Bye, Bye Mr. European Pie

Dr Turley is out bright and early today with good news about Jean Claude Juncker’s replacement.

As usual, the formerly smoke-filled back rooms is where the EU makes its choices.

7 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Mr. European Pie

  1. Well, at least the Drunker will be in office until after Brexit is resolved, whichever way that goes. He is and has been the greatest asset of Brexiteers for which we owe him a massive thank you. God forbid that he should leave before the final dice have fallen only to be replaced by a sober pragmatist in full possession of his faculties.

    • I agree with you there, SIII. As a Brit of the moderate left (I usually vote Liberal Democrat or Labour, recently UKIP, never Conservative), if there were an election tomorrow, I’d have to abstain unless Britain First put up a candidate in my constituency; the Lib Dems are barely credible at present, and have their own issues with antisemitism.

      My worry is that many of our fellow-citizens, fed up with the ineffectual and charmless Theresa May, may vote for the far left but charming (which he is- I’ve heard him speak) Jeremy Corbyn, despite the antisemitism, not least because they resent the Conservatives’ selling off of chunks of the NHS. So despite the vote to leave the EU, I see little chance of Brits voting for a party of the “nationalist” persuasion. Maybe if Tommy Robinson joined, and stood for, Britain First, they could get enough seats, or at least votes under our non-PR system to shake things up.

      • Mark, I’ve long held that there is no such thing as a ‘ballot box’ solution left open to us irrespective of Party affiliation or inclination. The situation is so far gone that no one ‘political’ group and/or grouping can recover what has been lost.

        These are the change times, and other than the fact that neither of us can predict the shape or direction of those times they will change with or without us, and all we can do is to decide what direction we hope that change will lead to and what we are prepared to do and risk in pursuit of that objective.

        • Seneca III’s wonderful ideas. Wonderful here means logically based on observed facts, events, and the tenor of thinking of Traitors and their destructive attitudes that lack conscience and empathy, that are far from dhimmitude and servility to islam.

          Ballot boxes do not solve a problem: Voters have no sway since they cannot take decisions. Voters’ power is confined to electing one of two or three Traitors: dumb or the dumber. Usually the dumber appeals more especially if smooth, young, with a thatch of hair. They don’t choose the one after knowing what’s in his/ her head if they have any.

          I am stunned and puzzled: How Britain and Europe would do something so unimaginable so stupid, disastrous, catastrophic, insane unconscionable, unscrupulous, illogical immoral, so perverted, corrupted and depraved, to their own people, flesh and blood, while hoisting muslims as their own present and future caliphates.

          Is this how people and nations are punished (become insane) for their faithlessness and sins?

          What makes them enslave themselves to islam voluntarily?

          Muslims in UN invented this Refugee Law directed at stupid EU to pour muslims into it even faster. They need more muslims to win the looming civil wars. Although they are winning now and every day.

          Edogan announced yesterday that he is going to develop infidel-killing long range missiles to continue Kara Mustapha’s job that was interrupted in 1683.

          He is reading the confusion in EU. muslim invaders of EU are reading the confusion in every western country. Conclusion: they are sitting ducks. Half of the EU people will support the invaders when wars start. If some of them are raped they will exchange racists for rapists and will recover in 3 days.

          Oh, when was it that we started the age of logic, common sense and reason?

          Who is more traitor past kings who claimed divine will or present elected dictators who are Law Givers?

          Did Hitler say that he was a law giver?

          The wailing Europe that cannot carry on relying on its independent thinking but takes cues from muslim.

          muslims banks, buslims courts, sharia, TV programs, schools, transactions, names, districts, housing complexes, you got the picture.

          Man is servile. Woe to EU. Only a miracle can save Europe and my Danish friend said that he does not believe in miracles no matter how many times I read to him the New Testament or The Passover across the Red Sea.

          How can we save ourselves : all humpty dumties, all the books and Nobel Laureates, who are silent because they cannot blame anyone of terrorism because they are morally noble, no Abstract Art or otherwise of Latin Quarters or British Museums ( oh providing lessons from history) or denial and empty rhetoric from traitors – – will save Europe from its satanic fate.

          Europe does not need to instigate a war with Russia: Their hands and backyard are full more than they can handle.

          Pray that muslims will not chase you into forests like King Lear in winters.

        • I really hope you’re wrong, SIII. Solutions that bypass the ballot box, whever they come from politically, usually end in lots of innocent people dying.

  2. Whatever our preferred line, only one of two things will happen to Britain : it will either go under and become a caliphate by the end of the century or there will be a bloody revolution. No current denizens of the House of Clowns will make any difference. We have had the London bombings (several), multiple stabbings in the name of Allah, two beheadings on the streets of London and a bombing in Manchester that deliberately targetted little girls PLUS hundreds of thousands of little girls raped over decades and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. What will it take ? Murder of a senior politician ? HM Queen ? We all know it would be put down to a “lone wolf” or someone with “mental problems” and that it “had nothing to do with Islam” because “Islam is a Religion of Peace”. King Arthur, where are you now ?

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