Macron the Fumblemouth

Many years ago, when I still read The Washington Post, the excellent comic strip “Tank McNamara” referred to its eponymous sports announcer’s on-air flubs as a medical condition known as “Fumblemouth”. That’s what French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron seems to have in the following video, in which he utters a number of cringe-worthy sound bites.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Note: the transcript below is in three parts, because the above video is composed of what were originally three separate clips.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   So, of course, it’s not about being naive.
00:04   What is possible here is linked to a culture;
00:08   people marked by its history. And these Lutheran people
00:12   who lived [through] the transformations of recent decades
00:16   aren’t exactly the change-resisting Gallics… but still
00:24   we all have something in common: this part
00:28   of [being] European, which unites us. And I believe I can tell you here
00:32   that this Danish model is very much an inspiration for us.

Video transcript #2:

00:24   France was made up of Gallic tribes and that gives me great pride.
00:28   And I mentioned it jokingly in a speech,
00:33   which I would invite you to read or listen to one more time in its entirety.
00:37   France’s problem for the last thirty years
00:41   has been mass unemployment.
00:45   What is your unemployment level today, Christian, [asking Heinz-Christian Strache]?
00:49   Austria —
00:53   which is as much a victim as we are of detached work —
00:57   has almost half as much unemployment as we have.
01:02   France isn’t a reformable country. Many have tried and they haven’t succeeded.
01:06   Because French men and women hate reforms. Whenever they can avoid reforms they don’t do them.
01:10   They’re a people that hates that.
01:14   Perhaps French media are too much interested in communication and not enough
01:18   in the content. But I’ll talk in front of French media.
01:22   However, when I see the time spent, over the last four months,
01:26   at commenting only on my silences instead of on
01:31   what I said, I tell myself that it’s becoming a totally narcissist system.
01:35   —Breton, him as well.
01:39   They went to school together. He admitted it to us
01:43   … [unintelligible] — and voilà, excellence.
01:47   There are Bretons everywhere. It’s a…
01:51   Bretons are the French mafia.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   May 15th, from Berlin, Emmanuel Macron
00:04   vowed to: “become disciplined abroad and not talk about French politics.” — Emmanuel Macron
00:08   A promise he didn’t keep.
00:12   1. Resistant Gallic people [French]
00:16   “This Lutheran people [the Danish] who lived through transformations these past years,
00:20   aren’t exactly the Gallics resisting changes!” —Emmanuel Macron, Copenhagen, August 29 2018
00:24   And he’s walking it back…
00:37   2. Mass unemployment
00:41   Salzburg August 23, 2017
00:58   3. Anti-reforms [French are against reforms]
01:02   French community, Bucharest, August 24th, 2017
01:10   4. Narcissist media
01:14   New York, September 19th 2017
01:35   5. Breton Mafia
01:39   Vatican, June 26th 2018

6 thoughts on “Macron the Fumblemouth

  1. So it is not limited to the Anglo world is it? It seems that even the eloquent French can suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.

  2. “France’s problem for the last thirty years has been mass unemployment.”

    No, it’s been mass immigration of people who are unemployable due to lack of skills needed in a developed 1st world country. Germany has just imported 1 million of these unemployables and they will have the same result.

  3. This begs the question: How did this men get to be president? A fabricated head of a fabricated political party – you can blame the French for voting for him, but my finger is pointed at a corrupt electoral system, as in Germany and the UK.

  4. “Bretons are the French mafia”? Is this man even sane?

    Brittany is different, for sure; I had the good fortune to visit back in 2002, and noted that the place names sounded more like those in Cornwall or Wales than mainstream France; not altogether surprising, as the people have common ethnic origins: for “Bretagne” read “Britain”. But perhaps M Macron only recognises recently imported minorities.

  5. The part of this video where Macron speaks to “Christian” seems to be a fake. HC Strache never met Macron in his life personally.

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