Emerging: Two Forms of Euroscepticism

Or is it spelled ‘Euroskepticism’? It depends on where you live and spell English words since the pronunciation is the same. Because Dr Turley’s video is about the EU, let’s stick with the British spelling rather than use the Canadian/American version.

His comparison of the rationales between former Iron Curtain countries and the rest of Europe is food for thought. But whatever the respective motives for this growing disappointment with Brussels’ “management”, the populist unrest has spread far and wide.

6 thoughts on “Emerging: Two Forms of Euroscepticism

    • I thought the same thing, likening thecdesured result to what the US Founders wanted, a federal republic in which states were co-equal partners with a very limited national government.

      • Funny how Switzerland can work that way (as a Confederation) for hundreds of years, yet the model is discouraged in every unionist circle.


        It might be because it is hard to conquer Switzerland, for all those Alps around them. After all, if it were possible, the Unionists would destroy Swiss Confederacy long long time ago.

        Funny how the Union always attacks anyone who doesn’t want to be part of the Union.

  1. Regardless of whether it was Merkel’s suicidal altruism, or some deeper, lucid plan for population replacement, global neo-Marxism or any of our other speculations, the big brains led by Soros have miscalculated. Specifically, and ironically, it was George Soros underestimating the patriotism and prescience of the people from whence he came. Dear George, you’ve waited 80+ years to show the world that your greatest screw up.

    The Hungarian people, personified by their leader Victor Orban, are a stubborn lot, and catalyzed the current trend to pan-European nationalism by, of all things, erecting a fence. How bracing it was, if you recall, in September 2015 when the invasion began, and western msm howled and hurled at the poor beleaguered unwelcoming Magyars who, over the last thousand years, have only been trampled and massacred countless times.

    Yes, dear George, your tombstone should read, “George Soros, Global Citizen and Killer of Globalism”.

  2. Dinesh D’Souza has lots to say about George Soros in his movie “Death of a Nation “which opened this week in the U.S.

    The msm has been ignoring the film because Dinesh exposes the Democrats, Antifa and George Soros for the racists and fascists they truly are.

    Go on Dinesh d’Souza’s twitter feed for the trailer.

  3. Interesting update from Turley. It certainly seems the “United States of Europe” idea, (amalgamated with full political and economic union) we use to hear about from the globalists, is heading for the dustbin of history.

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