple of hundreds meters away from there, as the crow flies.


Two youths, aged 15 and 22 years, were arrested by the members of the Canine Brigade [of law enforcement] and of the BAC [anti-criminality brigade], and they are being temporarily detained.

Source: L’

Video transcript:

00:00   A crowd of Yellow Vests in front of the Élysée [presidential palace]
Macron step down!
00:04   Faubourg-Saint-Honoré Street
00:16   Several protesters against the increase of the price of fuel marched on Saturday, November 17 along Faubourg-Saint-Honoré Street where the Élysée palace is situated
Macron, step down
00:24   Macron, you’re screwed! French people have descended to the street!
00:28   The Yellow Vests intoned a couple of chants about a hundred meters away from the Élysée, demanding especially Macron’s resignation.
00:36   Tear gas was launched by law enforcement in order to disperse the protesters
We aren’t happy, we aren’t happy!
00:48   Police with us! Police with us!
00:56   It’s extremely rare that protesters manage to get this close to the presidential palace.
01:04   We aren’t happy! We aren’t happy!

10 thoughts on “The Yellow Vests March on the Élysée

  1. Yes. It’s time to stop the hypocrites from creating weapons of mass distrAction by claiming that they want democracies around the world: Mali, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, …

    It’s time to pinpoint the traitors and making them pay for the destruction of every single European country in the name of one virtue that does not exist: helping muslims escape oppression while they themselves oppress the aboriginal freedom fighters.

    It’s time to straighten the connotation of words ( invaders does not equal refugees, multiculti does not equal the destruction of every other culture save islam) and twisting every meaning to islamize the west and destroy Judeo-Christian noble values.

    It’s time to that declare that 400 rockets were hurled at Israeli civilians but the west’s eunuch jelly fish cowards cannot bring themselves to mention that for fear a ten year old muslim will get angry and they cannot restrain him.

    This is the beginning of reason after insanity: this romance with islam of the last 60 years is the continuation of the insanity of the habitual madness of Europe even before 1914, and peaked in 1939.

  2. I cannot understand why the French are willing to protest about such matters as tax increases but are silent about the muslim invasion of their country.

    • They are already paying for the welfare of the immigrants, but now that the fuel tax was announced it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, because this increase will affect all the other prices. I’m translation right now a couple of videos about that.

  3. They have to get rid of Macron first , He ruined this country to the bottom, He is a idiot..

  4. Putting the newly push by socalled european leaders for an army of their own into an interesting perspective ….

  5. Once the Police start to come over, the country and its (real) people have a shot at retaining their freedom and some form of democracy.
    The problem has always been fighting one’s way THROUGH the police in order to confront the enemy.
    Early days, but this is a good sign–still–expect the DeepState to come down HARD!

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